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How Much Does a Bay Window Cost in 2023?

$1,060 - $4,200the average installation cost per unit

$700 - $3,500the average cost per unit (without labor)

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How Much Does a Bay Window Cost in 2023?

Bay windows are architecturally valuable units that extend outwards from the home's walls. They draw attention from the street and create a comfortable nook inside the room, always full of sunlight. These windows are mostly found in Victorian-style and English cottage homes, where they are a primary feature that adds to the charm and character of the building. Nevertheless, bay units are flexible in design and can become a great addition to modern facilities. 

Are you looking to enhance the elegance of your home and rediscover tranquility in your living space? Bay windows installation might be a great idea. Having them in your home will not only cover your aesthetic but functional and space requirements as they prolong the room, allow a non-obstructed view, and let ample light and airflow in.

If you're considering installing bay windows in your home, it's essential to understand their cost formation principle. Keep reading to discover actual bay window prices on material and labor to budget your project and make an informed decision about the type and frame material of the unit. 

If you need a quick quote on installing or replacing bay windows in your area, just leave your request with us. Our pros will get back to you with personalized price quotes in a flash. 

The National Average Cost to Replace Bay Windows

The cost to replace bay windows

Bay windows are indeed revered for their aesthetic and functional appeal, but it's important to note that their installation can be pretty costly. These windows are typically larger and more complex in design than standard ones, contributing to their higher price tag. If you are about to install bay units this year, you should expect to spend from $700 to $3,800 per unit. Professional mounting services will cost you an extra $360 - $500 per window, depending on the window size, location, and overall project complexity. Average-sized bay windows with aluminum frames and standard panes may cost as low as $730 per unit. However, if you want to decorate your home with windows that have intricate ornate, specialized screen options and even built-in seating or storage, the cost may skyrocket up to $8,000 per unit. 

Keep your needs in mind to stick within a budget. If you need professional advice, connect with our window experts in your area by completing a quick request form on our website. 

The national average bay windows prices in 2023.

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost 


Average cost range 

$700 - $3,500

A Bay Window Cost Calculator - The Key Cost-Formation Factors Overviewed

Bay windows come in a wide price range due to the difference in their size as well as the quality and type of frame materials and glass. In addition, the cost varies from brand to brand and depends on the quality of workmanship and the length of the warranty period. Additional services like getting permits or opening up a wall may also add to the total project cost. Let us delve into these and other bay window price-driving factors so you can feel confident negotiating with local contractors.

In case your request is custom and does not fall within the broad parameters, feel free to reach out to our pros by completing the request form on the website. 

The Cost Of Bay Windows By Size

The size of a bay window significantly influences its cost. Smaller units are generally more affordable, while larger and more elaborate designs tend to be on the higher end of the price scale. 

Here are some common bay window sizes and their estimated costs.

Window size

The average cost range


$750 - $1,800


$850 - $2,800


$910 - $3,200


$1500 - $5,000

The Cost of Bay Windows By Type

The type of bay window may impact its installation cost, and here is why. Basic, three-window models are usually less expensive than elaborate designs featuring more windows or custom shapes as they require less time and effort to be mounted. Additionally, windows that open, whether through double-hung or casement styles, will generally be more expensive than fixed ones. Let's explore the average bay window installation costs for each type of bay window in 2023.

Oriel Bay Windows

These units represent a projecting structure supported by brackets that offers a decorative touch to the facade. Unlike standard bay windows, they do not extend all the way to the ground. Instead, they're structured to project from the upper levels of a building, supported by corbels, brackets, or similar projections. This unique design allows them to be installed on higher floors of your home, broadening the scope of rooms where you could potentially add a bay window. The cost of installing a new bay window of oriel type ranges between $1,600 - $3,750 per unit. 

Full Bay Windows

Also called canted, this classic type of bay window completely extends from floor to ceiling. Full bays have a three-window design and come outward from the room, providing panoramic views and more interior space. A setup of these windows provides ample sunlight into the room while allowing for ventilation from operable side windows. The downside of full bay windows is that they can only be installed on the first floor. You should expect to spend from $1,500 to $2,750 for bay windows of this type. 

Box Bay Windows

Square or rectangular bay windows are designed in a box-like shape and come with a flat front that creates a cozy nook and maximizes natural light. They typically consist of three window sections configured in a manner that forms a three-sided square or rectangular projection from the house's exterior wall. The central unit is usually a fixed, large pane of glass, while the side ones can be chosen to either be fixed or operable. The square bay window cost varies from $2,650 to $4,550 per unit. 

Circle Bay Windows

Also known as the bow ones, these windows comprise four or more glass panes that are equal in size and create a rounded appearance on the home's exterior, forming a 'circle' shape. Architecturally, circle bay windows can be a striking feature, adding depth and dimension to the façade of a home and extending the interior space. These are some of the costlier windows in our days. If equipped with venting units with a wooden frame and low-E glass, they may cost up to $6,000 per unit.

For a comprehensive bay window costs breakdown, please refer to the table below.

Bay window type

The average cost range


$1,600 - $3,750


$1,500 - $2,750


$2,650 - $4,550


$2,800 - $6,000

The Cost Of Bay Windows By Frame Material

The new bay window cost

The material used to construct the bay window frame impacts its appearance and installation cost. Generally, pricier frame options like wood and fiberglass come with a more generous offer of advantages, including paramount ones like longevity and enhanced insulation. Read on to discover how frame material affects the average bay window replacement cost.

