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How Much Does an Egress Window Cost in 2023?

$2,550 – $5,270the average installation cost per unit

$2,130 – $4,620the average cost per unit (without labor)

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How Much Does an Egress Window Cost in 2023?

According to the NFPA, more than 350K of houses in the USA turn into fire traps yearly. While legacy houses (1950s-1970s) allow about 16 minutes to escape the building, modern ones only offer 5 minutes for risk-free evacuation. That’s where an egress window can make a difference in your family’s safety. Its principal function is to provide an emergency exit route in the event of a disastrous situation. That’s why they are designed to be easy to open and climb out. 

The egress window installation is a tried-and-true way to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and increase its market value. As its construction allows ample sunlight, you can illuminate dreary basement spaces and make them feel more comfortable while minimizing energy consumption. Plus, you can improve ventilation and prevent mold growth down the road. 

How much does an egress window cost? Most homeowners spend between $2,550 and $5,270, with the national average price of $3,720. If you don’t hunt for top-quality units, you can get a basic option for as low as $860. However, a high-class below-ground one can set you back about $8,400.  

The egress window cost

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost 


Average cost range 

$2,550 - $5,270

Detailed Breakdown of the Basement Egress Windows Cost 

The low egress window cost

When upgrading your basement with an emergency exit window, it’s vital to have a detailed breakdown. It can help take the guesswork out of the equation, meaning you won’t run out of money halfway through the project. As there are numerous cost elements, let’s get a closer view of them. 

The Average Egress Window Cost by the Number of Units to Be Installed 

Selecting a window size doesn’t work out when it comes to egress type. Here the building codes always decide for you and even apprise you of the number of units you need to install. Thus, if your basement has a few rooms to live in, you need to equip each with an emergency exit window. 

Please note that above-ground units have a lower price tag than below-ground ones. And most contractors don’t provide a discount even when you install 3+ basement egress windows. 

Want to discover how much it can cost you to equip the entire house or cellar only with escape windows? MyHomeQuote can help you get bespoke quotes from five contractors in your area. Submit your request by filling in the form below. 

The cost to install an egress window by quantity

Number of units

Average cost range for above-ground

Average cost range for below-ground


$810 - $2,400

$2,500 - $5,000

$1,620 - $4,800

$5,000 - $10,000


$2,430 - $7,200

$7,500 - $15,000

Egress Window Price by Configuration – Prefab vs. Custom Units 

Both online shops and brick-and-mortar stores are brimming with off-the-shelf basement escape windows. They come in various standard hues, materials, and sizes. If none of the options speaks to you or meets your needs, you can go for tailored-made alternatives. 

Prefab Windows

Many US homes look like twins, meaning they have identical (or similar) layouts and standard window openings. As safety window manufacturers cater to the majority, they produce units ideal for most residential buildings. Prefabricated egress windows cost between $110 and $840. 

Custom Windows 

If your house is far from standard, it may require safety windows of specific dimensions, shapes, or materials. Even though you may not find them in stores, they can be custom-made according to your specifications. Thus, in addition to curved frames, you can get units with stained glass, for example. The cost range falls between $530 and $2,200.

The cost of prefab egress units vs. custom ones


Average cost (materials only)

Prefab windows

$110 - $840

Custom windows

$530 - $2,200

The Average Egress Window Prices by Size 

A window can’t be called an emergency escape if it doesn’t meet the requirements of dimensional sizing. Whether your project falls under the IBC or IRC, the units must have a minimum clear opening of 5.7 square feet (0.530m2). Thus, they must be at least 24 inches high and 20 inches wide. The only exception is made for grade-floor emergency escape and rescue openings that their net clear opening area can be 5 square feet. 

Let’s find out the cost to add an egress window to your house. Please note that prices in the table below are specified for single-hung units exclusive of installation. 

