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How Much Do Casement Windows Cost in 2023?

$630 – $1,380the average installation cost per unit

$520 – $1,100the average cost per unit (without labor)

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How Much Do Casement Windows Cost in 2023?

Casement windows make for a bridge between the exterior and interior worlds. Not only do they affect your home’s energy efficiency, but they also serve as an escape route during emergencies. What’s more, they can make a difference in your house’s ventilation by letting in fresh air and moving stale air out without delay. Therewith their built-in locking system makes them very difficult to break into. So, you can keep windows open when you want or closed when you don’t. Willing to get your hands on this stunning combo of practicality and aesthetic appeal but feel scared of casement windows prices? You don’t need to. Compared to bow or bay alternatives, they are quite budget-friendly. 

A low-end window goes for as little as $420, but you may fork out 4 times as much for a high-end option. In most cases, you can expect to spend anywhere between $630 to $1,380, with a national average cost of $850 per unit (25'' x 60'').

The cost of casement windows

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost 


Average cost range 

$630 - $1,380

Casement Window Replacement Cost

Discover the casement window price

Many homeowners confuse installing a brand-new casement window with replacing the existing one. But the difference is fundamental, both literally and figuratively. While the casement window replacement process is smooth and less labor intensive, installing a new construction (especially of a different size) can make contractors sweat out. For example, they may have to strip the window opening down to its rough framing, inside and outside. 

Thus, depending on the scope of work required, contractors may charge from $170 to $1,000+ per unit in labor only. Hence, the total cost of replacement casement windows can land anywhere between $530 and $1,670 per unit. The price can be higher if you go for a picture window with casement flankers, for example. 

Labor Cost to Replace Casement Windows

Have you found a window contractor who offers pocket-friendly flat rates? It’s better to avoid them as reputable companies never charge the same fee for different projects of replacing casement windows. The labor costs will change depending on the unit size, frame material, type of glass, customization, and installation complexity.

Thus, mid-sized and large windows will cost more to replace than smaller ones because of the increased amount of materials and work involved. And it may take installers more time to replace casement windows made of wood than vinyl, so you’ll have to deal with higher expenses too. In most cases, you can expect to spend anywhere between $110 to $280 per unit. If old window removal and disposal services are required, you should be ready to pay an additional $65.  

Hiring seasoned contractors guarantees your casement windows will be installed and sealed correctly, and you can use a manufacturer’s warranty if necessary. To get a hold of one, come to MyHomeQuote. Our team is committed to connecting you with the best professionals in your neighborhood. 

Casement Window Prices Overview 

Whether you replace 1 or 3 windows, there is no way your house will remain clean. It is a dusty and dirty job involving a lot of stripping, sanding, and even painting. If you have a few damaged or worn-out windows that need to be replaced, updating all units in one breath can be a savvy move. Have no idea whether you can afford a colossal casement replacement windows project? Calculate your possible expenses by selecting the befitting features below.

Casement Window Cost by Size 

Every room in your house has specific window size requirements, meeting which you can achieve maximum comfort indoors. Thus, a living room designed for gatherings and chilling out needs a casement window ranging between 30 inches wide to 60 inches high to provide you with the best view. But the bathroom requires more privacy, so a small window of around 24-36 inches can be enough. 

You can find casement windows in various sizes, but some options may not be available in certain frame materials. Plus, some manufacturers only focus on specific sizes. So, if you want your vinyl casement window to replace with one made of fiberglass or aluminum, an installer will have to enlarge your window opening as a new option will be taller. 

To get a perfectly matching window, measure the size of the rough opening in the wall and your old window (width and height in feet and inches). If you can’t find the same window size in different frame materials, you can get a bespoke window, but customized options have a higher price tag. 

The casement window price by size


Average cost (window only)

24'' x 36'' 

$260 - $352

24'' x 48'' 

$348 - $503

24'' x 60''  

$419 - $430

30'' x 36'' 

$277 - $395

30'' x 38'' 

$221 - $468

30'' x 60'' 

$462 - $484

36'' x 60''

$340 - $630

Casement Window Cost by Type 

Affordable double casement window prices

There is no significant difference in price between inswing and outswing windows. Thus, you can select an opening style based on your preferences and available space. It’s worth paying more attention to the design of the casement window you are about to install, as it can make or break your interior style. And it can also affect the overall replacement casement windows cost.

