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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Basement Windows in 2023?

$460 – $980the average installation cost per unit

$310 – $730the average cost per unit (without labor)

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Basement Windows in 2023?

If you don’t use a space underneath the first floor of your house for anything but storage or housing utilities, you can make it windowless. But once you decide to convert it into a bedroom, playroom, or hangout spot, an operable basement window installation is required by the International Residential Code. So you can have an escape route in case of an emergency. 

In addition to legal compliance, well-functioning basement windows can provide much-needed ventilation and natural lighting. Thus, you can make the cellar more welcoming and comfortable while minimizing energy costs and issues like mold and mildew buildup. And it’s not to mention the enhancement of your house’s aesthetic appeal and the boost in its resale price. 

How much are basement windows? Most US homeowners spend between $460 to $980 to install brand-new prefab units instead of the worn-out ones. Even though the national average basement window cost is $735, it can be as low as $320 for a small-sized, non-operable unit or as high as $6,850 for a large bespoke one. 

The price to replace a basement window

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost 


Average cost range 

$460 - $980

Basement Windows Cost Calculator

Discover the new basement windows cost

It’s clear that your old, drafty window needs to be upgraded. But is replacing basement windows budget-friendly enough for your family to start the project now? That’s where a window cost calculator can be of use to you. It can give you a better idea of your expenses depending on the type and materials you go for.  

If you lack time to work out all possible scenarios and costs of basement window replacement, don’t worry. With MyHomeQuote, you don’t need to lift a finger, as we’ll do everything for you. Just provide us with accurate measurements of your window openings and specify features your ideal units should have in the form below. 

Basement Windows Cost by Configuration – Prefab vs. Custom 

If your house doesn’t stand out from the neighborhood with its out-of-the-norm windows, chances are that the store-bought units can meet your needs. Today, many manufacturers offer a wide range of prefab basement windows in set sizes. So, whether you are interested in vinyl double-hung or steel casement units, you can get your hands on the right option without paying through the nose. Thus, new basement windows can set you back from $100 to $780.

Standard units can hardly accommodate historical or designer homes that feature unique shapes and sizes for windows. The same goes for converted spaces. If your home was initially built as a non-traditional living space, you may have to customize your basement windows. Two main drawbacks of this option are the potentially long turnaround time and the higher cost to replace basement windows. Even though the actual expenses will depend on the window size and add-ons you select, the average price range falls between $450 and $2,200. 

The price to replace a basement window by configuration


Average cost (unit only)


$100 - $780


$450 - $2,200

Basement Windows Cost by Size 

Basement windows can differ significantly in size from other units throughout your house or look like their twins. The manufacturers’ product lines are brimming with options to choose from. However, it’s vital to ensure that the selected window size complies with your local building codes. One of the units must be at least 3.4 square feet (20" wide x 24" high) and easy to open for escape during an emergency. You can combine it with a few fixed windows of smaller sizes to bring more natural light into the space. 

Many houses are equipped with medium-sized and large basement units. If you decide to get one, you need to add the basement window well installation cost to the total expenses. This protective lining around the unit prevents water and soil from getting inside. So, you can use the window to get out of the basement with no sweat. 

The right window size balances safety, aesthetics, practicality, and regulation compliance. However, please note that the larger the unit, the higher the basement window replacement cost. Not only will the unit’s price go up, but contractors will also charge an additional fee for installing a window well. 

The price to replace a basement window by size


Average prefab cost (unit only)

Average bespoke cost (unit only)


$80 - $480

$450 - $1,300


$290 - $620

$650 - $1,450


$490 - $800

$850 - $2,100

Basement Windows Cost by Type 

Low basement window prices

Whether you are interested in improving ventilation, lighting, or chances of escaping, you can do that all with the right type of basement units. Manufacturers produce various window models, from glass blocks to hoppers to casement units, to meet your home needs. As each option has its peculiarities and prices, mixing different types can be a smart, pocket-friendly move. Please note that all models are available in prefab and custom configurations. 


Even though this type comes with two sashes, only the bottom one can be moved up and down. Such a design makes it ideal for basements as it ensures energy efficiency and added security. But since the bottom sash can be opened, it provides an option for ventilation. While an off-the-shelf unit can cost you $80 to $400, a bespoke one can set you back from $450 to $750. 


