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How Much Do Bow Windows Cost in 2023?

$1,600 – $4,150the average installation cost per unit

$900 – $3,000the average cost per unit (without labor)

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How Much Do Bow Windows Cost in 2023?

For apartments located on higher floors in the scenic area, it’s vital to unlock the opportunity to enjoy spectacular sunsets. You may also dream of a reading nook or a comfy sitting area with a panoramic view. By installing bow windows, you can meet both objectives at one blow. Thanks to their curved design extending beyond the building’s wall, you can relish a much wider view of the outdoors and increased natural light indoors. However, the bow window cost may feel like a drag as you’ll have to spend between $1,600 and $13,500. But most homeowners pay about $4,150. 

The bow window prices can vary depending on dozens of factors, including the size and number of panes. Plus, the frame materials and glass types you choose can also affect your expenses. For instance, vinyl double-pane and wood triple-pane options may have a few hundred dollars price gap. If you don’t fancy run-of-the-mill windows, you can customize your order, selecting non-standard colors, finishes, or styles for an extra fee.  

Please note that replacing existing bow windows is not equal to installing brand-new ones. The latter usually involves a larger scope of work. Thus, while the bow window replacement cost may set you back $2,840, you’ll have to shell out $8,100 to get them installed afresh.

The cost of new bow windows

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost 


Average cost range 

$2,300 - $7,000

The Average Cost to Replace Bow Windows

The reasonable bow windows cost

If your current bow windows are warping or allowing in air, it’s worth considering their replacement in the hereafter. The prolonged delay may result in high heating and cooling bills. The cost of replacement bow windows can land anywhere between $1,900 and $4,600 per unit. The best way to cut expenses is to order a new window of the same size. Any changes in dimensions will require custom modifications, making the project more sophisticated and costly. If any structural damages need to be repaired, contractors can charge additional fees too. 

Willing to compare replacement bow window prices in your area? Use the MyHomeQuote platform to save yourself the bother of discussing your project details with all available contractors. Once we process your request, you’ll get up to 5 quotes based on it. 

The Average Cost to Install New Bow Windows

Aesthetic reasons are what homeowners want to install bow windows for. You can hardly increase your property’s value if your current windows don’t match the rest of your home’s architecture. Do bow windows look like the best bet? You can install them for as little as $3,100. But the bow windows prices generally vary depending on numerous factors like specific project requirements and local labor rates. Thus, a high-end option can set you back $10,000. 

Installation of brand-new bow windows may lead to changes in roofing and siding. Plus, you may need drywall, which can cost you from $1,70 to $3 per square foot. 

Labor Cost to Install Bow Windows

Even though hiring a professional installer always means higher expenses, this guarantees you can eliminate various problems down the line. As bow windows are large and require special skills and knowledge to ensure they are stable and properly sealed, labor costs can be anywhere from $320 to $1,250 per unit. An hourly rate can be from $42 to $75. Thus, if the contractor needs to cut a new window opening in a wall or enlarge the existing one, you can expect to pay an additional $1,000 in labor fees. 

Bow Window Cost Calculator

What should your ideal bow window look like, and what benefits should it provide you? Answers to these simple questions should comprise the backbone of your bow window replacement project. Every decision regarding frame material, glass type, brand, etc., can increase or decrease your expenses.  

Bow Window Cost Calculator

What should your ideal bow window look like, and what benefits should it provide you? Answers to these simple questions should comprise the backbone of your bow window replacement project. Every decision regarding frame material, glass type, brand, etc., can increase or decrease your expenses.  

Bow Windows Cost by Frame Material 

Bow windows make for a popular architectural feature used in many homes. They can provide you with a spectacular cityscape view and additional interior space. But their functionality and aesthetic appeal will greatly bank on the frame material you go for. Here’s how different options affect the overall effectiveness along with bow window pricing:

