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How Much Does It Cost to Install Glass Block Windows in 2023?

$620 – $1,480the average installation cost per unit

$470 – $1,330the average cost per unit (without labor)

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How Much Does It Cost to Install Glass Block Windows in 2023?

Glass blocks, also known as glass bricks, saw the light of day over 80 years ago in the USA and have been actively used ever since. And for a good reason. They can provide ample lighting without compromising your privacy because of their translucent surface. So, you can reject drapes and blinds. The thickness and density of a glass block window allow you to soundproof your house from outside noise while making your home safer. As these units are much stronger and more durable than traditional options, intruders have to work hard to break into them. 

Even though glass bricks windows have fallen from favor in the early 2000s, they are now making a great comeback. Whether your home has an industrial, contemporary, or minimalist design style, these units can match them all. Modern manufacturers create glass blocks in a slew of shapes and sizes, turning them from a passé into an up-to-the-minute interior feature. 

The average cost to install glass block windows ranges from $620 to $1,480 per unit. But most homeowners spend about $760 for a standard bathroom window. The prefabricated basement glass block window cost can be as low as $290, while a bespoke floor-to-ceiling unit for a living room can set you back $4,900. 

The price to install a glass brick unit

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost 


Average cost range 

$620 - $1,480

Glass Block Window Cost Calculator

The glass block window cost

Glass blocks make for a stunning alternative to standard windows if you seek ultimate privacy. As there are dozens of options to go for, it’s vital to fine-tune your preferences to not go beyond the budget. By putting a cost calculator to good use, you can see how the selected variables, like the block style and extra features, affect the overall glass block windows cost.

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The Average Glass Block Installation Cost by Size 

While the first-ever glass blocks were solid, you can now find options with a ventilated section. But prefab units are only available in standard sizes like 30''x12''. The exact measurements can change depending on the brand you select. If you have special space requirements, you can take advantage of a custom installation. 

The cost of installing glass block windows by size

Unit size

Average prefab cost

Average custom cost

12'' x 24'' 


$352 - $1,150

24'' x 24'' 

$245 - $830

$385 - $1,390

24'' x 32'' 

$310 - $1,220

$390 - $1,380

36'' x 36'' 

$380 - $1,550

$500 - $2,740

48'' x 48''

$760 - $1,900

$630 - $3,800

The Cost of Glass Block Windows by Configuration – Prefab vs. Custom Units 

What is a glass block unit? It represents a window made of multiple pieces glued together. You can purchase a ready-to-install unit of a standard size if you need to replace the existing one, for example. Or you can take separate blocks (1 package involves about ten pieces) to assemble them on-site – the process may remind you of collecting LEGO bricks – to create custom spaces. How much do glass block windows cost? Let’s take a look:

  • Prefabricated. If you need a casual window for a bathroom, basement, or entryway, a ready-made unit is the best option, as you won’t spend much in labor costs. Thus, the average cost of glass block windows installed lands between $270 to $1,480. 
  • Custom. Bespoke glass block units can come with curves, non-standard-sized blocks, and many other features, allowing you to make your window a work of art. Your expenses can fall between $590 to $5,200 (installation included). 

The price to install a glass block unit by configuration


Average cost 


$270 - $1,480


$590 - $5,200

The Glass Block Window Cost by Window Assembly Method 

Contractors can use different assembly methods to install your glass block unit in the window opening. Some are considered more traditional and less expensive but labor-intensive, while others are time-saving but require premium materials. The size and complexity of your unit design can define the preferable assembly method. Even though some methods are less pocket-friendly, they can still be worth selecting as they affect durability and the window’s energy efficiency. The glass block window installation cost based on the selected assembly style can be:

  • Mortar. If you are about to install prefab blocks, you can spend from $23 to $73 per sq. ft. But this cost can be doubled for a custom alternative as contractors need to assemble the pieces and install them into the window opening. 
  • Silicone. The faster installation process and a smoother finish are what many homeowners choose this method for. However, you’ll have to fork out from $50 to $78 per square foot to get prefab blocks installed. Bespoke options may come with a price of $100+ per sq. ft. 
  • Vinyl. Contractors can use vinyl spacers between the glass bricks to strengthen the construction. This method is more energy-efficient, but you should be ready to spend between $60 to $100 for prefab and $80 to $165 for custom units per square foot.
  • Vinyl-framed. If you want to use your glass block unit for ventilation, you can ask your contractor to make a frame. You can spend from $65 to $180 per sq. ft. for that. Prefab options with this add-on cost lower – from $40 to $85 per square foot.  

