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How Much Do Triple-Pane Windows Cost in 2023?

$550 — $3,550the average installation cost per unit

$200 — $400the average cost per unit (without labor)

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How Much Do Triple-Pane Windows Cost in 2023?

Triple glazing is an additional window feature that improves the home's overall energy efficiency by up to 30% compared to regular single-pane windows. Thanks to the higher insulation qualities of triple-pane windows, they maintain the indoor temperature more effectively, reducing the need for artificial heating or cooling. 

Nevertheless, as these windows come at a cost, installing them in every home may not be rational. Areas with bitterly cold winters, scorching summers, or large temperature swings like Upper Midwest, Northeast, or Desert Southwest are where triple-glazed units maximize their potential. Plus, the extra pane of glass effectively reduces the amount of outside noise that may get inside the house. That is why people living near busy highways or airports may also improve their everyday life by installing windows of this configuration. 

If you seek to make your home's interior more secure, noise-proof, and comfortable no matter the temperature outside, paying the extra cost for triple-pane windows is a sound investment. Let us discuss the up-to-the-minute prices for installing and replacing double-glazed units as well as the factors affecting them. 

The National Average Cost of Triple-Pane Windows

The cost for triple-pane windows

On average, a standard-size triple-pane window itself, without installation, can range anywhere between $200 to $400 or higher. The cost of units of non-standard size and configuration like bay, bow, or picture ones may go up to $2,650 per unit. Professional installation can add several hundred dollars more per window. Thus, you can expect to spend from $550 to $3,550 to install a triple-glazed window, including labor. 

The total estimated price for your window project may be much higher or lesser than the national average. Individual factors such as window size and style, gas seal type, frame material, the region you live in, and additional features lead to large fluctuations in the triple-pane window price. 

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The national average triple-pane window prices, including material and labor.

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost


Average cost range

$500 - $3,550

The Cost of Triple-Pane Replacement Windows

Do you want to replace your existing windows with triple-pane alternatives? Then you should expect to spend between $450 and $3,100 per unit for materials and labor. The cost of triple-glazed replacement windows themselves runs from $350 to $2,750, depending on the glass coating and the gas used between the panes. Professional replacement services average $100 - $300 per unit, including the removal and disposal of the old materials. 

Generally, labor costs for window replacements are lower than for new installations. This is because professionals can use existing window openings, making the process easier.

See the average triple-pane replacement window costs below.

Average total cost range

$450 - $3,100

Average cost range (without labor)

$350 - $2,750

Average cost range (replacement services)

$100 - $300

Labor Cost to Install Triple-Pane Windows

Labor cost of triple-glazed windows

Installing triple-glazed windows is more expensive than other types, largely due to their weight. Their heavy nature makes them more challenging to handle, which adds to the time, effort, and, therefore, labor cost.

Generally, you can expect to spend from $150 to $800 per unit. The total expenditure comes down to the size and number of windows you intend to install. The specific location of the windows also impacts the total triple-pane window cost. Installing windows on an upper story can take an extra hour per window, resulting in higher labor charges.

Moreover, it's significant to note that window contractor rates can vary depending on geographical location. Contractors in high-cost-of-living areas or metropolitan regions charge more for their services than those in smaller towns. That is why acquiring the rates of local window professionals specialized in installing and replacing triple-pane units is the only way to get actual pricing for your window project. 

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Factors Involved in the Triple-Glazed Windows Cost

Replacing home windows is a considerable home improvement project associated with a range of expenses on material and labor. To know what you can afford within the available budget, you should define your goals and needs and consider all aspects involved in the total cost of triple-pane windows. Below we take a detailed look at each factor that can shape the estimated cost of your project.

The triple-glazed windows cost by the number of installed units

The first and foremost factor influencing the overall cost of a window project is the number of units that need to be installed or replaced. For instance, if you want to replace all windows in your average-sized 2-story home, where one story has about 8 - 10 windows, you will spend from $5,800 to $51,200 for materials and around $4,500 for labor. The good news is that by replacing all windows in your home at once, you get a great discount from a manufacturer and a contractor.

The price of triple-pane windows by their dimensions

Given that the average cost of triple-glazed units varies from $25 to $40 per square foot, you will spend more installing large or custom-design windows like palladian, bow, picture, and casement ones. The assembly process for triple-pane windows requires extra care from window professionals, resulting in higher costs. Oversized windows with triple glazing may cost three times more than standard-size windows. Keep it in mind when making up your window replacement budget. 

Here's how much triple-pane windows cost by their dimensions:

Window size (inches)

The average cost range (material only)

24 x 48 inches

$220 – $360

32 x 48 inches

$285 – $450

32 x 62 inches

$360 – $575

48 x 60 inches

$550 – $820

60 x 36 inches

$380 – $620

72 x 48 inches

$650 – $960

The triple-pane windows cost by type

The costs of triple-pane windows by type

The total cost of installing new triple-pane windows is also affected by the type of unit you pick. Certain window styles and configurations are more complex to install or manufacture, which can increase the total project cost. For instance, custom-shaped windows or those with special features are typically more expensive due to their size and complexity. Additionally, windows that open, like casement or sliding, can be more expensive than fixed ones due to the additional mechanisms involved. Remember that it's essential to weigh these costs against other factors like functionality, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and home resale value to choose the best option for your needs and budget.