Vinyl Bay Windows

This relatively inexpensive material resists moisture and decay, requiring little maintenance. Vinyl frames come in different color schemes but cannot be painted or stained like wood. That means they are harder to match with the home's interior. If you want to skimp on installing new bay windows, a vinyl frame is where you can cut the cost. The cost of these windows lies in the range of $590 - $2,350.

Wood Bay Windows

Wood is easily customizable compared to wood and aluminum and boasts great aesthetic and insulation properties, matching different interior and exterior designs. This material, though, requires more thorough maintenance than its counterparts and cannot offer the same level of energy efficiency as, for instance, fiberglass. The new bay window cost made of wood falls in the range of $890 and $3,250. 

Aluminum Bay Windows

Aluminum frames are selected for their lightweight and resistance to warping and bending. Plus, they are not afraid of rapid temperature drops and can keep their initial form and appearance for years to come with little to no maintenance. The drawback of aluminum bay windows is that they easily conduct heat, worsening the home's energy efficiency and raising electricity bills. If your choice falls upon this frame option, expect to spend from $400 to $1,950 per unit installed. 

Fiberglass Bay Windows

While lacking the aesthetic value of wood, fiberglass offers unmatched weather resistance and durability. It's also a great insulator, helping to lower utility bills. The good news is that fiberglass can mimic the natural look of wood, complete with the grain texture. However, these advantages come at a premium. Installing a fiberglass bay window can cost between $630 and $3,100 per unit. 

For a detailed breakdown, refer to the table below for more on bay window prices.

Frame material

The average cost range


$590 - $2,350


$890 - $3,250


$400 - $1,950


$630 - $3,100

Add-Ons Affecting Bay Window Prices

Several add-ons can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your bay windows. However, keep in mind that each additional feature comes with its own cost. Consider the following popular add-ons and their average prices:

  • Energy-efficient glass

Depending on the local climate pattern and your monthly spending on utility, you may want to enhance your home's energy efficiency by installing high-performance glass like low-emissive, insulated, or tinted. These pane options will help you to improve insulation and reduce energy consumption, reducing heat transfer and blocking harmful UV rays. Please note that installing energy-efficient glass increases the bay window cost by up to 25%.

  • UV-coating

This clear coating is applied to bay panes to block harmful UV rays. It does not impede the view or significantly reduce the amount of natural light that comes in. UV coating is often used with other energy-efficient window technologies, like Low-E coatings. Depending on the coating type and the window size, you can expect to spend from $800 to $3,700 per unit.

  • Trim

Window trims refer to the decorative and finishing parts that frame a window. They serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, protecting the window's edges and adding design accents to your home's style. Installing trims on a bay window can increase overall installation costs by $300 - $1,100 per unit.  

  • Bay roof addition

The roof of a bay window is a critical component that can add architectural detail and protection from weather elements. Bay window roofs can be flat, gabled, hipped, or made to match the existing roof line. They can be constructed from various materials, including metal, asphalt shingles, and copper. Depending on the material, bay window roofs may cost $3 to $30 per square foot.

Here is how bay window replacement cost might be affected by different add-ons:


Estimated cost range

Energy-efficient glass

Up to 25% increase in window cost

UV coating

$800 to $3,700


$300 to $1,100

Bay roof addition

$3 to $15 per sq. ft. for shingles, $4 to $20 per sq. ft. for metal, $11 to $30 per sq. ft. for copper

Labor Costs To Install Bay Windows

Labor cost to install bay windows

The labor cost to install bay windows is a crucial aspect of the overall installation expenses. It includes the fees charged by window contractors for their services, and this cost can vary based on factors such as location, complexity of the project and contractor experience.

The national average cost that window contractors charge for installing one window unit is approximately $300 to $1,000. However, it's essential to remember that this cost can fluctuate depending on regional variations, market demand and other economic factors.

Let us consider some major factors affecting labor cost to install bay windows:

  • Delivery fees. If the bay windows need to be transported from the manufacturer to your location, delivery fees may apply, influencing the labor cost.
  • Cleanup and disposal fees. After the installation process, contractors may charge fees for cleaning up the work area and disposing of any debris or old window materials.
  • Opening up a wall. If the installation requires modifications to the existing wall structure to accommodate the bay window, the labor cost may increase due to the extra effort involved.
  • Getting building permits. Depending on local regulations, obtaining the necessary building permits for bay window installation may incur additional costs.

Below is a table illustrating the estimated labor fees to install a bay window.


Estimated cost range

Delivery fees

$50 - $150

Cleanup and disposal fees

$90 - $140

Wall adjustment

$350 - $700

Building permits

$50 - $200

Please note that the mentioned fees are variable and depend on your specific project and location. If estimating the initial project cost feels daunting, leave it to MyHomeQuote. We offer instant quotes for the required window services in your area, thanks to our extensive network of window contractors.


Are There Specific Window Treatments Recommended For Bay Windows?

Bay windows offer a unique design, making window treatment selection crucial. Popular options include custom curtains, blinds or shutters tailored to fit the bay window's unique shape. These treatments not only enhance privacy but also allow you to control the amount of natural light entering your home.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Installing Bay Windows?

Installing bay windows can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home, add value because of the architectural interest they bring, and increase interior natural lighting and ventilation. They also offer panoramic views and a small extensive space that can be utilized for seating or storage. However, they can be expensive to install and maintain, particularly if they are large or custom-made. Further, their distinctive shape may require custom window treatments, and the large glass area might lead to heat loss or gain, impacting energy efficiency.

What Is The Average Cost Of A uPVC Bay Window?

uPVC bay windows are a popular choice due to their durability and energy efficiency. As of 2023, the average cost for installing a uPVC bay window ranges from $1,526 to $2,734, depending on the size and additional features.