Single-Frame Casement Window

If an unobstructed view and next-level ventilation are at the top of your requirement list, this type of casement window is what you need. It doesn’t have a center rail, meaning a pane comes in a single piece, and can fit in any room setting. Most windows of this type open outward, which makes both sides of the glass accessible and easy to clean. The average cost of casement windows is between $225 and $375. 

Double-Frame (French) Casement Window

French casement windows offer a classic and elegant look and can enhance the overall aesthetic of your home. Both sashes can be fully opened simultaneously so that no mullion will hinder the view. As these windows can be designed to complement any architectural style, from modern to traditional, they will match your home too. You can expect to spend between $450 to $590.

Egress Casement Window

According to many building codes, this type of window is the #1 choice for bedrooms and basements, as it allows for a safe, easy exit in case of emergencies like fire. By installing it, you can reduce your energy costs and increase your property value. Plus, such windows are designed to let in more natural light and provide maximum ventilation. The egress casement windows price can vary from $630 to $3,200.

Picture Window with Casement Flankers

While a standard picture window doesn't open, adding casement flankers to the sides can provide stunning cross-ventilation. Thus, you can enjoy the allure of an expansive outside view without compromising on the fresh air in your room. What is the price of such a combo? You can spend between $580 to $820.  

Whatever type you choose, you can’t do without professional assistance. MyHomeQuote can help streamline your search for a credible contractor offering reasonable casement window prices. To get more information, submit your request by filling in a 1-minute form. 

The casement window costs by type


Average cost (window only)

Single-frame casement window

$225 - $375

French casement window

$450 - $590

Egress casement window

$630 - $3,200

Picture window with casement frankers

$580 - $820

Casement Windows Cost by Material 

Your window frame can be made of various materials that differ in durability, energy efficiency, and price. The better quality and longer lifespan you choose, the more you’ll have to fork out. To select an ideal material, you need to collate the pros and cons of all options available, including:

  • Vinyl. Being sturdy yet pocket-friendly material that can withstand harsh elements, vinyl is popular among US homeowners. It doesn’t require big-ticket maintenance like painting or resealing too. However, it can warp or crack under sweltering conditions if top-class UV-resistance coating is not applied. Vinyl casement windows prices can vary from $210 to $755 per unit.
  • Aluminum. If you live in a warm climate with constant rains, aluminum frames can be the best bet as they are rust- and corrosion-resistant. They can also offer you a larger glass area and an unobstructed view. Plus, you can have them powder-coated in any color to complement your home’s design. But aluminum is a poor insulator, making it a bad choice for cold climates. The average cost ranges from $320 to $960.
  • Wood. When replacing a casement window, you can add a timeless aesthetic to your home by selecting a wood frame. This material can be easily customized to fit traditional or modern designs. But you will have to repaint and stain your windows regularly to keep them in mint condition. A window alone can set you back between $285 to $1,900.
  • Fiberglass. Even though this is a new player in the window materials market, fiberglass has already won homeowners over. It is resistant to cracking and scratching even in harsh climates. Moreover, fiberglass doesn’t warp, rot or succumb to termites but provides excellent insulation. It can mimic wood, but it’ll still have a somewhat plastic appearance. And the price, ranging from $530 to $1,580 per window, can be another issue. 
  • Steel. The ultimate durability and strength of steel allow for thinner frames and a better view. By installing them, you can add a sleek aesthetic to a home while preserving its character and improving security. The steel casement windows cost from $590 to $1,550 per unit. On top of that, you’ll have to cover high labor fees. 

The cost of a casement window by material


Average cost (window only)


$210 - $755


$320 - $960


$285 - $1,900


$530 - $1,580


$590 - $1,550

Casement Window Cost by Glass Panes 

The highest casement window cost

You can save a bundle by selecting the right glass panes for your casement window. The climate you live in can act as a cornerstone of your choice. Hence, if you live in an area where the highest level of insulation is not required, you don’t need to pay over the odds for top-class glass panes. Let’s find out the difference between single-pane, triple, and double-casement windows prices.

  • Single-pane. This type is made of a single layer of glazing, so it requires less material and labor. If you run out of money or the presence of an air pocket inside the window isn’t crucial for you, you can go for this option. The average cost is between $155 to $380.
  • Double-pane. Such windows are equipped with two layers of glass and a layer of gas for insulation. This results in lower energy bills and better noise reduction. But the increased material usage and the complexity of construction are reflected in double casement window prices, ranging from $160 to $620.
  • Triple-pane. For superb energy efficiency and exceptional noise reduction, select triple-pane windows. They have three layers of glass and two insulating gas spaces, making them ideal for homes in harsh climates and busy areas. The triple casement window prices vary from $410 to $960. 

