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$450 – $1,800the average cost per fixture

$3,120 – $5,300 the average total installation cost

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Pipes are arteries of the house that distribute running water from the local water supply system to bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and technical rooms. They are crucial in water supply and disposal, transporting wastewater from the house to the sewage or septic system. Maintaining a healthy plumbing system ensures the structural integrity of the building, reducing costs associated with major repairs and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and mold that could lead to health issues.

If you're struggling with frequent leaks or noticing regular water pooling around your home, the integrity of your pipes is likely compromised. They may wear thin in certain spots or have already developed tiny holes. With water discoloration and low water pressure, these warning signs say that installing new plumbing fixtures is the only way to prevent catastrophic consequences.

Our in-depth plumbing cost calculator is intended to serve as a roadmap for repiping your house. We have covered all major cost-formation factors like the number of plumbing fixtures, home size, pipe material, and others. Plus, we've analyzed material and labor costs, considering location and spending on additional services. Plunge into this detailed cost guide to enrich your arsenal of knowledge and get yourself ready to budget your home's repiping project, taking into account actual plumbing costs. This will also allow you to effectively negotiate prices with your chosen plumbing professional, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

The National Average Cost of Installing New Pipes

Based on in-depth research and thorough analysis of estimates from our associated contractors, we've discovered that the average cost American homeowners pay to revamp their plumbing system lands between $2,050 and $15,000, with the majority of them spending within the range of $3,120 to $5,300. This cost includes both materials and labor and reflects full-scale plumbing projects. For smaller tasks, such as replacing or installing new fixtures or piping systems, the costs may be much less. According to our repipe cost calculator, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere between $500 and $1,800 per fixture, although the final price tag can fluctuate based on the type and extent of the job.

It's important to note that these costs can vary greatly, depending on several factors, including the home's size and age, the project's complexity, local labor rates, and the specific materials chosen for the repiping project. Therefore, while these averages can provide a helpful starting point, a more precise estimate can only be given upon a professional inspection of the home and a complete understanding of the project scope.

The average cost to replumb a house

The low-end cost $2,050
The average cost $4,100
The average cost range $3,120 - $5,300
The high-end cost $15,000

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Plumbing Cost Estimator: Your Ultimate Guide to Budgeting Home Repiping

An efficient budget framework is integral to any home improvement project, and plumbing is no exception. Particularly when you're looking at an undertaking as expensive as updating a piping system, a key component of preparation is knowing the cost to repipe a house. We've compiled an ultimate guide to understanding these costs and planning your budget accordingly. Continue reading to navigate your way through these investments.

The Average Plumbing Cost per Square Foot

When it comes to plumbing installation in new construction, the cost works out to be approximately $4,65 per square foot. However, this is merely a ballpark figure, and the actual average price to plumb a house can vary from $3,25 to $5,90 per square foot, depending on different factors. The fluctuating prices of fixtures and diverse plumbing materials can lead to considerable variations in the overall expenditure. Consider these factors when planning any plumbing construction or renovation project to manage the budget effectively.

The cost of replumbing a house per square foot.

The average cost per sq. ft. $4,65
The average range per sq. ft. $3,25 - $5,90

Labor Cost to Replumb a House

When estimating the cost of piping installation or replacement, a plumber is more likely to provide a flat fee bid for the entire project instead of charging by the hour. Nevertheless, you should be aware that the average house repipe cost varies from $45 to $220 per hour, depending on the project's complexity and the plumber's skill level.

The lion's share of spending on home repiping takes labor rather than material. Pros often have to demolish ceilings and walls to access hidden pipes. Plus, they remove and dispose of old piping while solving other issues that arise along the way. The whole scope of tasks, from initial inspection to finishing touches, may take from 20 to 48 hours, translating into $1,500 - $6,720 of labor cost.

Labor cost to replace plumbing in an old house.

