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How Much Do Single-Hung Windows Cost in 2023?

$340 – $720the average installation cost per unit

$260 – $640the average cost per unit (without labor)

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How Much Do Single-Hung Windows Cost in 2023?

If you are a movie buff, there is no chance that you don’t know what single-hung windows look like. Dozens of protagonists started their way in the slums of New York. Usually, they were living in colonial or Victorian-era buildings with windows where only the bottom part could move up. Does it ring a bell? That’s exactly what we’re talking about. These window units perfectly match traditional architecture due to their traditional appearance, making them especially popular in the US Northeast region. Plus, they make for the cheapest window type on the market. The single-hung window cost can be as low as $240 as a unit contains fewer moving parts than its double-hung alternative. But a top-class option can set you back $3,800 due to the larger size and material quality. 

With the national average price of $450 per unit, installing single-hung windows can be a cost-effective solution for owners of large houses. Such units are ideal for areas with limited space, as they don’t open outward. You can also take advantage of energy efficiency, low maintenance, and classic design. 

The cost of single-hung windows

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost 


Average cost range 

$340 - $720

Detailed Breakdown of the Single-Hung Window Replacement Cost 

Different single-hung window sizes

As there is an abundance of factors that affect single-hung window pricing, you can only make a better choice when you examine the key ones. Let’s drill down through each category to help you make a data-driven decision that aligns with the objectives of your single-hung window replacement project.

Keep in mind that your potential expenses can change depending on the options you select and local rates. That’s why contacting different contractors for quotes is a brilliant way to get the best deal. To take the hassle out of this process, employ the MyHomeQuote platform. We can connect you with the most trustworthy companies in your neighborhood. Submit your request in the form below. 

The Cost of Single-Hung Windows by Size 

A single-hung window consists of two sashes, but the upper section is always stationary, so you can only open the bottom part. It’s worth considering these design peculiarities when choosing from different single-hung window sizes if you have special ventilation requirements. 

The smallest ones (24x36 inches) are preferably used in bathrooms and basements as they can’t boast the best view but are cost-effective for limited spaces. The medium-sized units (52x28 inches) are an efficient choice for bedrooms where reasonable ventilation is required. And large alternatives (48x72 inches) work best for living rooms or master bedrooms, providing maximum light and air. 

The single-hung window prices can go higher or lower depending on the material quality, glazing choice, and labor rates. Many single-hung window manufacturers also offer size customization so that you can make the most of your available space and meet your needs. However, such units come with higher price tags.

The cost of new single-hung windows by size


Average cost


$190 - $430


$236 - $455


$268 - $475


$290 - $500


$300 - $550


$250 - $670

The Single-Hung Window Cost by Frame Material 

If you don’t plan to install new windows anytime soon, you may feel unsettled by facing such a need. To cut the single window replacement costs and fit this project into your tight budget, you can go for pocket-friendly frame materials. 


Vinyl single-hung windows are energy-efficient and require zero maintenance as they are immune to peeling, chipping, and fading. Their simple design matches most architectural styles. But you won’t be able to change them somehow as they aren’t eligible for staining or painting. The single-hung windows price starts at $165 and can go as high as $1,700. 


Wood is the best bet if you like to change how your windows look every few years, as it offers mind-blowing customization. Plus, you can enjoy an improved house’s energy efficiency. But regular maintenance will be a must as wood can rot and become a home to termites. The cost falls between $300 and $3,000. 


Fiberglass window frames are famous for stunning durability, weather resistance, and thermal performance. They are also rust- and rot-resistance, so you won’t have to invest your time and efforts in maintenance unless you decide to paint them. The cost of single-hung windows is the biggest drawback here, as you’ll have to pay between $300 and $2,000. 


If you want your window frames to have the visual appeal of wood while remaining resistant to rot or distortion, composite is the material of choice. It also offers strength, durability, and minimal maintenance. But they still can become less aesthetically pleasing over time due to UV exposure. The cost ranges from $280 to $1,585 per unit.


There is no better frame material for contemporary-style homes in warm climates than aluminum. It boasts excellent resistance to rust and corrosion, let alone strength, meaning you can install large panes of glass. But the quality of insulation leaves much to be desired. The price is budget-friendly – from $110 to $680 per unit.

Many contractors only work with certain frame materials. Thus, once you decide on the best fit for your home and budget, come to MyHomeQuote. We can help you find the right specialists with adequate rates for single-hung window replacement. Share your needs in the form below, and we’ll deal with the rest. 

The cost of new single-hung windows by material


Average cost (window only)


$165 - $1,700


$300 - $3,000


$300 - $2,000


$280 - $1,585


$110 - $680

The Single Window Replacement Cost by Pane Type

Low single-hung window prices 

A window has been designed to let light and air in while keeping the elements out of your home. Any well-installed and sealed single-hung window is up to the task. But you need to take action to stop the harsh UV rays from coming in so that you can protect your artwork and furniture from fading and sun damage. Here are different pane types that can come to the rescue.  


As laminated glass is hard to break, such windows can help you enhance your home’s security. They can also improve soundproofing and provide UV protection. However, if the pane gets scratched or damaged, the entire window might need to be replaced. The price ranges from $220 to $980 per unit. 