Here are the costs of triple-pane windows depending on their type and configuration: 

Window type

The average cost to install (per window)

Single-hung windows

$290 - $650

Double-hung windows

$350 - $850

Picture windows

$480 - $950

Awning windows

$400 - $900

Casement windows

$350 - $1,000

Bow windows

$1,450 - $3,650

Bay windows

$1,200 - $3,500

Hopper windows

$250 - $480

Skylight windows

$950 - $2,300

The Cost of Triple-Glazed Windows by Frame Material

The frame material can substantially impact the cost of triple-pane windows. Commonly used materials include aluminum, vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. Aluminum costs the least yet offers a limited service life and poor insulation. Vinyl is typically the most cost-effective, offering good insulation, but its aesthetic appeal may be lacking for picky homeowners. Wood frames are more expensive due to their natural look and insulation properties, but they require more maintenance, especially in areas with high precipitation. Fiberglass is another common material used for triple-glazed windows. It's often more expensive than vinyl but less so than wood or composite frames, with costs varying dramatically based on size and style. Fiberglass is immune to warping and shrinking, keeping its original form for decades.

Here is how triple-pane window pricing varies by frame material:

Frame material

The average cost to install (per window)


$1,200 - $1,850


$1,000 - $1,650


$850 - $1,150


$670 - $900


$550 - $780

The Triple-Glazed Windows Price by the Type of Gas Filling

Triple-pane windows come with an inert spacer gas that is filled between panes, enhancing their thermal insulation and providing additional noise reduction. This filling is typically krypton or argon gas, which creates an extra barrier to minimize heat transfer and block outside noise, enhancing the home's overall energy efficiency and comfort. 

Argon gas is a popular choice due to its affordability and widespread availability. Nevertheless, while it does an effective insulation job, it has poorer performance than krypton. The latest is distinguished by higher density and offers superior insulation properties, making windows more energy efficient. It's especially effective in minimizing heat transfer and reducing noise.

The type of gas used in the spacer between the panes of a triple-pane window does impact the material cost. See below to find out the average triple-glass windows cost by the spacer type: 

Type of gas filling

The average cost range (per window)

Air filling

$150 - $350

Argon gas filling

$250 - $650

Krypton gas filling

$300 - $850

The Price of Triple-Pane Windows by Operation Type

The operation type of triple-pane windows, whether operable (openable) or non-operable (fixed), influences the total cost. Operable units with triple glazing include casement, double-hung, single-hung, sliding, awning, and hopper windows, among others. They have moving parts and mechanisms that allow them to open and close, contributing to their higher cost. Operable triple-pane windows typically range from $200-$800 per window. Their stationary counterparts lack functional features and thus have a simpler structure. Picture, bay, and transom windows are popular examples of non-operable windows. They have a high aesthetic value while providing no ventilation. Generally, non-operable triple-pane windows range from $100-$600 per window. 

Add-ons affecting the total triple-pane window installation cost

Apart from the insulating and energy-efficiency benefits homeowners get by installing triple-pane windows, they can also opt for additional enhancements to increase the insulation quality and add UV protection. 

One popular addition is a Low-E coating that reflects heat back to its source, helping to keep the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Another option is laminated or tempered glass, which can add extra safety and soundproofing properties. Plus, some homeowners find it feasible to add extra insulation and weatherproofing to the existing triple-pane units to take their energy efficiency to another level.

While these enhancements can significantly augment the performance of your windows, they would also add to the overall installation cost. See below to find out what you should expect to pay for upgrading your triple-glazed windows:

Window extras

The average cost per add on

Low-E coating

$400 - $1,200

Window film

$50 - $200


$100 - $350

Tempered glass

$17 - $32 per sq. ft.

Laminated glass

$15 - $45 per sq. ft.


How much do triple-pane windows cost in my area?

The best approach to determining the cost of triple-pane windows in your area is to use the MyHomeQuote contractor-matching service. Our advanced platform connects you with local professionals who can provide accurate, personalized estimates based on your needs and location. Get precise pricing information tailored to your situation rather than guessing or going by national averages.

Are triple-pane windows worth the extra cost?

Triple-pane windows are definitely worth considering as an investment. While their initial cost is higher than single or double-pane windows, they provide superior insulation, increased energy efficiency, soundproofing, and potentially higher resale value for your home. In the long run, you can make significant savings on your heating and cooling bills, with some homeowners seeing a reduction of up to 30%.

What factors should I consider when deciding between DIY and professional installation of triple-pane windows?

Consider several key factors when deciding between DIY and professional installation of triple-pane windows. First, skill level - installing windows requires precision to ensure a proper seal and fit. Mistakes could lead to leaks and premature damage. Second, time - the installation process can be time-consuming, especially for those new to it. Third, equipment - you'll need to get the whole set of tools. Fourth, safety - particularly for higher windows, professional installers have the equipment to work safely.

What are the reliable brands of triple-pane windows?

Several reliable brands in the market specialize in triple-pane windows, including Pella and Andersen. Pella windows are known for their advanced energy-efficient designs, ranging in cost from $150 to $1,500 per unit. Andersen provides durable triple-pane variants in its A and E-Series. The average price of Andersen triple-pane windows can range from $300 to $2,000, depending on the model and customization.