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How Much Does a Garden Window Cost in 2023?

$1,500 – $4,000the average installation cost per unit

$500 – $2,800the average cost per unit (without labor)

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How Much Does a Garden Window Cost in 2023?

Have you always dreamt of your own greenhouse or garden, but your living conditions or the local climate do not allow you to realize it? With garden windows that look and partially serve like mini wall-mounted greenhouses, you can make it happen, turning gardening into a hobby.

With their three-dimensional style and uninterrupted glass, garden windows create a protected and sunlit space ideal for year-round gardening. Their complex construction featuring two side panels, one front panel, and a top panel creates a greenhouse effect needed for the rapid and consistent growth of flowers, veggies, and herbs. On top of that, these windows do not take up the inner space, making them suitable for even narrow rooms.

If you want to equip your house with new garden windows, the starting point will be determining the budget. The total estimated sum will depend on whether you need to remove the existing windows, the dimensions and style of new garden units, their frame material, pane type, and a range of other factors to allocate your funds properly.

Below, we will discuss the average garden window costs and factors resulting in their fluctuation. Read on to make a truly informed decision and avoid unexpected expenses. 

The National Average Cost of Garden Windows

The cost of garden windows

The average cost of new garden windows ranges from $1,500 to $4,000 for a standard unit, excluding installation. Nevertheless, most homeowners nationwide pay around $3,000 for a double-paned vinyl garden window with movable parts. The material of the frame is a major factor, as vinyl frames tend to cost less than wood ones, though they may not be as long-lasting. Additional features like energy-efficient glass, insulated frames, and full screens can further escalate the price. Thus, the price of a custom garden window with wooden frames and triple panes filled with Argon or Krypton gas may go up to $6,300, while a fixed single-pane aluminum garden window will cost you only $850 per unit. 

Here's how much a garden window costs in 2023. 

Low-end cost


Average cost


The average cost range

$1,500 - $4,000

High-end cos


A Detailed Breakdown of Garden Window Prices

Understanding the cost involved in purchasing and installing garden windows is crucial for budgeting. You have to consider all cost-formation aspects, from local labor rates to window configuration to the room when it is meant to be installed. Below you will find an in-depth breakdown of the prices associated with garden window installation to take guessing out of planning your home window update. 

The Cost of Garden Windows by Size

Size largely dictates the price you pay for a garden window. Replacing a window costs less if you're swapping the old window for a new one of the same size. Replacing a window with one of a larger size means more prep work to increase the size of the wall, along with more finishing work to repair the area. Installing a window costs more than replacing an existing one.

The size of garden windows is crucial in determining their installation cost. Larger or custom-sized windows require more material and labor to install, consequently increasing the overall cost. Furthermore, non-standard windows are heavier and often require additional structural support or modifications during installation, resulting in a higher hourly rate of window pros. Therefore, while bigger garden windows offer more light and space, they also have higher installation expenses. 

Getting a professional project assessment is the best way to understand the complete cost implications based on the desired window size. Leave your request through our free contractor-matching system and get personalized price quotes from professionals in your area. 

Here is how much garden windows cost depending on their size.

Window size (inches)

The average price range


$500 – $1,370


$700 – $1,480


$875 – $1,500


$900 – $1,600


$1,000 – $2,600


$1,050 – $3,200


$1,350 - $3,700

The Garden Windows Cost by Type

The cost of kitchen garden window

To make an informed buying decision, one should understand the functional and pricing differences between different types of garden windows. While these units typically follow a standard design, they can be classified into two main types: fixed and moving. 

Fixed garden windows are designed to remain stationary and cannot be opened or closed. Their main function is to provide ample light and space for small plants or herbs. Fixed garden windows are ideal for homeowners who value light and greenery but do not require additional ventilation.

On the other hand, moving or operable garden windows have panels that can be opened or closed. They are equipped with side casement windows and an awning window in the front or top for enhanced airflow. Nevertheless, moving garden windows tend to cost more than their fixed counterparts because of the additional hardware and complexity in design. 

Here is the average installation cost of replacement garden windows by their type.

Garden window type

The average installation cost


$950 - $3,350


$1,350 - $3,500

The Garden Windows Cost by Material

The quality and cost of a garden window are greatly influenced by the type of frame used. Frames primarily come in materials like vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. Vinyl frames are typically the most affordable and offer good insulation, but they may not be as durable in the long run. While more expensive, wood frames add a traditional aesthetic and superior insulation. However, they require regular maintenance to prevent decay. Fiberglass frames are durable, energy-efficient, and low maintenance, yet their high cost can be a stumbling block for cost-conscious homeowners. Aluminum frames are strong and inexpensive but offer poor insulation. Essentially, the higher the quality of the material, the more expensive the frame will be. Therefore, it's vital to consider both your budget and the performance you expect from your garden window before settling on a frame material.

See below to discover the actual garden window costs depending on the selected material.

Window frame material

The average installation cost


$950 - $2,150


$1,150 - $2,500


$1,250 - $3,900


$1,200 - $3,350

The Garden Windows Cost by Pane Type

Pane type significantly impacts garden window costs due to the amount of glass used in their construction. Most garden windows are made with energy-efficient, double-paned glass, often with low-E coating options. Options with even greater efficiency come with spectrally selective coatings, triple-pane glass, or argon or krypton gas filling. The cost increases with each additional layer or enhancement - a window could feature both double or triple-pane glass along with a gas filling and a low-E coating. Ultimately, while higher-grade panes lead to increased costs, they offer superior energy efficiency, saving you thousands of bucks on heating and electricity in the long run.

