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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windows in 2024?

$1,000 – $5,000nationwide window installation cost (material + labor)

$430 – $1,450nationwide window replacement cost (material + labor)

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Whether you’ve lived in your house for years without any upgrades or just bought a fixer-upper one, a window replacement project comes to the fore. Do you need to roll up your sleeves and set to work on it, or use a window replacement cost calculator, at least? If your units reach the end of their lifespan, you can notice signs of damage and decay on their frames or jambs. Opening or closing a window can also be challenging, or you may feel air leaks when standing near it. 

Though the replacement project may be quite expensive (up to $50,000 for all windows changed in a house), it offers undeniable advantages to homeowners. New windows improve house curb appeal and let natural light and fresh air in. They offer better insulation and reduce the workload of the HVAC system. On top of that, they make a home energy-efficient and more appealing to potential buyers. That’s to say, window replacement is an essential investment in your home that brings high ROI.

The average window installation cost range can be anywhere from $430 to $1,450, installation included. But these numbers can be higher if you go for high-end frame material or unit configurations. This guide outlines in-depth window costs to help you calculate expenditures and avoid going beyond the budget. We leave no stone unturned in explaining the formation of the window installation prices. Keep reading to make a well-thought-out investment in window replacement. 

Window Replacement Cost Calculator

American homeowners willing to replace their worn-out windows should be ready to spend from $430 to $1,450. The low-end options cost about $260, while high-end ones run at $8,100. However, the average cost to replace windows is $880 across the USA. Please note that the specified prices can only be applied to standard units. Sophisticated configurations or extra scope of work required can add up to the total cost.

The price of replacing a window

National average cost $880
Low-end cost $260
High-end cost $8,100
Average cost range $430 - $1,450

Cost to Replace Multiple Windows

If you are about to start a big window replacement project (for example, you want to replace most or all of your windows), you may qualify for promotions or discounts available for bulk buyers. Rebates can be provided by contractors, window manufacturers, and even the utility company you use. Thus, you can use a window replacement calculator to discover possible expenses or contact several local specialized companies instead and request free project estimates.

In most cases, making a large order results in good savings on labor and material costs. The contractors’ overhead expenses stay the same regardless of the number of windows they replace. So, how much does it cost to replace windows in case when you install multiple units? Check the table below.

The cost of replacing multiple windows

Number of units Average cost installed
1 $430 - $1,450
5 $2,150 - $7,250
10 $4,300 - $14,500
15 $6,450 - $21,750
20 $8,600 - $29,000
25 $10,750 - $36,250

Window Installation Cost Calculator

If you want to add a window to a room, creating a new window opening in the wall is required. It’s essential to make allowance for the increased volume of work when using the window pricing calculator. The typical cost range lands between $1,000 and $5,000, with most homeowners spending $3,000. The low-end cost is $750, while the high-end alternative can be $7,000+. 

You should consider the difficulty level of accessing the window. If you own a two- or three-story house, your installation costs may increase by 25-30% per additional story. The replacement costs always rise if contractors need special equipment and skills to remove old windows and install new ones.

The price of installing a window

National average cost $3,000
Low-end cost $750
High-end cost $7,000+
Average cost range $1,000 - $5,000

Factors Affecting the Cost of New Windows

Expenditure estimation is the initial step of every home improvement project, no matter its complexity and specifics. You will never be ripped off by local contractors when you’re aware of all overhead costs. As each price is a collective value, meaning it is formed under the influence of multiple factors, it’s worth considering them all to make the most out of the window cost calculator.

If your home was built before 1978, chances are high that lead-based paint is still present in it. Any structural alterations require special handling, increasing the window replacement cost. Moreover, older homes may require additional prep work to ensure a proper fit for the new windows.

Number of Windows

If your window units are of the same age and show signs of tear and wear, replacing them all in one go makes sense. Even though a large-scale project is synonymous with a bigger financial commitment, you can save a bundle. Most contractors offer bulk discounts for installing 2+ windows – the more units you replace at once, the lower the price per one.

Window Size

When using a windows price calculator, don’t forget to specify your window size, as it plays a substantial role in the cost determination. Not only do larger units come with the added materials, but they also have increased weight that complicates installation. As contractors may have to put more time and effort into the project, they can charge an extra fee.

Window Type & Style

Once in the market for a new window unit or two, you can get overwhelmed by choice. There are a dozen options you can choose from. Depending on the type and style you select, the cost of new windows can be higher or lower. The price difference is associated with the material used, the thickness of the glass, and the overall craftsmanship required to produce a unit.

