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How Much Do Hurricane Windows Cost in 2023?

$280 - $2,000the average installation cost per unit

$90 - $400the average cost per unit (without labor)

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How Much Do Hurricane Windows Cost in 2023?

Exterior storm windows are designed to withstand severe weather conditions, including high-speed winds and heavy rainfall. They are typically made from impact-resistant glass and have robust frames to prevent damage and maintain the home's integrity. Investing in exterior storm windows not only adds an additional layer of security and protection to your home but can also improve energy efficiency and noise reduction.

The national average cost to install impact windows ranges from $3,350 and $17,350 per 10 units, including professional mounting services. The cost per single unit varies from $280 to $2,000 for material and labor. 

The total cost of hurricane windows hinges on numerous factors, including window style, size, frame type, as well as additional features. For example, a set of compact, fixed windows complete with aluminum frames may only set you back about $1,000. On the other hand, large, ventilating windows with extra features such as grids or additional coatings for energy efficiency and privacy can go up to $15,000. 

Hurricane impact windows cost calculator.

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost 


Average cost range 

$280 - $2,000

Labor Cost to Install Impact Windows

Labor costs constitute a significant portion of the overall window replacement expenses, ranging between $80 and $400 per unit. Spending on professional installation or replacement services often becomes the subject of fluctuation based on the complexity of the project, the need for customization, and regional pricing differences. 

Window pros specialized in hurricane windows typically charge an hourly rate of $30 to $65, and it's important to note that installation per window takes about two hours on average. Nevertheless, this time frame can extend depending on the complexity and extension of the project. 

Several factors could influence the hurricane's impact window cost. First of all, pros evaluate the condition of the frame. If any repair or replacement is needed, labor costs will rise. Secondly, the accessibility of the windows can impact the cost. Units that are difficult to reach will require more time and specialized equipment. Lastly, geographical location plays a part. Labor rates vary considerably by region, with urban areas generally commanding higher rates. This is why it's advisable to analyze the level of local rates by using our user-friendly contractor-matching service that operates nationwide. 

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What Factors Impact the Hurricane Windows Cost?

Factors driving impact window prices

When considering hurricane window installation, understanding the cost implications is crucial. Read on to discover the key insights into the specific factors that impact window prices. From the materials used and the size and type of the hurricane units to labor charges and additional features, every element has a significant role in shaping your overall spending on your project.

The Impact Window Cost by Design

Whether custom-made or prefabricated, the type of window required significantly influences the overall cost of installing new hurricane windows. Homeowners need to consider the unique requirements of their property when making this decision. If the house's architectural design features non-standard window sizes or unconventional shapes, custom hurricane windows may be the only viable option.

Prefabricated hurricane units, on the other hand, are mass-produced and available in standard sizes, making them a cost-effective choice for homes with conventional window requirements. These products are readily available from most brands, and they typically range in price from $150 to $420 per window, making them a more affordable option.

However, homes with peculiar window shapes or sizes will necessitate custom windows, which come with higher price tags due to the extra work and materials involved in their production. Custom impact window prices may range anywhere from $250 up to $1,300 per unit. While the initial expenditure is higher, the perfect fit and aesthetic congruence offered by custom windows can enhance the home's overall value and curb appeal, making it a worthy investment for some homeowners.

The Cost of Impact Windows by Installation Place

The cost of mounting hurricane windows can also be influenced by their placement, with two primary options available to homeowners - interior and exterior storm windows.

Interior Hurricane Windows

Typically priced at $24 per square foot or between $250 and $400 per unit, interior hurricane windows are a viable choice for those living in historic homes or rented properties. They are designed for inside attachment and preserve the aesthetic of the exterior window. While their installation and removal can be done as required, they leave the exterior pane vulnerable to potentially damaging wind or debris. Nevertheless, they add an extra layer of protective shield internally.

Exterior Hurricane Windows

Normally costing up to $62 per square foot, exterior storm windows are a popular choice among homeowners. These permanent solutions need professional installation. They often feature two or three tracks that allow for increased ventilation during favorable weather. Although the upfront cost is higher, these windows provide robust protection against potential storm damage.

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Hurricane Impact Windows Cost by Size

The size of the hurricane units you require for your home significantly impacts the overall cost of the upcoming window project. On average, homeowners can expect to spend between $55 to $65 per square foot for standard-sized hurricane windows. For customized windows intended to fit unique or non-standard openings, the cost can escalate considerably. In fact, you may have to budget for up to three-fold the cost of standard-sized windows, given the additional work and materials required to customize these protective features to your specific needs.

