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Master bathroom remodel – Where to start and how to estimate the needed budget

Willing to start your day off on the right foot? Consider renovating your master bathroom if it looks outdated or does not meet your functional requirements. By doing that, you can kill two birds with one stone – elevate your bathing routine and higher the market value of your house. As there are hundreds of ways to upgrade your interior design, it’s worth investing some effort into your renovation project to make it a success story. Take your time to list things you don’t like about the current bathroom.

Master bathroom remodel – Where to start and how to estimate the needed budget

What would you like to change? Maybe it’s something about functionality or a general look. Your honest answer can help determine the complexity level of your bathroom remodel:

  • Cosmetic renovation. If you are happy with most surfaces and the general layout, refresh your bathroom with a few touch-ups like painting or replacing door handles. You can also patch up minor wall cracks and add design elements. Such remodeling is both eco-conscious and pocket-friendly.
  • Gut renovation. If you like the existing layout, but plumbing and lighting give you a headache, you need to gut walls to replace worn-out pipes and wiring. As you can’t remove tiles without damaging them, you have to replace the flooring, drywall, and other surfaces.
  • Layout renovation. Changing the layout can be a smart move if your bathroom space isn’t used effectively. But it may involve additional expenses as the bathroom fixture movement is a multi-stage and messy process involving ductwork and wiring replacement.
  • Floor-to-ceiling renovation. If changing the layout can’t save the day, the only solution is to remodel every square meter in your bathroom. You can move or remove walls to stretch a footprint, improve its aesthetics, and install the shower or tub of your dream. As you can guess, it’s a big-ticket option.

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom For Better Living

Upgrade your bathroom functionality and design by hiring premier bathroom remodelers in your area

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom For Better Living

Things to consider before you start remodeling your master bathroom

Have you saved tons of pins on Pinterest and can’t wait to turn your run-of-the-mill bathroom into a relaxing retreat? Even though it’s tempting to switch to the most exciting part, like selecting the right tile, you should first consider the cornerstones of your master bathroom remodel project. 


As the lack of money is the main bottleneck, you should decide how much you can afford to spend on your bathroom makeover before starting. If your budget doesn’t match your design ideas, postponing the project is better than skimping on materials and labor. Using durable fixtures and professional services will save you big bucks down the road.


Don’t delude yourself into thinking it’ll take little to no time to remodel a master bathroom, even a small one. If you’ve decided to revamp it significantly, your project will involve dozens of milestones, just like a large-scale one. You should also allocate time to find and order supplies and fixtures.


A well-functioning bathroom is the key to a comfortable morning routine. If you don’t outsource your master bathroom remodel project to a certified contractor, you should build a step-by-step strategy before starting the process. After all, you can’t just rip everything out and promptly replace it with brand-new stuff. If you don’t know the ideal workflow for your case, the project can stretch out for months longer.

Hidden problems

The bigger the master bathroom size is, the more problems you can discover when doing the next-level upgrade. For example, the dozens of nooks and crannies behind the walls can become home to mold or termites. On top of that, you can discover improper wiring or corroded plumbing that needs to be fixed. However, if you expect them, all these issues won’t feel like a terrible setback.


Even though your bathroom style is essential, functionality tips the scales. A ready-made design may look eye-popping in the photo but be impractical. That’s why you should carefully decide on features that may come in handy and simplify your life, like built-in shower shelves. Do you plan to sell your house? Consider how your bathroom design can affect your home value.


If you don’t plan relocation, remodel your bathroom with an aging-in-place concept in mind. A walk-in shower, a wider entrance, and grab bars won’t cost you a fortune but will become a stunning investment in your future. It would also be great to consider:

  • Niches for toiletries. They are ideal for eliminating clutter and storing all your shower essentials within reach. If you have a lot of stuff, you can create niches of an appropriate size.
  • Right height for accessories. Too high or too low towel bars and robe hooks can bring discomfort. So, it’s worth measuring the proper installation height for them beforehand.
  • Lighting. It can make or break the atmosphere. Place overhead spotlights in the shower and around the sink for an optimal effect.


Have you changed the master bathroom, but it still looks old-school? You might not have remodeled fixtures. Install a new set of doors and towel racks to see the difference. You can also go for a wall-hung toilet to save footprint and bring a modern vibe to your space.


