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Hiring flooring contractors helps to avoid costly mistakes or damage to the flooring material. Being experts in different materials, flooring installation professionals can pick the most suitable option for your project. However, finding them might be a hard nut to crack unless you have a user-friendly contractor-matching service like MyHomeQuote at hand. With us, you skip the stage of analyzing the local market as we connect you with the available flooring contractors right off the bat. Depending on your location and request, you get 3-5 personalized price quotes. Once you compare them, you can make a truly informed decision about a flooring company to hire. Complete our quick request form below to get free flooring quotes and analyze the market offerings. Let our service become your handy helper in preparing for a flooring project.


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Compare Quotes From Competent Flooring Companies Near You

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Bills Flooring and Remodeling
A&A Construccion And Remodeling LLC
A&A Construccion And Remodeling LLC
Ruam Carpentry LLC
Ruam Carpentry LLC
Empire Today
Empire Today
AMP Flooring
AMP Flooring
Cozy floors LLC
Cozy floors LLC
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RF Company Tile
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Silva floor

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What Services Do Our Partner Flooring Contractors Offer?

At MyHomeQuote, we cooperate with competent flooring professionals all over the country. They specialize in various flooring materials for residential and commercial spaces and have varying degrees of experience installing and repairing floor coverings. Additionally, our partner flooring contractors offer professional advice on the best flooring solutions. 

Let us take a closer look at the flooring services you can book through MyHomeQuote: 

Flooring Installation

Our partners boast years of experience installing different flooring types and materials. They not only ensure a high-quality finish but also help you extend the life and performance of the installed flooring. Their job usually involves removing the existing flooring and prepping the surface for installation, which covers cleaning, leveling, and repairing any subfloor damage. Once the surface is ready, they measure, cut, and install the previously selected flooring. Depending on the type and material of the coverage, floor installers glue, nail, or click it into place. Final touches often involve sealing, grouting, or adding molding and transitions. 

Flooring Repair

Our partner flooring contractors also offer a range of solutions to handle different damages that happen to the floors due to their wear and tear, moisture, or specific incidents, resulting in scratches or dents. They have an in-depth understanding of different flooring types and the techniques required for repairing them. With an emphasis on quality and a keen eye for detail, these flooring installation and repair pros restore the look and extend the lifespan of your floors. The provided repair service usually involves fixing any damages to your current floors, like replacing warped or water-damaged boards, repairing cracks and dents, removing stains, or even replacing certain floor sections. 

Flooring Refinish

Our partner flooring companies stand out with their commitment to excellence and extensive expertise in refinishing different flooring materials. They are thorough in their job, ensuring that every step of the refinishing process is meticulously carried out, from initial sanding to final sealing. They use different restoration approaches depending on the material they work with. For hardwood flooring, this usually involves sanding down the surface to remove the old finish, deep stains, or scratches. Then, a new stain color is applied, followed by a clear protective finish to enhance the wood's natural grain. For other types of flooring like tile or stone, the process might include deep cleaning, buffing out scratches, polishing to restore shine, or resealing to provide a protective layer. 

Which Types of Flooring Materials Are Covered?

We select our partner flooring companies from the point of their proficiency and multi-tasking to ensure you will be able to find the right professional for your project. They are skilled in working with traditional hardwood, sleek laminate, durable tile, luxurious stone, as well as soft carpet flooring. This wide-ranging expertise allows them to install, repair, or refinish these types of floors, knowing the unique qualities and care each material requires. Whatever the type and extent of your project, our partners have the skills needed to ensure a top-quality finish. They can guide you on the best choices for your home, ensuring a perfect match for your style and practical needs.

Here are the flooring materials that are covered by our partner flooring installers near you:

  • Hardwood

We cooperate with hardwood flooring specialists whose expertise encompasses installing, repairing, and refinishing hardwood floors of different types and sturdiness. They understand the unique properties of hardwood and how to work with it to enhance its natural beauty. 

  • Wood

Wooden flooring is a broad category that includes engineered wood, solid wood, and even exotic wood varieties. Our partner flooring installers are experienced in handling all types of wood floors. With their mastery in installation, repair, and finishing, they can bring out the best in your wood floors, highlighting the natural grain and enhancing the warmth and charm of your space.