The cost of the exit window by size


Average cost for prefab units

Average cost for custom units

20" x 36"

$100 - $235

$480 - $840

24" x 32"

$190 - $330

$520 - $970

26" x 28"

$300 - $425

$690 - $1,190

26" x 32"

$375 - $555

$740 - $1,300

30" x 40"

$610 - $740

$945 - $1,745

40" x 48"

$720 - $860

$1,150 - $2,000

The Average Cost of Egress Windows by Type 

Pinpoint egress window costs

Even though an exit window is meant to provide an alternate route for your folks to evacuate a house, it also plays a key role in maintaining your ideal indoor temperature and boosting energy efficiency. That’s why manufacturers offer different types (both in prefab and custom variants) to choose from. 


These windows best fit large living rooms as they are pocket-friendly and easy to operate. They feature a single sash that slides vertically from the bottom part of the frame. While an off-the-shelf option costs $110 to $420, a custom one can set you back $500 to $750. 


Even though these windows look the same as single-hung models, they offer better ventilation and escape opportunities due to improved construction. The cost of an egress window with two operable sashes lands between $240 to $480 for prefabricated models and $830 to $1,250 for bespoke ones.


You can come upon casement windows in many US houses as their design allows you to install them in small areas without outraging the building code standards. Plus, they come with an affordable price tag – between $185 to $560 for ready-made models and $820 to $1,200 for custom ones. 


Unlike other models, these windows open inward. This feature makes them especially befitting for cellars, basements, and other places where a higher level of security is required. You should be ready to pay from $355 to $740 for prefab options and $770 to $1,320 for a made-to-measure alternative. 

If you can’t decide what type of exit windows is best for your home, you can schedule a consultation with a local window contractor. To get in touch with a trustworthy one, avail yourself of the MyHomeQuote platform. 

The cost of the exit window by type


Average cost (window only)


$110 - $750


$240 - $1,250


$185 - $1,200


$355 - $1,320

The Average Egress Window Installation Cost by Glass Type 

It’s common knowledge that the window glass you choose can lower or increase total expenses. However, if you are not on a shoestring budget, don’t only be guided by the price.


If lower energy efficiency doesn’t bother you, single-pane egress windows make for a cost-effective choice. They are ideal for warm climates without temperature swings so that you won’t face condensation and mold problems. The price falls between $130 to $380.  


For increased energy efficiency and reduced noise, it’s worth choosing a window with two panes of glass set. They also let in more light and fresh air and make for a better escape route due to their larger size. How much does it cost to add an egress window with double panes? You can expect to spend from $180 to $570.


If you are interested in superior insulation and reduction of heat loss and noise pollution, triple-pane windows are what you need. They can help you improve your indoor climate while lowering utility costs. The price of such a window varies from $370 to $835. 


Suppose you live in the Sunshine State or Texas. In that case, it’s worth considering Low-E coating for your windows as it minimizes UV light penetration and limits the transfer of radiant thermal energy. Thus, you can say bye to glares and hard-to-look-through windows. You can pay between $320 to $770 per unit.


If security is your top priority, laminated egress windows can contribute to it as they are durable and impact resistant. They can also improve your home soundproofing and help limit the fading of furniture. Laminated egress window costs between $270 to $610. 

The cost of the exit window by glass type

Pane type

Average cost (window only)


$130 - $380


$180 - $570


$370 - $835

Low-E coating

$320 - $770


$270 - $610

The Average Basement Window Replacement Cost by Frame Material 

The cost to put in an egress window

The choice of window frame material determines whether a brand-new window will fit into your interior. Plus, you can notice changes in your energy bills as each option offers different insulation and energy efficiency. 


Superior durability, excellent insulation properties, and low maintenance requirements are what composite egress windows come with. They also resist rot and corrosion, meaning they can serve perfectly even in areas with severe weather conditions. However, composite windows are the most expensive option so you can shell out $450 – $1,300 per unit. 