The price to install a glass block unit by window assembly method

Assembly method

Average prefab cost

Average bespoke cost 


$23 - $73

$46 - $146


$50 - $78

$70 - $100+


$60 - $100

$80 - $165


$40 - $85

$65 - $180

The Cost of Glass Block Windows by Location in the Home

Find out the cost to install glass block windows 

Glass block units can fit in any space if selected and installed correctly. You can use them alone or combine them with other window types. Plus, they can act as fake walls inside the house for dividing zones in a living room. However, each location may have its measurement requirements and, hence, associated costs.  

  • Basement. If you have an egress window or door suitable for escaping, glass block units can make for a stunning source of additional lighting. The cost of glass block windows for basements installed can land between $280 to $610 for prefabricated and $600 to $1,120 for custom options.
  • Garage. As building codes don’t require the installation of garage windows, you can opt for the size that meets your needs the most – from 12''x24'' to 36''x36''. The glass block window cost per square foot can range from $250 to $1,400 for off-the-shelf and $650 to $2,850 for bespoke units.
  • Bathroom. Glass brick units are ideal for bathrooms as you can maximize natural lighting without compromising your privacy. Prefab windows cost $410 to $1,100, while custom alternatives can set you back $830 to $2,100.

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The price to install a glass block unit by location


Average prefab cost

Average bespoke cost 


$280 - $610

$600 - $1,120


$250 - $1,400

$650 - $2,850


$410 - $1,100

$830 - $2,100

The Cost of Glass Block Windows by Block Style 

Gone are the days when glass bricks looked all the same. You can now choose from the manifold styles, hues, and designs to add a fancy twist to your home. For a wow effect, you can mix patterns within the same unit or room. Pay attention that most manufacturers specialize in producing prefab units in one style or two, so you may have to custom-order glass bricks with unusual finishes. 

  • Alpha. Whether for beautiful light dispersion or improved insulation, these transparent glass blocks can be the right choice. But they can compromise your privacy to some extent as they only blur images slightly. The glass block windows price is from $5 to $10 per piece. 
  • Wavy. Not only do these bricks offer a distorted aesthetic because of their waves, but they also allow high-light transmission while keeping your space private enough. You should be ready to spend between $5,5 to $14,8 per piece.
  • Ice. A frosted, textured surface of these blocks diffuses light while offering high privacy. Their durability is akin to masonry, making them ideal sound barriers. But the choice of hues is limited. One brick can cost from $5 to $14.
  • Diamond. These bricks stand out with intricate designs resembling a diamond pattern that creates a sparkling visual effect. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they offer magnificent privacy while allowing natural light inside. The glass block windows prices range from $9 to $19 per piece.
  • Leathered. If you strive to add an artistic expression to your space while keeping it private and adequately lighted, leathered glass bricks can aid. But you may have to sweat out to find this finish, as it’s rare. One piece can set you back $10 to $21. 

The price of a glass brick unit by block style

Block style

Average prefab cost per piece


$5 - $10


$5,5 - $14,8


$5 - $14


$9 - $19


$10 - $21

The Cost of Glass Block Windows by Block Material

Even though the name suggests that glass bricks are made from glass, it is not always the case. You can come upon acrylic alternatives, referred to as plexiglass. Contractors often use this material for complex projects where many manipulations are required. While glass comes in standard sizes and is hard to cut, acrylic can be molded into various shapes to meet space needs. 

Moreover, acrylic glass is lighter than its classic counterpart, making it easier to handle and install. It’s not to mention that you can buff scratches out on acrylic glass, but they’ll remain permanent on the glass surface. So, what is the cost of glass block windows? Classic glass bricks are more affordable – from $6 to $11,5 per block, while you’ll have to shell out from $12 to $21 for its alternative. 

The price of a glass block unit by material


Average cost per piece


$6 - $11,5


$12 - $21

Labor Cost to Install Glass Block Windows

Contractors don’t have flat rates for glass brick unit installation, as all projects have their features and timelines. Thus, you can spend from $14 to $29 per square foot in labor costs for prefabricated glass block windows. Your expenses will depend on the unit size and whether you need a frame. However, the labor cost to install glass block windows can set you back $35+ per square foot when it comes to custom orders. The trickier the project you have, the higher the fee contractors can charge. 

If your current glass block unit no longer speaks to you, you can switch to a classic alternative. The cost to replace a glass block window with a regular window can be anywhere from $250 to $1,500, depending on the size of the unit and the type you choose.


How to Upkeep Glass Block Windows?

Glass block windows need to be cleaned monthly with a sponge and a soft detergent mixed with water. It’s worth inspecting units for gaps in the grouting or caulking and sealing them immediately. Plus, you can polish them to keep them sheen.

What is the Lifespan of a Glass Block Window?

Quality of installation, materials used, and maintenance practice affect the lifespan of glass block windows. On average, they can last 30 to 50 years if well maintained.

What are the Key Pros of Installing Glass Block Windows?

Most homeowners go for glass bricks because they ensure a high level of privacy and serve as a source of diffused natural light. Plus, they make for eye-catching design elements.