  • Linoleum 

Are you looking for flooring companies near you who are adept at working with linoleum? We may cover your request as our network counts hundreds of linoleum installers nationwide. They are experienced in different linoleum installation and repair strategies, ensuring that flooring is laid perfectly to provide long-lasting results.

  • Laminate 

Not every flooring contractor is skilled in working with laminate floors as this material is less used in contemporary homes. Nevertheless, we have installers who can handle the specialized task of installing and maintaining laminate floors. Leave your request with MyHomeQuote and get free quotes from laminate floor installers near you. 

  • Carpet 

Our partner flooring contractors are well-versed in every aspect of the carpet flooring installation process, from selecting the best material and pile to cutting it, taking into account patterns that need to align. They pay special attention to preparing the subfloors and securing the seams, ensuring the longevity of the newly installed coverage. Carpet installation requires special tools and expertise to ensure a smooth process, often making it a task best left to professionals.

  • Tile 

Tile flooring is another area where our partner contractors excel. They utilize effective techniques required for tile laying, grouting, cleaning, and repair. Whether ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone, they deliver precision and craftsmanship in every project. Their dedication to detail ensures that each tile is precisely cut, properly aligned, and meticulously laid for a perfect finish. 


How Does the Installation Process for Hardwood Flooring Differ From That of Laminate Flooring?

Hardwood flooring installation involves nailing or gluing down planks, then sanding and finishing. It's labor-intensive and time-consuming. On the other hand, laminate flooring uses a floating method where planks interlock over an underlayment without using glue or nails, much easier and quicker to install. Also, laminate comes prefinished, eliminating the need for sanding or finishing.

How Long Does Installing New Flooring in a Standard-Sized Living Room Typically Take?

The duration of the installation can depend on the type of flooring and the expertise of the installers. However, a new flooring installation in a standard-sized living room can take between 1 and 3 days.

Can New Flooring be Installed Directly Over Existing Surfaces, or Must Previous Flooring be Removed First?

In some cases, you can install new flooring over the existing surface, especially if it's flat and sturdy, like with laminate or vinyl flooring. However, surfaces like carpets or tiles with extensive damage must be removed before proceeding.

How Can I Ensure the Longevity of My Newly Installed Flooring?

Regular maintenance is a key to long-lasting floors. This includes cleaning the floor with a suitable detergent, immediate spills clean up, and using protective pads under heavy furniture. Equally important is maintaining a stable indoor climate, as extreme humidity and temperature changes can affect flooring.

What Steps Should Be Taken to Locate a Flooring Company Near You?

You can go a traditional way by googling local flooring companies and contacting them with estimation requests. However, we have a better option for you. Complete the request form on MyHomeQuote and get personalized price quotes from flooring contractors near you.

Is it Possible to Replace Only a Portion of the Flooring Without Replacing the Entire Floor?

In some cases, replacing a portion of the flooring without doing the entire floor is not only possible but advisable. This is typically done when there is damage or wear in a specific area. However, it is important to have the replacement materials match the existing flooring for a seamless and professional finish.

Are There Any Special Considerations to Keep in Mind When Installing Flooring in High-Moisture Areas Such as Bathrooms or Kitchens?

Flooring experts say ceramic and porcelain tiles are best for withstanding exposure to water without warping or rotting. They recommend using a moisture barrier and waterproof sealants for better water repelling.

What Steps Should Be Taken to Prepare the Subfloor Before Installing New Flooring?

Before installing new flooring, contractors clean and repair the subfloor, removing any dust and debris, repairing holes, and leveling uneven areas. Once they ensure the subfloor is even, they install a new material over it. If installed over a concrete subfloor, it might also need to be sealed, or a moisture barrier may need to be installed.

Are Any Health Considerations Associated With Certain Flooring Materials, Such as Allergies or Off-Gassing?

Some flooring materials can cause health concerns. For instance, certain carpets may trap allergens, while others may off-gas volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Some vinyl and laminate flooring may also have VOCs. It's essential to choose low-VOC or VOC-free products, especially if you're sensitive to certain chemicals or have allergies.

Can Flooring be Installed Over Radiant Heating Systems?

Certain types of flooring, like engineered wood, laminate, vinyl, and tile, can be installed over radiant heating systems. These materials can handle the heat without warping or cracking. However, it's critical to check the flooring manufacturer's guidelines, as some materials may not be compatible with radiant heat.

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