Window Location & Accessibility

Higher or hard-to-reach units may require special equipment or additional labor to replace, thereby raising the cost. Similarly, windows in challenging or tight locations may be more time-consuming to install, leading to increased labor costs. Hence, more accessible windows often come with lower replacement window prices.

New Installation vs. Existing Window Replacement

A ready-made window opening is already half the battle. A contractor has only to remove the old unit and replace it with a spic-and-span one, meaning the scope of work will be lower. The situation is the opposite with new installations, which require structural modifications to the home, increasing labor and material costs.

Full-frame vs. Pocket or Insert-Style Replacement

A full-frame window replacement suggests removing the existing frame and installing a new one, which can be more labor-intensive and costly. Alternatively, pocket or insert-style replacement means that you only take the actual window off while keeping the existing frame intact. The window price can be more affordable in the latter case.


The slightest changes to the home structure (for example, cutting a new opening in the wall) may require permits, depending on local regulations. They often come with a fee ($100 to $500), which can add to the window cost. However, ignoring building code requirements can result in fines, making your project even costlier.


If you’re about to hire a certified contractor to carry out window installation, you should be aware of the factors that determine the project’s cost besides those mentioned before. Here are the elements contributing to the price of replacement windows: 

  • the number of windows replaced in a house
  • the type of glass used in replacement windows
  • the labor cost per hour in the region
  • your home’s geographical location
  • the window brand you choose to purchase from
  • required updates and repairs 

It’s worth dwelling on the latter point – required updates and repairs – as these add-on services are often overlooked, even though they can significantly affect the home window replacement estimate. If you can’t afford to replace all windows in one fell swoop, repair services may become a more pocket-friendly alternative. 

Based on the issue’s severity, contractors can offer temporary or permanent solutions. Broken glass and even damaged frames can be fixed. The question is how much you will have to pay for repair.

The cost of repairing windows

Service Average cost
Window repair $140 - $630
Frame repair $210 - $670
Window glass replacement $240 - $800
Window painting $100 - $900
Window reseal $39 - 98

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Upgrading to energy-efficient windows makes for a smart yet costly move. The project’s upfront cost can be twice as high compared to standard window replacement, depending on the add-ons you go for. However, you can reap the benefits of installing such units in the future, like better insulation, minimized heat transfer, and lower HVAC costs. If you select soundproof windows, you can enhance indoor comfort by blocking all noises coming from the outdoors. And various coatings, glazing, and tins can provide next-level UV protection, safeguarding your interior furnishings from sun damage. Whatever energy-efficient upgrade you would like to do, make sure to tick off it when using a window price calculator.

If you are on a shoestring budget but want to replace your standard windows with energy-efficient ones, visit your local or national energy department website to learn more about tax credits or rebates such units may be eligible for.

The cost of energy-efficient upgrades

Upgrades Average cost
Low-E coating $330 - $820
Tint $300 - $900
Laminate $350 - $800
Weatherstripping $130 - $440
Soundproofing $300 - $1,400

Window Treatments

If you live in the Sunshine State, Texas, or California, your home may suffer from sun damage almost all year round. Even though window treatments like blinds or shades can add to the overall cost of window replacement, they can contribute to your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. The market is brimming with prefabricated options, but you can also go for custom sizes and designs. Please note that high-quality treatments can be associated with increased maintenance costs in the long run. Thus, you need to factor in both upfront and ongoing expenses during budget planning with a window cost estimator.

The cost of window treatments

Window treatment Average cost
Window shades $392 - $1,100
Window blinds $200 - $1,420

Window Replacement Cost Estimator

Whether you’ve set your heart on boosting your home’s curb appeal, increasing resale value, or cutting utility bills, installing new windows is just the ticket to achieving all these goals. As budget is often the main bottleneck, you may crave to gain an insight into the average cost for window replacement. Your expenses can fluctuate depending on the frame material, window type, operation style, and more. Let’s closely examine these cost-shaping factors to ensure you can harness the cost calculator to your advantage.

Window Replacement Cost by Frame Material

Window frames serve as a structural base and play a crucial role in the long-lasting operation of your windows. That’s why it is essential to start with choosing the frame and then move on to selecting the right style. Below, you’ll find information about key types of window frame materials, their peculiarities, and average costs.


Aluminum windows work best for those who first put frames’ strength and durability. They are lightweight, long-lasting, and resistant to wear and tear. Moreover, they are offered in various modern designs and are not prone to mold and rot. However, aluminum is not corrosion-resistant.


Vinyl window frames are among the most popular and affordable materials offering high value. They’re made of polyvinyl chloride and protect a house from heat and moisture. Besides, they require no painting and are available in different designs, so you may select the option that best fits the architectural layout of your house. However, the color range is limited.