See below to discover the installation cost of standard-sized garden windows with different pane options and energy-efficient add-ons.

The type of pane

The average installation cost


$950 - $2,650


$1,550 - $3,450

Low-E Coating

$1,150 - $2,750


$1,350 - $3,250


$1,800 - $3,550

The Cost of Garden Windows by Place of Installation 

Garden windows are perfect for rooms that benefit from extra sunlight and could use a stylish touch. The kitchen is the most common place for a garden window installation as it provides a unique space to grow herbs or houseplants that require a lot of sunlight. They also allow for extra ventilation, which can be helpful while cooking. Bathrooms are another great option, especially for adding natural light in a private way. Additional rooms that may benefit include home offices or craft rooms where extra light can help with detail work. However, it's important to remember these windows protrude from the exterior wall, so consider how they will look from the outside and what might be below them.

The location where the new window unit is installed determines the project cost, as different rooms may require different window sizes and types. Plus, windows accessibility and their operational principle may draw the installation cost. Here is why kitchen garden window prices are usually lower compared to bathroom and living room ones.

See the table below to know what spending you should expect to install new garden windows in a kitchen, bathroom, living room, or home office.


The average installation cost


$860 - $1,900


$950 - $3,650

Home office

$1,000 - $4,700

Living room

$1,200 - $6,300

The Cost of Garden Windows by Brand

The most renowned US window manufacturers, including Andersen, Simonton, Pella, and Milgard, produce garden windows. These companies construct garden windows in various dimensions, ensuring that you have ample options to consider, and these can be fine-tuned to your preferences with a range of frame and glass choices. They provide both fixed and moving window designs, offering further versatility and choices to suit your specific needs.

If you're looking for an option that leans towards the budget-friendly side without compromising quality, go for Pella and Milgard garden windows. Andersen and Ventana, with their premium garden window collections, will cost you more for both material and labor. 

Here is an overview of medium-sized garden windows from popular US brands. May these figures serve as a baseline in your window market exploration journey and help you set a budget for your garden window replacement project. 


The average window cost (per unit)


$1,400 - $4,000

Ventana USA

$1,200 - $4,000


$800 - $2,700


$800 - $2,200

Labor Cost to Install Garden Windows

Garden windows are a fantastic way of infusing natural light into your interior spaces, offering an indoor gardening spot while enhancing your home aesthetic. However, their installation is a meticulous job requiring expertise, as they protrude significantly from the exterior structure of the house. Due to the complexities associated with mounting and aligning garden units, their installation is not a core competency possessed by every window contractor, resulting in higher labor costs. 

Installing custom-sized garden windows that require frame reinforcement, an opening enlargement, and other modifications to support the weight of the new unit may cost you $1,500 - $2,000 for labor only. When it comes to garden windows, it is always easier to build a new unit than replace the existing one, as the process requires multiple improvements to the opening.

Do you have trouble finding a garden window professional in your area? MyHomeQuote is always here to come to the rescue. Simple and free to use, our contractor-matching service bails you out by swiftly connecting you to experienced and pre-screened professionals with the expertise required for installing garden windows. All you need to do is fill out an inquiry form and share your project's critical details and contact information with us. Act now to locate certified professionals proficient in replacement garden windows. 

The Cost of Garden Windows Replacement

If the time has come to replace your old garden window, you might find that the total project cost can be very similar to building a brand-new window. The most significant expenses, which typically range from around $1,500 to $3,000, tend to be tied to installing a large garden window in a space that hasn't been designed to accommodate it. This is due to the additional work and costs incurred from modifying the existing opening and repairing any adjacent areas affected by the installation.

Removing the old window and enlarging the space to fit a new, larger window requires substantial time and effort from contractors. This complexity of work is reflected in the pricing, as labor costs will be higher for removal, enlargement, and subsequent repair work. 

Once the opening is prepared, the installation cost for a replacement garden window is typically a bit more attainable, falling in the range of $450 to $700. However, it's also essential to consider the added task of disposing of the old window, resulting in an extra $200.


How Should I Maintain Garden Windows?

Garden windows should be cleaned regularly both inside and outside using non-abrasive cleaners. Remove debris or dirt from the window tracks and ensure they are well-lubricated. Seals should be inspected regularly to ensure they have not been damaged and replaced as necessary. Prune plants growing in the window to keep them healthy and ensure they don't scratch the glass. Finally, check the window's drainage system for blockages, as water buildup can cause damage.

What are Some Creative Ways to Integrate a Garden Window Into a Room Design?

Garden windows can be integrated innovatively into a room design by turning them into mini greenhouses for herbs in a kitchen, creating a living artwork with a variety of plants in a living room, or making a small library with books and small potted plants in a study. You could also use the extra shelf space to display unique trinkets and collectibles or utilize the natural light it provides as a cozy reading nook.

What are the Advantages of Garden Windows for the Kitchen?

Garden windows in a kitchen can provide additional natural light, making the room feel larger and more welcoming. They add extra shelf space, ideal for growing herbs or displaying décor. Having plants in view can create a calming atmosphere while cooking, and home-grown herbs can improve the freshness of your dishes. Garden windows also allow good ventilation, which can help eliminate unwanted cooking smells.