To discover whether you can afford a double- or triple-pane casement window, request multiple quotes from different contractors. With MyHomeQuote, you can do that in a few minutes as you just need to fill in the form below.

The cost of a casement window by glass panes

Type of glass panes

Average cost (window only)


$155 - $380


$160 - $620


$410 - $960

Casement Window Cost by Glass Coatings

UV damage can take a toll on the window frame material, leading to wrapping and cracking. Whether for the Sunshine State, California, or Texas, applying protective coating on casement windows is an easy way to prolong their lifespan. But such an upgrade may cost you a penny:

  • Reflective coating. It can make for a beneficial investment as it significantly reduces heat gain and helps protect your home from harmful UV rays that can cause fading of floors and rugs. Furthermore, it skyrockets privacy during the day, as it limits visibility from the outside. In this case, the casement windows price can be anywhere from $230 to $550.  
  • Low-E coating. If your main goal is to boost thermal efficiency while reducing energy costs, it’s worth applying this coating to your windows as it reflects heat back. It also blocks out harmful UV rays and provides enhanced privacy. A Low-E coated casement window can cost $260 to $850. 
  • Spectrally selective coating. As the name suggests, it selectively reflects infrared light and reduces glare and harmful UV rays. This coating allows full visibility and natural light entry while offering uncompromising privacy. It can filter out up to 70% of thermal energy. You can pay from $370 to $865 for a window with such coating.

The cost of a casement window by glass panes

Type of glass coating

Average cost (window only)


$230 - $550


$260 - $850

Spectrally selective

$370 - $865

Casement Window Cost by Type of Gas Filling 

When you opt for any type other than a single-pane window, you can choose from the two most popular gas types to fill in the space between glass layers. They come with different advantages and price tags you need to consider:

  • Argon gas. It’s a colorless and odorless gas, safe for all living beings. It can reduce heat exchange between the windowpanes while lowering noise transmission. How much does a casement window cost when it is filled with argon? You can expect to pay from $380 to $845.
  • Krypton gas. Superior thermal insulation and minimized heat loss are what krypton gas can provide you with. It’s also colorless, odorless, and non-toxic, like argon, but denser. That’s why it’s ideal for tightly installed windowpanes. A krypton-filled casement window costs between $530 to $1,200.

The cost of a casement window by gas filling

Type of gas filling

Average cost (window only)


$380 - $845


$530 - $1,200

Casement Window Cost by Brand 

From no-name companies to highly reputable brands, you can find hundreds of casement window manufacturers. When selecting the ideal option, keep in mind that top-class options provide warranties and better quality. Pay attention to the following brands:

  • Andersen. Casement windows by this manufacturer offer excellent ventilation, unobstructed views, and high security. They are also easy to operate and ideal for hard-to-reach places. But it’s better not to choose them for spaces near walkways or patios as they open outward. You can pay from $350 to $990 per unit. 
  • Pella. As these windows can be fully opened, you can enjoy unobstructed scenic views. Plus, they are equipped with hook-shaped casement locks for improved security. But they don’t match all architectural styles. The price tag of such a window can be between $470 and $530.
  • Milgard. The casement windows of this brand are famous for clear views, high energy efficiency, and one-hand operation. They come in a range of design options to suit different aesthetic preferences. How much do casement windows cost here? You can fork out from $440 to $1,100 for a window. 

The cost of a casement window by gas filling


Average cost (window only)


$350 - $990


$470 - $530


$440 - $1,100


What Are the Pros and Cons of Installing Casement Windows?

Due to their design, casement windows allow clear views, maximum airflow, and circulation without compromising security, as they feature hook-shaped locks. But they swing outwards, making them unsuitable for areas with limited space.

What Kind of Maintenance Is Required for Casement Windows?

Like any other window, casement windows must be cleaned regularly inside and out. You should also lubricate the crank mechanism with a silicone-based lubricant. Don’t forget to inspect the frame for signs of decay and wrapping.

Are There Specific Climates or Geographic Locations Where Casement Windows Are More Desirable?

Given their construction, casement windows are versatile and eligible for windy and rainy climates. But they might not be recommended for areas with high traffic due to their outward opening design.