It comes with an amended sliding system, allowing the window’s top and bottom to open. And locking mechanisms are designed to enhance home security. Many models also encompass a tilt-in feature for easy DIY cleaning. If you are about to replace a basement window, you should be ready to spend between $245 to $490 for prefabricated and from $830 to $1,400 for custom options. 


If you don’t want to bother yourself with installing a well, this window type is the best bet for your basement. Units open inward from the top, ensuring excellent ventilation and moisture control. Their small sizes make them ideal for tight spaces but unsuitable for emergency escape. The basement window prices range from $99 to $240 for prefab and $480 to $735 for custom models.


These windows are hinged at the top and open outward, providing exceptional ventilation. This unique design doesn’t let rainwater enter your basement even if you forget to close the window. You can place these units high on the wall to maintain privacy while ensuring proper lighting. How much do small basement windows cost? A prefab option can set you back $85 to $255, but you can pay from $478 to $740 for a bespoke one. 


As the main purpose of this window type is to ensure a prompt and easy exit route during emergencies, all the units come with size requirements. The minimal dimensions are 20x24 inches, but you can make them larger to fit through comfortably. While off-the-shelf options can cost $120 to $835, custom models cost $510 to $2,150.


Known for their low maintenance and functionality, sliding windows are perfect for basements. They feature a horizontal design, allowing them to fit wider openings and offer an unobstructed view. As they can slide open from either end, you can enjoy the maximum ventilation. You can install them with or without a well, depending on the chosen size. The prices range from $160 to $680 for prefab and $680 to $1,000 for bespoke options. 


If you want to make the most out of casement windows when installing them in a basement, you can’t do without a well. Hinged at the sides, these units swing outward by any manual method. Thus, with a simple turn of a handle, you can open them easily, even in hard-to-reach areas. While the cost of prefab units can land between $190 and $470, custom alternatives can cost from $790 to $1,340.


As windows of this type open into the house, they are often called inward-opening units. They can go well with small wells thanks to their design. Plus, you won’t face any difficulties cleaning both sides of the glass panes. Ready-made units cost $290 to $830, while bespoke ones come with higher price tags – from $900 to $2,100.

Glass Block

Constructed of individual glass blocks sealed together, these windows offer ample natural light and exceptional resistance to break-ins. Such units are water-resistant and require minimal maintenance. Vented blocks for better airglow are available, too. This window type is extremely budget-friendly – you can pay from $85 to $290 for prefab options and $180 to $580 for custom ones. 

While selecting the ideal window type or deciding on a budget-friendly combo can be tricky, MyHomeQuote makes it a cinch. We can connect you with the best local specialists in the business who can help you save on the new basement windows cost. Fill in the short questionnaire below and get your first custom estimates in a little while. 

The price to replace a basement window by type


Average prefab cost (unit only)

Average bespoke cost (unit only)


$80 - $400

$450 - $750


$245 - $490

$830 - $1,400


$99 - $240

$480 - $735


$85 - $255

$478 - $740


$120 - $835

$510 - $2,150


$160 - $680

$680 - $1,000


$190 - $470

$790 - $1,340


$290 - $830

$900 - $2,100

Glass block

$85 - $290

$180 - $580

Basement Windows Cost by Frame Material 

The pocket-friendly cost of replacing basement windows

A window’s durability and service life depend heavily on the frame material you choose. And so does the total cost of the replacement project. Each option has advantages and drawbacks, so you should carefully decide which makes for the best fit for your basement. The most widespread options are:

  • Vinyl. This frame material offers excellent thermal performance, making it easier to maintain a stable temperature in your basement while lowering utility bills. Such units are resistant to rust, peeling, and corrosion, remaining in mint condition for many years, especially in moderate climates. Prefabricated windows cost $85 to $510, while custom ones are more expensive – $450 to $930. 
  • Aluminum. Even though aluminum is immune to the elements and requires minimal maintenance, proper insulation will be a weak spot. As these windows come with thin profiles, you can enhance natural light inflow. A wide range of finishes, including backed-on ones, is available for homeowners. You can fork out $90 to $500 to replace basement windows in ready-made and $500 to $940 in custom configurations.  
  • Fiberglass. These window frames can withstand extreme temperature changes without shrinking, warping, or swelling. This material is one of the best insulators, meaning you can cut your heating and cooling bills. The prefab unit can be quite affordable – $200 to $780, but you can fork out from $630 to $2,100 for a bespoke one. 
  • Wood. You can enjoy a classic look, and natural insulation wood window frames provide you with. But they won’t serve long in the basement with an increased humidity. Moreover, they require heavy maintenance due to their rot and insect damage susceptibility. Off-the-shelf units cost $180 to $800, while custom ones can set you back $570 to $2,200. 
  • Steel. While this frame material can be the right choice for break-in protection as it offers uncompromising durability, it is more likely to rust in a basement with increased dampness. On top of that, it can’t provide stunning insulation. Replacing steel frame basement windows costs $220 to $830 for prefab and $660 to $2,350 for custom options. 