  • Vinyl. If you run out of money but still want to add a bow window to your home, vinyl can be the material of choice. For ready-to-install options, you can expect to spend between $960 and $2,000 per unit. The main drawbacks are a limited color range and poor durability. 
  • Wood. When a unique visual appeal inside and outside the home is more important than a price tag, it’s worth choosing wood as a frame material. The cost of a bow window can be anywhere between $1,250 and $6,000, with installation and customization included. Once you decide to give your home a fresh look, you can paint wood frames in any color you want. 
  • Aluminum. Being lightweight and durable, aluminum requires minimal maintenance. Plus, it is corrosion- and rot-resistant, making it an excellent option for wet and hot climates. However, the price may be a real hurdle, as an aluminum bow window costs about $4,550.
  • Composite. If you can’t decide between wood and plastic, consider composite frames, as they allow the best of both worlds. You can benefit from superior insulation, durability, and low maintenance without paying through the nose. Based on the combo you opt for, the composite bow window price can vary from $1,400 to $4,450. 
  • Fiberglass. Long-lasting and weatherproof window frames that provide excellent insulation and rot resistance are made of fiberglass. You can customize them to your liking to achieve a wood-like look. Fiberglass bow windows can cost anywhere from $1,350 to $3,700.  

Whether for consulting or installing new bow windows, a knowledgeable contractor is a must. If you don’t have anyone in mind for the job, come to MyHomeQuote. We can connect you with the right professional in your area within a short period of time. 

The cost of a bow window by frame material

Frame material

Average cost


$960 - $2,000


$1,250 - $6,000


$3,650 - $4,550


$1,400 - $4,450


$1,350 - $3,700

Bow Window Prices by Brand 

A steep bow window price

Brands with a good reputation always have steep prices. Such companies vouch for the quality of products they produce and offer warranties. If you want your bow windows to be made to the highest standard, pay heed to established brands like:

  • Andersen. Bow windows here are designed to expand the interior space and increase ventilation. They come in an array of sizes, frame colors, glass types, and hardware styles for uncompromising customization. How much do bow windows cost? You should be ready to spend between $1,250 to $2,300 on average for materials only.  
  • Pella. Due to the curve structure, these ENERGY STAR-certified bow windows allow maximum light to enter. You can choose from many customizable choices, such as color, material, and size, to perfectly suit your home style. Pella bow windows are considered high-end products, so that the cost can range from $900 to over $1,600 for materials only. 
  • Marvin. These bow windows combine state-of-the-art design with a classic, old-school character. Marvin is renowned for its top-notch material selection, ensuring longer-lasting durability and better performance. The cost varies greatly depending on the custom options chosen, ranging from $1,000 to $1,850 for material only. 

The average cost of bow windows by brand


Average cost (materials only)


$1,250 - $2,300


$900 - $1,600


$1,000 - $1,850

Other Factors Affecting the Bow Windows Cost 

Bow window manufacturers strive to meet the demands of the pickiest customers. Today you can seize numerous customization opportunities to fit your window into your home interior. But the more bespoke your bow window is, the higher the cost. 

Your expenses can significantly be influenced by the following:

  • The number of panes. The more panes, the more expensive the bow window is. Manufacturers count the material used and labor required to produce different varieties of bow windows. A triple-pane window can cost you twice as much as its double-pane alternative. 
  • Coating. Various types of coating, such as low-E or tinted glazing, boost energy efficiency and reduce heat gain. But the type and amount of coating applied can skyrocket the window cost.
  • Type of glass. Particular types of glass, like tempered or double-glazed, offer improved durability and soundproofing. However, the cost will be higher too.  
  • Functionality. Operable windows, which you can open and close, come with a higher price tag than fixed windows, which do not move. This is because operable windows require additional hardware such as hinges, latches, or sliders. 
  • Structural work. When you get replacement bow window services, extra structural work can be required if the size of a new window is bigger. 


What is the Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows?

Unlike bay windows with 3 panels, bow ones have 4+ openings of the same size to form a curve. Plus, the first window type has a more angular shape, while the latter stands out with a rounded, semi-circular shape.

How Often Should Bow Windows Be Replaced?

The lifespan and durability of your bow window depend on the window’s material, the installation’s quality, and the environmental conditions they operate in. While fiberglass windows can last 40 years, aluminum ones must be replaced in 17 years.

Are Bow Windows Energy Efficient?

Yes, bow windows can be energy-saving, especially if they come with features like double-glazing or Low-E coating. However, the level of energy efficiency can also vary based on the quality of the installation. That’s why it’s important only to hire experienced contractors.