The average range per hour $45 - $220
The average total range $1,500 - $6,720

While it is natural to aim for the most cost-effective option, be wary of bids that seem too good to be true. Ensuring the job is done right the first time is of utmost importance. We recommend you explore the MyHomeQuote contractor-matching service for reliable, pre-vetted plumbing professionals. Not only can you get an advantage from our house repiping cost calculator, but you can also rest assured your experience will be smooth and fair. Save yourself from unfair dealings by requesting free pricing quotes via our platform.

The Average House Repiping Cost

The total expense involved in the replumbing project is largely influenced by the size of the house and the type of materials used. Larger homes typically require more extensive plumbing work due to their complex layout. Hence, this directly impacts the plumbing estimates. Additionally, the variety and quality of materials significantly affect the spending. For instance, copper pipes that have better longevity than PEX tubing cost 1.5 - 2 times more.

The average cost to replumb a 1,500-sq-ft house ranges from $2,350 to $4,100 or $0,55 to $2,35 per linear foot. The high-end price may go up to $8,500 for a place with three bathrooms and a laundry room, while replumbing smaller amenities with limited fixtures may cost as low as $2,700.

The average house repiping cost.

The average cost to replumb a house $3,225
The high-end cost to replumb a house $8,500
The low-end cost to replumb a house $2,700

The Average Rough-in Plumbing Cost

Rough-in plumbing is the basic framing and installation of a home's pipes, fixtures, and appliances while it's being built or fully renovated. This initial phase involves plumbing installation without the final connections. This means the tubes and pipe ends are capped to be later connected to fixtures.

The average cost of rough-in plumbing ranges from $3,20 to $5,50 per square foot or from $9,700 to $12,700 for the average-sized home with two bathrooms. The estimated cost can drastically range based on the amount and type of piping you use.

Here are rough-in plumbing prices depending on the type of work performed:

The Type of Work The Price Range
Sewer Line Installation Cost $550 - $2,550
Gas Line Installation Cost $350 - $950
Water Main Installation Cost $650 - $2,750

House Repiping Cost Calculator

Estimating the cost of house repiping involves several critical factors, including the type of pipe material, the diameter of the pipes, the size of the house, the number of plumbing fixtures, and their location, to name a few. Other costs, such as obtaining building permits, disposal of old pipes, and other add-on services, can significantly impact the total cost. Our in-depth overview of home repiping prices aims to assist you in estimating the total expected cost. It is designed to account for all potential variables and provide you with a rough estimate of your repiping project's financial implications.

The Average Plumbing Costs by House Size

The house's size and structure determine the expense involved in repiping a house. Multi-story homes or homes with complex layouts, like those with multiple bathrooms and hot tubs, require more materials and labor to mount new plumbing systems, resulting in a cost rise. The age of the house also plays a role, as older homes may require extensive work to bring the plumbing up to code.

Let's delve into the average expense needed to plumb a house, depending on its size.

How Much Does It Cost to Repipe a 1,000-sq.-ft. House?

A 1000-square-foot house is typically a smaller, single-story building with one or two bedrooms and bathrooms. Depending on the set layout, its plumbing system may include kitchen sinks, bathroom fixtures, water heaters, and possibly a laundry area. Because the square footage and plumbing needs are relatively modest, plumbing costs are affordable, ranging from $1,300 to $2,650 per project. This range is influenced by the complexity of the installation, the type of pipes used, and the contractor's rate. Plus, the plumbing cost for a 1,000-sq.-ft. house could rise if unexpected complications arise during the plumbing project. That is why it's essential to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

How Much Does It Cost to Repipe a 1,200-Square-Foot House?

A 1,200-sq.-ft. house is a compact, likely single-story residence, generally comprising two or three bedrooms, a couple of bathrooms, a kitchen, and a laundry area. The home's layout, the number of plumbing fixtures, and the current state of the existing plumbing network can greatly influence the final cost to plumb a 1,200-sq.-ft. house. On average, you should expect to spend from $2,000 to $3,750, depending on the type of piping materials used. Additional considerations like local labor rates, complexity of installation, and any repairs or upgrades needed due to older, outdated plumbing can also impact final costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Plumb a 1,500-sq.-ft. House?