The price to replace a basement window by frame material


Average prefab cost (unit only)

Average bespoke cost (unit only)


$85 - $510

$450 - $930


$90 - $500

$500 - $940


$200 - $780

$630 - $2,100


$180 - $800

$570 - $2,200


$220 - $830

$660 - $2,350

Basement Windows Cost by Glass Type 

Many homeowners overlook the importance of glass type in improving energy efficiency and cutting utility bills. But it does play a key role. With the right option, you can keep your basement warm during cold days and cool during sweltering ones, while safeguarding yourself against noise pollution. You can choose from numerous glazing options, including:

  • Single-pane. It’s a pocket-friendly option that doesn’t have many maintenance problems. You can pay from $35 to $350 for such a glass. But it doesn’t provide noise reduction and proper insulation.
  • Double-pane. This is an advanced alternative to a single-pane glass. But you can fork out from $220 to $1,900 as it’s a costlier option too.
  • Triple-pane. For excellent insulation and maximal reduction of outside noise, a triple-pane glass is just the ticket. However, the price tag may seem overwhelming – $400 to $2,700.
  • Laminated. Thanks to added resin, this glass is tough to break. It offers excellent noise reduction and ultraviolet light protection. How much do basement windows cost? You can expect to pay from $360 to $870.
  • Tempered. Extreme durability and safety are what make this glass type special. Plus, it offers heat resistance you can benefit from in the case of an emergency. The prices range from $340 to $650.
  • Frosted. This type offers increased privacy. However, the lack of transparency and limited view of the outdoors may be a concern. You can spend anywhere from $90 to $600.
  • Low-E. As this glass type reflects heat back inside during cold snaps and outside during hot summer days, you can enjoy improved energy efficiency. However, the cost is less budget-friendly, especially for large units – $100 to $2,500. 

Whatever glass type you go for, it won’t make a big difference if the window is poorly installed. To save yourself the trouble of repair and reinstallation, search for contractors with MyHomeQuote. With us, you can hire a reliable and seasoned professional. Submit your request below. 

The price to replace a basement window by glass type

Glass type

Average cost (materials only)


$35 - $350


$220 - $1,900


$400 - $2,700


$360 - $870


$340 - $650


$90 - $600


$100 - $2,500

Labor Cost to Replace a Basement Window

Contractors can charge a different fee based on your window’s size, type, and overall installation complexity. Labor costs range from $150 to $650 per installation across the USA. For instance, small hoppers are usually located above ground, so specialists can replace them without breaking a sweat. However, the larger basement window installation cost is higher due to the increased time and effort involved. 

If replacing a window well is required, you should be ready to spend up to $1,450 in labor. Furthermore, unforeseen issues like code violations or inadequate pre-existing installations may prolong the project and increase your expenses. Thus, how much to replace the basement windows? While replacing only the unit may cost you from $460 to $980 installed, you may fork up from $2,300 to $6,800 for replacing a ‘window + well’ combo. 

The cost of basement windows by labor costs

Labor only

$150 - $650

Labor + materials

$460 - $980


How Much Does It Cost to Enlarge a Basement Window?

The total cost can vary based on the size of the brand-new window, whether a window well is required, and the condition of the wall. On average, you can spend between $900 to $5,000.

How Much Does It Cost to Turn a Basement Window Into a Door?

Converting a basement window into a door is a sophisticated and time-consuming project, as it may require cutting into the foundation of the house. Depending on the local labor rates, you can pay between $2,000 to $9,000 for this type of job.

How Much Do Energy Star Basement Windows Cost?

As Energy Star windows aren’t designed the same, the cost can vary depending on the unit’s size, materials, and energy-saving features. The average price range of prefab options is between $300 to $850.