Here is how the price for hurricane windows depends on their dimensions:

Size in inches

The average cost range


$87 - $110


$115 - $135


$147 - $170


$182 - $195


$200 - $230


$240 - $265


$300 - $345

The Average Impact Window Prices by Type

The average costs of storm-proof windows

Hurricane-resistant windows come in a multitude of types and styles, each of which greatly impacts the final cost of a window installation project. The design, construction, and type of frame undoubtedly affect the overall cost of storm-proof windows. Below, you will find details about common hurricane window types and how these choices can influence the average price per window. We hope the given information will allow you to make a well-informed decision that aligns with your aesthetic preferences, functional needs, and budget.

Fixed Impact Windows

This popular style of hurricane windows is mainly known for its simplicity and resilience. Fixed windows are made of a single pane of glass and are designed to remain closed at all times. Therefore, while they do not offer ventilation options, they provide excellent defense against storms. An attractive feature of fixed hurricane windows is their unbroken view of the outdoors, offering an unobstructed panorama. The cost of these impact-resistant windows typically ranges from $150 to as much as $1,650 per unit. This price difference largely depends on the size of the window required, with larger dimensions commanding a higher price due to the increased scale and volume of materials used.

Architectural Impact Windows

Homeowners seeking to add an individualized aesthetic touch to their homes often go for architectural hurricane windows. These impact units come in an extensive selection of tailored sizes and shapes, allowing homeowners to harmonize the window structure with the overall architectural design of their property. Furthermore, these custom-made windows not only serve as a stylistic feature but also ensure adequate protection against severe weather conditions. Given their high degree of customization in both size and shape, architectural hurricane windows tend to be a higher-end choice, with costs ranging anywhere from $360 to a considerable $2,200 per window. 

Single-Hung Impact Windows

These windows rank among the top choices for homeowners looking for reliable storm protection owing to their aesthetic adaptability and functional efficiency. This style features an upper sash fixed in place, paired with a lower sash capable of moving vertically. This design provides adequate ventilation while maintaining the integrity of the window frame against stormy weather. The single-hung hurricane windows cost typically ranges between $300 and $1,570 per unit. 

Double-Hung Impact Windows

Impact windows with a double-hung construction offer a highly flexible and versatile option for those seeking efficient ventilation and robust storm protection. Unique to their design is the ability of both the upper and lower sashes to move, unlike most other styles, allowing for enhanced airflow and greater control over interior ventilation. However, the increased functionality comes with a higher price tag. These hurricane-proof windows' cost fluctuates between $550 and $1,750 per unit. Although this might seem steep, the value is found in the improved airflow, versatility, and superior protection from severe weather conditions offered by double-hung units. 

Sliding Impact Windows

Sliding hurricane units are a distinctive and practical solution for those seeking an effective barrier against severe weather conditions. While these windows operate similarly to single- or double-hung windows, the difference lies in their movement. Rather than functioning vertically, sliding hurricane windows switch this axis and move horizontally. These functional units are an excellent choice for wider openings or where there's limited space around the window, as they don't open outward. These sliding hurricane impact windows prices typically range from $600 to almost $1,550 per unit. This variation comes from size, frame material, and the type of glazing used. 

Here are the average costs of replacement storm windows by their type.

Type of hurricane window

The average cost range 


$150 - $1,650


$360 - $2,200 


$300 - $1,570


$550 - $1,750


$600 - $1,550

The Cost of Hurricane Windows by Frame Material

The material of the frame plays a crucial role in the overall effectiveness and cost of impact units. Commonly, these frames are crafted from aluminum, vinyl, or wood, each offering distinct benefits and cost implications.

Aluminum frames are a popular choice due to their cost-effectiveness. As the least expensive option among the three, they are famously durable and resistant to various weather conditions. However, aluminum falls short in terms of insulation properties compared to vinyl or wood. Vinyl and wood frames, although pricier, offer superior insulating capabilities. They are particularly effective in preventing heat transfer, making them beneficial for maintaining indoor temperatures and potentially reducing energy costs. 

When considering the type of frame for your hurricane windows, it's essential to balance the upfront costs with potential long-term savings in energy and maintenance costs. The right selection highly depends on your region's climate, your home's specific needs, and personal aesthetic preferences.

Here is how the frame material affects the average cost of impact windows.