These window frames mimic wood but are left non-vulnerable to deterioration as their inner layer is covered with aluminum or vinyl. Composite frames have thermal properties and structural strength similar to natural wood. They’re energy-efficient and offer long service life with little to no maintenance. However, the price of new windows may seem overwhelming.


Classic wood windows highlight the beauty of your house. They are durable and green, provide a great variety of wood species to choose from, and serve as excellent insulators. This material is best for replacing antique windows. However, the cost of windows is far from being budget-friendly. On top of that, these units are subject to moisture damage and require regular maintenance.


Modern fiberglass windows are durable, strong, and easy to maintain. They’re resistant to extreme temperatures, can be painted in any color, and ensure excellent energy efficiency. However, fiberglass is costly compared to more affordable frame materials.

The cost of replacing windows by frame material

Frame material Average cost installed
Aluminum $300 - $850
Vynil $580 - $1,830
Composite $550 - $1,200
Wood $647 - $1,620
Fiberglass $670 - $1,100

The Cost of New Windows by Type

Having decided to replace your old windows, you may have numerous options to select from. Not to get confused, make sure to consider two key factors that influence the cost of new windows:

  • window design
  • window frame material

Window designs vary from single-hung, arched, jalousie, circle, and picture options to the casement, skylight, sliding, bow, egress, and bay ones, to name a few. While choosing the right type, think about the following:

  • How often are you going to open the window?
  • Where will the window be placed?
  • What function will the window perform?

The answer to “How much does it cost to replace windows in the house?” hinges much on the type you select. The more non-standard your window type, the higher your installation costs since the process will take longer and require highly qualified specialists.

Bow Windows

Also known as compass windows, bow windows represent a series of units arching out from the house's wall. They give homes a rounded appearance while providing a stunning panoramic view. New windows cost over the odds compared to many other types.

Storm Windows

These are secondary units installed on the outside or inside of the leading glass windows of a house. If your home is in an area with harsh weather conditions, storm windows can serve as an additional barrier against the elements, reducing drafts and enhancing energy efficiency.

Hurricane Windows

Many call hurricane windows impact-resistant as they are designed literally to resist heavy wind and flying debris. Their durability makes them perfect for homes located in hurricane-prone areas like North Carolina or Florida.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are large, stationary windows that do not open. They offer maximum light exposure and an unobstructed outside view, making them perfect for rooms with scenic views.

Casement Windows

Hinged on one side, casement windows open outward using a crank mechanism. They are the right fit for uncompromising ventilation, natural light, and increased energy efficiency. And the cost of replacement windows won’t break the bank.

Bay Windows

Bay windows project outward from the main walls, forming a bay in the room. They consist of three windows at an angle, typically a central large picture window flanked by smaller windows. The cost of new windows for the house may feel unmanageable if you need to replace multiple units.

Egress Windows

Egress windows are designed for safety and are a must in every room used for sleeping purposes. They serve as an emergency exit in the event of a fire or other emergencies. However, they can make for an additional light and ventilation source.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are three-dimensional windows that jut out from the wall, acting like mini greenhouses. They often include shelving for plants, allowing more sunlight.

Basement Windows

Basement windows are nestled at the top of the basement wall so that they can level with the ground outside. This allows for letting in light and air in the ‘kingdom of darkness and dampness.’ The cost of windows for the house is affordable for most homeowners.

Skylight Windows

Skylight windows are mounted in the ceiling, making for a natural light source in rooms that lack wall space for classic windows. They offer a unique way of ventilation and provide views of the sky above.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

These units stretch from the floor to the ceiling, offering maximum light exposure and wide, dramatic views. Floor-to-ceiling windows make the space look and feel bigger, brighter, and more modern, albeit they offer less privacy. However, surprisingly, window prices aren’t sky-high.

Glass Block Windows

Made from thick, textured, and translucent glass, glass block windows offer privacy while letting light in. They are a popular choice for bathrooms, basements, and halls.

The price of replacing windows by type

Type Average cost installed
Bow $1,600 - $4,150
Storm $170 - $1,380
Hurricane $280 - $2,000
Picture $655 - $1,250
Casement $630 - $1,380
Bay $1,060 - $4,200
Egress $2,550 - $5,270
Garden $1,500 - $4,000
Basement $460 - $980
Skylight $1,000 - $3,750
Floor-to-ceiling $1,000 - $2,650
Glass block $620 - $1,480

The Cost to Replace Windows by Number of Panes

Another critical factor you need to consider when calculating the ballpark cost of your upcoming window replacement project is the number of panes a unit will be equipped with. As for now, you can order a window with 1 to 3 panes. Even though a single-pane window is generally the most affordable, it is also the least energy-efficient. Thus, you can cut down on the upfront replacement windows cost but have to cover higher utility bills later on. 