If you do a gut renovation, checking and changing the wiring is a must, especially if your house was built more than 50 years ago. Modern appliances are extremely powerful and require a 20-amp circuit at least. And you should install separate grounding outlets for all devices you use simultaneously. If you overlook this moment, you risk facing a short circuit.


Even though changing old pipelines may feel like a backbreaking task, it’s vital as worn-out materials will hardly last long. Once you remove appliances and walls, you can access the existing piping and check it for stains and corrosion. It makes sense to replace galvanized steel drains with state-of-the-art counterparts like PEX pipes to prevent future plumbing problems.


If you don’t have an advanced ventilation system in your bathroom, there is no better time to install it than during remodeling. Otherwise, mold and mildew will be your lifelong neighbors, harming your health and destroying your house from within. Select an advanced fan with the lowest noise level for your master bathroom. 


The market is full of waterproof materials ideal for baths, like marble tiles. Even though they look stunning and can last a lifetime, they can’t boast slip resistance. If your #1 priority is to prevent slips and falls, go for cork tile or honed granite. You can also search for an anti-slip solution to create traction on flooring.


If you want to evaluate your renovation project correctly, include new accessories in the list of master bathroom remodel costs. Even though towels, bins, and toothbrush holders may seem affordable, they can jack up your final bill.

Tips for a master bathroom remodel without breaking the bank

Does your ballpark budget seem overwhelming? Create a checklist of needs you need to meet first and leave your wants on the back burner. You can also take advantage of the following tips:

  • Utilize budget-friendly alternative materials. As the technologies develop by leaps and bounds, finding good-looking yet budget-friendly alternatives to luxury materials like wood or natural stone isn’t a big deal. Thus, you can use artificial ceramic tiles to imitate marble or other surfaces.
  • Update your cabinets without replacing them. You can give your space a fresh look by changing the color and finish of your cabinets. What’s more, you can install on-trend handles or under-cabinet lighting.
  • Go for a prefabricated shower. If you do your bathroom remodel on a budget, choose an off-the-shelf shower unit instead of a custom-made one. You can cut labor costs and save time by doing so.

Find a bathroom remodel contractor or take on a DIY project?

The answer will primarily depend on the renovation type you are about to do. If you strive to change the color of your walls and hardware on bathroom cabinets, you can handle this remodel project. However, if you are fed up with constant leaks and uncomfortable layouts, you can’t do without certified specialists.

When you hire the best master bathroom remodeling professionals, you invest in your future comfort and peace of mind. They have the required experience and qualifications to provide plumbing and general construction services.

Finding a skilled bathroom professional nearby takes less than five minutes if you have the MyHomeQuote contractor-matching service on your side. Our platform has been on the market since 2020, and since then, it’s become the top choice for homeowners nationwide. We do not charge any fee for connecting you with vetted home improvement professionals and always strive to level up our service. 

Complete our short questionnaire to get free price quotes from accredited bathroom contractors available for your project. By doing so, you will be aware of the actual bathroom remodel costs in your state and can pick the best offer to meet your budget. Make sure to specify your ZIP code right to allow us to match you with pros operating in your region.

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom For Better Living

Upgrade your bathroom functionality and design by hiring premier bathroom remodelers in your area

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom For Better Living

Master bathroom remodel costs

As an owner of a small or mid-size bathroom, you may spend about $4,000-$6,000 on a middling bathroom makeover. It can involve updating a shower unit and painting walls. But more sophisticated tasks like replacing all fixtures can result in a higher price. Thus, the average cost to remodel a master bathroom is between $15.000 and $25.000. About 60% of this sum will go to professional assistance.

The cost for a master bathroom remodel can decrease if you undertake a part of the project, choose more pocket-friendly materials, and only focus on key aspects. However, they will never drop down to zero.

What ROI can you get from a master bathroom remodel?

An increase in shower size and a better layout are only a few things you can enjoy with a bathroom remodel. But each update will result in a higher cost to remodel a master bathroom in general, so you can leave some of your out-of-this-world design ideas for later.

Whatever amount of money you are about to spend on your renovation project, you can expect an ROI of 60% upon resale. The bathroom makeover is what can make your home more appealing to prospective buyers.

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