A 1,500-square-foot house is usually a moderately sized, single or split-level building, typically comprising three or four bedrooms, two to three bathrooms, a kitchen, and a laundry area. It has extensive plumbing systems, including water supply lines, waste lines, and fixtures. Given the size and complexity of the system, the average cost to plumb a 1,500-square-foot house usually falls between $2,700 and $4,980. However, this range can fluctuate based on the layout specifics, the number and type of fixtures and appliances, the choice of piping materials, and labor rates in the area.

How Much Does It Cost to Plumb a 2,000-sq.-ft. House?

A 2,000-square-foot house is generally a larger, possibly multi-story home with three to four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, a laundry area, and potentially additional features like a dishwasher, water filters, or a water softener system. As such, the home's plumbing system will be more extensive and complex, featuring an interconnected network of water supply lines, drainage pipes, and various plumbing fixtures. Considering the amount of material and time required for such a project, the average cost to plumb a 2,000-sq.-ft. house usually falls between $3,760 and $7,200 and could be even higher in some cases.

The national average cost of plumbing a house by its size.

House Size The Average Cost Range
1,000-sq.-ft. House $1,300 - $2,650
1,200-sq.-ft. House $2,000 - $3,750
1,500-sq.-ft. House $2,700 - $4.980
2,000-sq.-ft. House $3,760 - $7,200

The Cost to Repipe a House by the Number of Plumbing Fixtures

The total plumbing cost in your home is directly proportional to the number of fixtures and appliances that need plumbing services. This includes but is not limited to sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, water heaters, and washing machines. Consequently, an increase in fixtures, particularly in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, will raise the overall plumbing expenditure. Simply put, when budgeting your plumbing project, remember that the more fixtures you have, the higher the cost will be.

Here are the average plumbing costs by the type of fixtures to be installed.

Type of Fixture The Average Cost Range
Washing machine $450 - $1,700
Dishwasher $400 - $600
Water heater $600 - $1,800
Sink and faucets $400 - $600

The Average Cost to Plumb a House by Pipes Location

The location of your pipes dramatically affects the average cost of plumbing a house. Accessibility plays a crucial role in this aspect, with pipes located in easily accessible spots like behind drywall usually costing less than those located in tighter, harder-to-reach areas such as crawl spaces or beneath concrete. Projects involving the latter tend to be more labor-intensive and, therefore, can considerably hike up the total cost of the plumbing project.

The Cost to Replace Plumbing in the House by Pipe Diameter

The total project cost may also fluctuate by pipe diameter as larger pipes, like those draining waste, require more material and labor to be mounted. However, the pipe diameter is chosen based on the plumbing needs of your house. So, while smaller diameter pipes might be cheaper, they may not be suitable if the house requires more water flow. Make sure to consult an expert plumbing contractor to determine the right size of pipes for your home.

The Cost to Plumb a New House by Pipe Material

The cost of a plumbing project also varies based on the type of pipe material used. There's a variety of plumbing pipe materials available in the market, including copper, PEX, PVC, and galvanized steel, varying in price and characteristics.

Copper, although durable and highly resistant to corrosion, is the most expensive choice due to its overall quality and price fluctuation in the market. On the other hand, PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing is a flexible plastic tubing material that is cheaper and easier to install than copper, making it a popular choice for residential plumbing. Due to its low cost and chemical resistance, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is used for drain, waste, and vent pipes. Galvanized steel, though once popular, is less common now due to its high possibility of rusting. On top of that, the cost to replace galvanized pipes is usually higher compared to PEX and PVC.

Here are the average plumbing prices by material type.