If you strive to lower energy costs and noise pollution while increasing the durability of your window against weather conditions, go for options with two panes. The double-glazed single-hung windows price can range from $190 to $770, excluding installation fees. 


A south-facing house usually gets the most sun and requires additional protection from UV exposure. And tinted single-hung windows make for a perfect solution. They block a good portion of harmful ultraviolet light while offering augmented privacy. The cost can fall between $150 to $520 per unit, not including installation.


Being more resilient against impacts and injury-proof due to their safe shattering pattern, tempered panes are ideal for homes with kids. For a single-hung window, they can add $15-$20 per square foot to the basic price. Thus, you can pay from $250 to $600+ per window. 

Low-E coating

You can increase your home’s energy efficiency by installing Low-E-coated panes. They can also mitigate the harmful effects of UV light entering your home, so your furnishings will remain brighter for longer. The cost typically falls between $245 to $860 per unit. 

The cost of new single-hung windows by pane type

Pane type

Average cost (window only)


$220 - $980


$190 - $770


$150 - $520


$250 - $600+

Low-E coating

$245 - $860

Additional Factors Adding to the Total Single-Hung Window Cost 

Frame material, size, and pane type remain the principal factors affecting expenses when installing single-hung windows. But their cost can still be ratcheted up by add-ons that your project can’t do without, for example. 

To detect the best single-hung window prices in your area, you can hit multiple ‘Request a quote’ buttons or turn to MyHomeQuote instead. It’ll take us no time to connect you with trustworthy contractors. Fill in the form below to get the ball rolling now.

Window Brand 

Startups, no-name brands, and established companies that have been around for years are three different pricing stories. If you are interested in Energy Star-certified single-hung windows with additional features and leak-proof guarantees, go for the best ones in the business. 


The company offers top-class, highly energy-efficient single-hung windows in various styles, hues, and finishes to match your home design. You can opt for basic options or those with extra features to reduce air infiltration and enhance insulation. While the latter can cost you up to $2,000, you can spend $200+ for standard windows, depending on the size. 


For out-of-this-world customization opportunities, durability, and energy efficiency, Marvin single-hung windows are the perfect choice. The price range is between $410 and $600 per unit.


With single-hung windows manufactured by Andersen, you can lower your utility bills and increase soundproofing. And it can be easy to integrate them into your interiors as there are dozens of colors, finishes, and hardware styles to choose from. The single-hung window cost falls between $450 and $790.

The cost of new single-hung windows by brand


Average cost (window only)


$200 - $2,000


$410 - $600


$450 - $790


Discover the single window replacement cost

If you need window services other than installing a new unit, you can expect to shell out more for them. While minor adjustments won’t significantly affect your expenses, fundamental repairs can. Thus, how much do you need to tack on your project budget?


If your house has many windows that need to be replaced, a large-scale project may hurt the pocket. To not make things warm for yourself, it’s better to move slowly. You can start with replacing a few windows and get repair services for the rest. Most contractors charge between $175 to $600. 


Your brand-new single-hung window won’t make any difference in your energy bills if you leave the gaps around it uninsulated. To get things done, you’ll pay around $3 to $21 per square foot.

Dismantling and Disposing of an Old Unit

Most contractors include removing and disposing of old windows into the overall single-hung window replacement cost. But you should discuss this moment beforehand. The price can be anywhere from $50 to $160 per unit. 

Getting Permits

You can do without permits if you are about to replace an existing window with a new one of the exact dimensions. But you’ll have to pay up to $180 for enlarging a hole and other structural changes.

Local Labor Rates

As living standards vary across the USA, labor rates also differ. You can expect to pay more if you live in megapolises like Los Angeles or New York. 

Labor Cost to Install Single-Hung Windows 

From the size and complexity of the project to the region you live in, many aspects can affect labor costs. Contractors can also consider whether it’s a replacement or new construction. Thus, you can pay anywhere between $70 to $150 per unit for labor only. 

When factoring in both labor and materials, the cost can land between $340 to $720 per window for standard sizes. Bespoke options with wood frames and all possible add-ons may cost you $200 to $1,000 more. 

The cost of new single-hung windows by labor costs

Labor only

$70 - $150

Labor + materials

$340 - $720


What Are the Pros and Cons of Single-Hung Windows?

Considering the low single-hung window prices, affordability can be called the #1 advantage for budget-conscious homeowners. These windows are also energy-efficient and low maintenance. But they offer less ventilation due to the construction and can be harder to clean if you live in an area with heavy traffic.

What Factors to Consider Before Installing Single-Hung Windows?

Single-hung windows provide less ventilation than their double-hung counterparts because only one sash opens. This may be a concern if you live in a hot or humid climate. You should also be careful with material selection to match your climate conditions. On top of that, the design of these windows doesn’t make them great escape routes during an emergency.

Are Single-Hung Windows Worth the Investment?

Whether single-hung windows are worth the investment depends on your needs, preferences, and capabilities. If you are on a shoestring budget and have to replace multiple windows, going for these windows can be a way out, as they are typically more affordable variants. But you should decide how much their downsides can be a big problem.