Double- and triple-pane windows feature a few glass layers with an insulating gas layer in between. Such a ‘sandwich’ construction ensures superior thermal performance and sound reduction. However, even the average window replacement cost range may seem inflated.

Double-pane windows can reduce heat loss by up to 42% (up to 24% during cold snaps and up to 18% in hot temperatures). Your savings can skyrocket with triple-pane windows as they are up to 14% more energy efficient.

The price of replacing windows by the number of panes

Number of panes Average cost installed
Single-pane windows $200 - $650
Double-pane windows $450 - $1,400
Triple-pane windows $550 - $3,550

The Average Cost to Replace Windows by Operational Style

The style of operation is one of the key cost determinants due to the complexity of the mechanisms used, the installation process, and the materials involved. Some styles are easier and quicker to install than others, which can significantly affect the window replacement estimate in terms of labor. Simple single-hung windows are less expensive to install than double-hung ones or sophisticated custom-designed windows. Moreover, the operational styles can also impact the cost of window materials.

The price of replacing windows by operational style

Operational style Average cost installed
Single-hung windows $340 - $720
Double-hung windows $437 - $1,200

How Does the Window Brand Impact the Home Window Replacement Estimate?

The USA market is chock-full of window companies. They offer varying levels of quality, energy efficiency, design, and customization, all factored into the window replacement costs. Top-tier brands are often committed to producing units that withstand various weather conditions, thus providing high insulation and energy efficiency. That’s why their names are synonymous with superior materials and craftsmanship.

Mid-level brands offer a balance between quality and cost, and they may provide a different level of energy efficiency and longevity than top-tier brands but can still be a good investment. On the other hand, budget counterparts often prioritize affordability over energy efficiency. You can save money upfront but won’t see any difference in energy bills and may have to use a window replacement cost calculator all too soon.

The price of replacing windows by brand

Brand Average cost installed
Andersen windows $380 - $4,100
Pella windows $480 - $3,285
Marvin windows $800 - $2,000
PGT windows $530 - $1,850
Milgard windows $730 - $1,000
Harvey windows $635 - $2,100

Window Replacement Labor Cost Calculator

DIY window replacement is too risky if you don’t have enough experience under your belt. You can hire a handyman or an established company to get things done. As a rule of thumb, professional assistance makes up 23% to 35% of the average cost for new windows, while the rest of the sum is devoted to the unit itself. Thus, contractors can charge you from $100 to $450 per window, so overall, you can spend from $430 to $1,450. If you replace multiple windows in the off-peak season, you can negotiate a nice-to-get discount.

The labor cost for new windows

Material cost $330 - $1,000
Labor cost $100 - $450
Total $430 - $1,450

Window Installation Labor Cost Calculator

Installing aka. creating a window in an existing wall is a whole different story. Contractors may have to go all out to complete the project, from siding to framing to finishing work. As a result, you’ll have to enter different digits in the window prices calculator. Depending on the project’s complexity, you can spend from $500 to $2,900 in labor alone. The overall project cost can land between $1,000 and $5,000.

The labor cost of installing a window afresh

Material cost $500 - $2,100
Labor cost $500 - $2,900
Total $1,000 - $5,000


How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windows in 2024?

The cost can fluctuate based on the window type, size, and service provider. Given current price trends, anticipate paying anywhere from $430 to $1,450. It’s always recommended to contact a few local contractors to get the best price without compromising the quality of the units.

Is Investing in New Home Windows Worth It?

Investing in new home windows is worthwhile if your current units are damaged or worn out. Not only do they improve your home’s aesthetic appeal, but they also enhance energy efficiency and can significantly increase your property’s value. It’s an investment that quite literally pays you back in time.

How Can I Get an Accurate Home Window Replacement Estimate with MyHomeQuote?

To get an accurate estimate with the MyHomeQuote platform, you need to provide specific information about the size, type, and number of windows in your home. Our specialists will share this info with verified local contractors and ask them to generate a detailed and precise cost estimate.

Is it More Cost-Effective to Replace All Home Windows Simultaneously or Individually?

The answer to this question largely depends on the service provider. Most experts are likely to offer lower rates per window when undertaking a comprehensive window replacement project, making it generally more cost-effective to replace all at once. It’s worth discussing both options with contractors to discover the best house window prices.


A wide range of sources contribute to the information provided in our cost guides, from real-time contractor estimates to published cost studies and specialized websites.

Refer to our Methodology and Sources for more in-depth information.