Plumbing Material The Average Cost Range per Linear Foot The Average Cost Range for a 2,000-sq.-ft. House
Copper $3,5 - $8 $8,500 - $16,000
Galvanized steel $4 - $10 $9,000 - $18,000
PVC $1 - $4 $4,000 - $10,000
PEX $0,50 - $0,75 $2,000 - $4,350

Additional Services Adding to the House Repiping Cost

In addition to the fundamental expenses involved with rerouting a home's plumbing system, a range of other aspects should be considered when preparing for such a project.

Firstly, there are inspection fees to consider. Depending on the property's age and the work's extensiveness, hiring a professional to assess the current state of the plumbing could be necessary. This could identify any immediate or long-term issues that may affect the repiping process or the overall performance of the new plumbing system.

Secondly, it's essential to include the permit fee in the plumbing installation cost calculator as you require it to embark on extensive projects. Local authorities vet the entire process from planning to completion, checking if pipes, vents, valves, and other elements of a plumbing system have been installed correctly and safely.

Third, the specific environmental condition of where the house is located, precisely the type of soil surrounding the property, could impact the average price to plumb a house. Certain soil types can have a corrosive effect on piping materials, resulting in premature pipe failure if appropriate measures are not taken. On the other hand, some soils can be too firm or heavy, requiring more effort and machinery to excavate for the repiping process, boosting the labor cost.

Lastly, you should consider the cost of removing and disposing of the existing pipe system. This process involves navigating the complexities of following appropriate disposal measures per local regulations. It may require a specialized team and additional equipment to safely remove the old pipes from the property without causing any damage to the structure. Moreover, different kinds of materials may need different disposal methods. Hence, the costs associated with this crucial step contribute significantly to the overall budget of the repiping project.

Additional services affecting the cost of pipe replacement.

Type of Service The Average Cost
Inspection $255 - $1,250
Permits $55 - $550
Removal and disposal of old pipes $455 - $1,250

Rough-In Plumbing Expenses for Bathrooms

Rough-in plumbing refers to the initial phase of the plumbing installation, which includes laying out all the pipelines without making connections. The expected cost of rough-in plumbing for an average bathroom ranges from $450 to $1,800. The estimated price may vary depending on the project extent and complexity dictated by bathroom size and layout. Thus, the cost can go up to $2,500 or more for high-end or more complex projects. Note that these costs do not include the price of fixtures and other materials, which typically range from $1,200 to $4,000 on average.


How Much Does It Cost to Replumb a House?

The cost to replumb a house varies based on factors like the size of the house and the type of materials used. The average price to replumb a 1,500-sq-ft house is about $3,225, but it could go as low as $2,700 for smaller premises with limited fixtures or as high as $8,500 for larger homes with multiple bathrooms.

How Much Does It Cost to Fully Plumb a House?

The cost to plumb a house is affected by its size and age. For new construction, plumbing costs can range from $4,000 to $10,000 for an average-sized home. In contrast, older homes might require more extensive and costly remodeling due to outdated plumbing systems, which could reach up to $16,000. Furthermore, larger homes with greater numbers of bathrooms and kitchens will result in higher plumbing costs.

What is the Average Cost to Plumb a 1,500-sq-ft House?

The average cost to plumb a 1,500-square-foot, 3-bedroom house typically falls between $2,580 and $5,520. However, it's important to note that these costs can rise significantly if the house is older due to the added complexities and potential difficulties of working with older plumbing systems.

How Much Does Mobile House Repiping Cost?

The average cost to repipe a mobile home ranges from $1,500 to $4,000. Although mobile homes often have simpler plumbing systems and less square footage than standard houses, which can reduce the price, the cost of materials and potentially unique plumbing configurations requiring specialized knowledge and tools can still significantly impact the overall cost.


A wide range of sources contribute to the information provided in our cost guides, from real-time contractor estimates to published cost studies and specialized websites.

Refer to our Methodology and Sources for more in-depth information.