Frame material

The average cost range

Aluminum hurricane windows

$175 - $280

Vinyl hurricane windows

$140 - $320

Wood hurricane windows

$200 - $420

The Cost of Impact Windows by Glass Type

When choosing hurricane windows, it's vital to consider the various glass options available, each with unique properties and cost implications. The most commonly used include laminated glass, made of two glass panels bonded with a transparent plastic film - designed not to splinter when shattered. This type is durable and affordable but can escalate in price with added features like a thicker laminate or UV coating. Conversely, tempered glass undergoes chemical or thermal treatment to break into blunt fragments when impacted, offering a safer but more expensive choice. Lastly, there's impact-resistant, essentially laminated glass with an additional protective layer. This option delivers superior resistance, making it the costliest but potentially most cost-effective in the long term due to reduced repair or replacement needs.

Here is how the cost for hurricane windows varies by the type of pane used in them.

Pane type

The average cost range


$120 - $300


$100 - $250


$150 - $450


$130 - $430


$120 - $280


$160 - $420


$180 - $450


$155 - $450

Additional Features Affecting the Cost of Hurricane Windows

When considering upgrading your home's energy efficiency with new hurricane windows, it's important to understand that the base price is often just the beginning. In fact, several additional features can significantly influence the final cost of your investment. Let us take a closer look at how different enhancements drive up impact-resistant window prices.


Opting for weatherstripping around your storm windows can significantly boost their energy efficiency by forming an insulating barrier that prevents hot or cold air from infiltrating your home. While the initial installation of weatherstripping for the whole property may seem like an extra expense, with costs averaging around $280, it's an investment that can save a considerable amount on energy bills in the long term.

Stabilizer bar

Integrating stabilizer bars into hurricane windows significantly enhances their structural sturdiness, ensuring they can better withstand harsh climatic conditions. This improvement not only augments the window's longevity but also adds to the enduring value of your investment by prolonging the lifespan of the windows. While the stabilizer bars incur an added cost, with prices typically ranging from $20 to $40 per bar, the long-term benefits of increased durability and enhanced window lifespan make it a worthy consideration for any homeowner installing hurricane windows.

Adjustable ventilation stops

Another feature that enhances the usability and security of your hurricane windows is the addition of adjustable ventilation stops. The stops are designed to regulate the extent of sash movement and thereby control the degree of ventilation. While these stops provide the flexibility of adjusting airflow, they also serve an essential safety function by limiting window opening and enhancing the overall security of your home. Depending on the specific type and brand you choose, the cost of adjustable ventilation stops can range from an affordable $10 to around $50. This slight increase in expenditure promises improved comfort, flexibility, and security in your home.


Another notable feature to consider for extra security against extreme weather conditions is the addition of storm shutters. Designed specifically to shield windows during a storm, shutters reinforce your home's defenses and offer increased aesthetic appeal. While they can serve as another layer of protection when used with hurricane windows, in certain scenarios, homeowners may prefer to use them as an alternative. However, they come with an additional price tag, with installation costs for storm shutters typically ranging from $2,000 to $6,000. When deciding between shutters and hurricane windows or opting for a combination of both, it's key to evaluate the specific needs of your property and the cost implications of each option.

Here is how the hurricane windows cost may rise by introducing different enhancement types.

Additional features 

The average cost range


$230 - $280

Stabilizer bars

$20 - $40 per bar

Adjustable ventilation stops

$10 -  $50 per stop


$2,000 - $6,000


How Much Does a Hurricane Impact Window Cost?

The cost of hurricane-impact windows mainly depends on factors like style, size, frame type, and added features. While the national average cost is around $500 per unit, prices can range from as low as $175 to as high as $3,490. For installing ten units, costs typically range from $3,350 to $17,350, including professional installation.

Can I Install Hurricane Windows Myself, or Do I Need a Professional?

DIY installation of hurricane windows is not advisable due to their complex nature and the precision required for proper mounting. An expert ensures the windows are correctly aligned, sealed and can deliver the promised protection efficiently. The risks associated with improper installation, including leakages and loss of strength, underline the importance of resorting to professional services for this task.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hurricane Windows?

The advantages of hurricane windows lie in their enhanced protection against extreme weather, noise reduction, and improved energy efficiency. They give residents peace of mind during storms and might even lead to lower insurance premiums. However, they present challenges like a considerably higher upfront cost compared to regular windows and more complex installation requirements. Aesthetic limitations due to style and design constraints can also be a concern for some homeowners.