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Whether you are a journalist or news media seeking expert input or precious resources in the home improvement niche, MyHomeQuote is at your service. We have the latest cost information, trend reports, and a wealth of resources we’d love to share. Feel free to get in touch with our team today through an email to:

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Mid Hudson News

A Year of Success: 44,000 Projects Completed through MyHomeQuote in 2023

Every year, reputable magazines display ratings of the most flourishing and powerful companies worldwide. The top slots are commonly filled with names on everybody’s lips, leaving no room for businesses that still transform industries and people’s lives. Let’s right the wrong and today zero in on a service that makes locating contractors a no-brainer for American homeowners, Its hockey stick growth in 2023 is worth attention. Read more

Markets Insider

Adapting to the Decline: How Contractors Can Navigate the Expected Downturn in Home Renovation Spending in 2024

Millions of people were eager to invest in their harbor makeovers, and thousands of companies bucked to cash in on this bandwagon. As reported by CBS News, the remodeling sector morphed into a colossal $567 billion industry, marking a 15% increase from 2021. But fortune is apparently going to turn its back on contractor businesses in 2024. Read more

YAHOO! finance

ClickDealer Is About to Attend Affiliate World Duba

In a grand revelation, ClickDealer, powered by DMS, has been announced as an attendee of Affiliate World Dubai 2024. Riding on the back of a stellar growth curve in the past year, the company is all set to present its flagship offerings, including Customer Direct Group, which incorporates MyHomeQuote. The latter represents a complimentary online service providing homeowners with competitive quotations from contractors across all U.S. states. Read more

Ease Reader

MyHomeQuote Joins Top Tier of Affiliate Marketing at Caesars Forum Las Vegas

Affiliate Summit West makes for the buzzwords among top-scale affiliates, e-commerce vendors, media buyers, and advertisers worldwide. This gathering unites ambitious and innovative leaders in business, fostering an environment of inspiration and collaboration. Renowned as a significant conference and trade show, Affiliate Summit West takes a special spotlight on affiliate marketing and opens its doors to strong performers. Read more

The Signal

The Home Renovation Market Outlook for 2024 – An Inside Perspective from MyHomeQuote

The home renovation niche is of great interest to homeowners eyeing their next makeover project, businesses seeking reliable contractors, and skilled tradespeople willing to expand their client base. According to CBS News, it became a 567-billion industry in 2023, illustrating a 15% step-up compared to 2021. It seems the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a shift in homeowners’ interest and propelled the home improvement market to greater heights. But can it maintain its growth trajectory further? That’s a big question. Read more

Mirror Review

MyHomeQuote Unveils Innovative Cost Calculator for Window Replacement Projects

Let’s face the truth: window replacement is not on the list of the most long-awaited home projects, even if it is an apparent must-do thing. From choosing the right window type to finding a qualified contractor, you have to manage an array of tasks to get things done. And the overcrowded market doesn’t make this job any easier. How can you replace multiple windows in your home, ensuring the ideal energy efficiency and aesthetics level while keeping the lion’s share of your budget intact? First off, you can employ a window installation cost calculator at MyHomeQuote, a contractor-matching online platform. Read more

The Daily Iowan

Homeowners Can Now Access Home Warranty Companies with MyHomeQuote

A house purchase is a long-term commitment, demanding sustained involvement and big-ticket investments. It’s hard to predict when major systems and appliances may require repairs or replacements. Even those paying through the nose for brand-new apartments are not shielded against all kinds of issues. That’s why homeowners – both soon-to-be and current – who have developed a proactive mindset take an interest in home warranty plans. Read more

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