In wet climates, fiberglass makes for the window frame material of choice. It offers incredible durability and uncompromising resistance against rot and rust. Plus, fiberglass egress windows can blend perfectly with varying architectural designs. How much is an egress window? You can expect to spend from $370 to $1,125.


Willing your windows offer excellent thermal insulation while requiring minimal maintenance? Choose vinyl as their frame material. It also is resistant to scratches, cracks, and warping. And the cost is quite budget-friendly – $200 to $644 per unit. 


If you want maximum glass area, aluminum frames are the best bet, as they have slim profiles and enough strength to deal with large window designs. They are also ideal for eco-conscious homeowners as these frames are recyclable. The cost can fall anywhere between $243 to $900. 


For areas with high crime rates or harsh weather conditions, steel egress windows are just the ticket. They are notably strong, meaning you can protect your property against break-ins. And they require less frequent replacement than other materials. Low energy efficiency is the main drawback. The steel egress window price can vary from $390 to $585.


Classic aesthetic and excellent insulation are what homeowners choose wood window frames for. But they can also provide added home security and customization opportunities. You can expect to spend anywhere from $420 to $1,230. 

The cost of the exit window by frame material 

Frame material

Average cost (window only)


$450 - $1,300


$370 - $1,125


$200 - $644


$243 - $900


$390 - $585


$420 - $1,230

The Average Cost to Install Egress Window by Location in the House 

Do you want to install an exit window above or below your house’s foundation? Even if you select the same unit for both cases, your expenses can differ because of the labor involved. The cheapest option is to replace a window on the first floor and above, while a basement egress window will have a higher price tag.

It can take you no time to find out how your expenses can change depending on the place where you want to install the unit. Leave your request on the MyHomeQuote platform to get quotes from multiple local contractors.

Living Room

If you have a spacious living room, you can equip it with a sliding egress window. You can shell out between $860 to $1,450 for a ready-made unit or $1,370 to $3,200 for a customized one.


Most US homeowners go for prefab single-hung models. The cost to put in an egress window can set you back $850 to $2,800, with installation included. If you have nonstandard window opening dimensions, you can order a custom-made one for $1,300 to $4,400.


Double-hung and casement egress windows are the most popular options for bedrooms. Depending on the exact model and features you select, you can pay from $860 to $2,800 for mass-produced options. Custom-tailored counterparts cost from $1,300 to $4,650.


Such a project may cost you a pretty penny as the installation project may involve a larger scope of work. How much does it cost to put an egress window into the basement? While installing a prefabricated unit can set you back $2,400 to $5,300, a bespoke one may come with a price between $3,100 and $7,650.

The cost of the exit window by location


Average cost 

Living room

$860 - $3,200


$850 - $4,400


$860 - $4,650


$2,400 - $7,650

The National Average Labor Cost to Install Egress Window

The hourly rate of most window contractors ranges from $39 to $100, meaning you can spend anywhere between $120 to $1,100 per unit in labor costs. However, your total expenses can be much higher if you are about to install an egress window for the basement. 

Thus, you may need to hire a structural engineer if an excavation is needed to cut into the wall. You can fork out from $350 to $1,400 for such services. On top of that, any structural changes (resizing or installing afresh) require building permits that may cost you up to $200.

The cost of exit windows by labor costs

Labor only

$120 - $1,100

Labor + materials

$2,250 - $5,720


How Much Does It Typically Cost to Install an Egress Window?

Most homeowners spend between $2,500 and $5,000 with installation included. But if extensive excavation or structural modifications are required, the price can go as high as $9,000.

Do I Need a Permit to Install Egress Windows?

If installing egress windows requires enlarging window openings or other structural changes, homeowners must get a permit. You can get hold of your local building department to discover the local regulations and requirements you need to follow.

How Can Egress Windows Contribute to the Safety of My Home?

In an emergency like a fire, egress windows can serve as an extra exit route for you and your family. Or firefighters and other emergency personnel can use them as a point of entrance if the door is blocked.