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Methodology and Sources

Our guides are exhaustive, dependable, and actual pricing information sources aiming to assist homeowners and potential home buyers. They can be used as a reference point to make more informed decisions in real life.

Below, you will find comprehensive information about our editorial process as well as sources we use to compile our cost guides.

Our Content

We create our in-depth cost guides to offer a broad perspective on the average budget needed for various home improvement projects across the country. The figures we provide are updated annually or with rapid pricing fluctuations. We strive to cover every aspect of cost formation, ensuring that our readers, whether homeowners, potential home buyers, or rentals, get a complete response to their questions.

Alongside the guides, our informative blog space keeps users well-informed about the current and emerging trends in the home construction industry and tried-and-true home improvement techniques. This combination of guides and blogs serves as a one-stop solution for all home-related inquiries and updates.

Our Motivation and Mission: Facilitating Smooth Home Renovation Since 2020

Since starting our activity, we have been driven by a mission to make home remodeling less daunting. We are committed to offering top-notch information to our clients, taking pride in our exceptional service.

Here is what makes our content worth your while:

Commanding Expertise

Our content is developed by seasoned cost researchers and writers who have proven experience in the home improvement sector. Plus, the validity of the statements given in our articles is ensured by reputable industry specialists.

Knowledge-Based Data

MyHomeQuote is a hub of helpful information with multiple home improvement articles, cost guides, and comparison manuals, all geared towards equipping users with a profound understanding of managing home-related tasks.

Objectivity First

At MyHomeQuote, we show our commitment to ad-free content, setting ourselves apart as an unbiased, vendor-independent resource. We value the importance of providing neutral, reliable content without any form of distraction or influence.

In Tune with the Times

We prioritize keeping our pricing data as timely as possible, understanding the ever-evolving nature of the market of home improvement services. Be it annual market fluctuations or extraordinary events impacting service costs, we revise our data to ensure its relevance and authenticity.

Editorial Process

At MyHomeQuote, we harness the combined strength of our skilled writing and editorial team, all with home remodeling industry experience, along with practicing contractors, designers, and architects, to produce our cost guides. Fusing writing and editorial prowess with on-the-ground industry expertise helps us maintain and generate content that embodies reliability and quality.

The data we provide undergoes a thorough validation process against various professional resources. Plus, we audit them annually to maintain accuracy year-round. Should there be any sudden price fluctuations for a project or material, our devoted editorial team promptly notifies our readers through the impacted cost guides.

We maintain tight collaboration with our extensive network of home improvement contractors nationwide. Their valuable estimates serve as the bedrock of our cost guides' information. When eliciting price details, we focus on states whose service costs align with the US national average, strategically steering clear of states with soaring labor rates, such as New York and California.


Our cost guides pull data from an extensive selection of trustworthy sources, including specialty literature, published studies, and US association reports, as well as input from contractors and material suppliers. Our editorial team assures that we reference only those sources that present fact-based insights from credentialed individuals or bodies. In turn, we guarantee our material’s relevance and accuracy for our audience.

Here is a complete list of offline and online sources we use to develop our content:


  • National Repair & Remodeling Estimator, Ed. by Joshua Paxton (Carlsbad, CA: Craftsman Book Company, 2021).
  • National Home Improvement Estimator, Ed. by Ray F. Hicks (Carlsbad, CA: Craftsman Book Company, 2021).
  • National Construction Estimator, 69th ed., Ed. by Richard Pray (Carlsbad, CA: Craftsman Book Company, 2021).
  • National Electrical Estimator, Ed. by Mark C. Tyler (Carlsbad, CA: Craftsman Book Company, 2021).


Government Websites

Specialized Websites

Besides utilizing inputs from expert literature, US associations, government websites, and our proprietary cost data, we also incorporate information from specialized websites hosted by home improvement industry professionals.