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How much does a walk-in shower cost? – An overview of prices updated in 2023

Every bathroom renovation project starts with the exploration of the latest design trends. In 2023, the walk-in shower installation holds the top spot for a reason. Increased space, uncompromising accessibility, and a SPA-like experience are only a few benefits you get with such an upgrade. The only bottleneck can be your budget, as this type of shower is more costly than its prefabricated counterparts. Thus, you may have to spend between $1.000 and $17.000 for a project made from A to Z. Even though the price of a curbless shower may seem overwhelming, it’s worth an investment as it’s a long-term trend. Plus, you can cut expenses by selecting more pocket-friendly types of fiberglass slabs, tiles, and fixtures. The average walk-in shower cost varies greatly from state to state and also depends on the scope of work as well as the products you go for. Want to have a clearer idea of whether you can afford such a renovation project? Let’s gain insight into all key aspects of the shower remodel and possible pitfalls that may affect your future expenses.

How much does a walk-in shower cost? – An overview of prices updated in 2023

What are the walk-in showers, and what purposes do they serve?

The conception of a ‘walk-in shower’ can be somehow confusing as you literally walk in every shower, whatever the type. But several design features lie at the heart of this term. 

Just picture this: A tiled shower area separated with a transparent glass frame or fully open. It has neither a curb nor a tub to step over to enter. It can also be in the same style as the rest of the room to elevate the seamless effect and add visual space. 

While a standard shower or bath tube requires more strength and attention to get in and out, a curbless alternative makes for a no-brainer. You can prevent slips and falls during bathing while improving accessibility. 

Such a shower is a godsend for seniors and mobility-impaired people as they can easily enter the bathing space using a walker or wheelchair. Moreover, you can equip it with a built-in bench and grab bars. So, if you don’t look to renovate your bathroom in the years to come, a curbless shower can become a great investment in your aging and safety. 

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom For Better Living

Upgrade your bathroom functionality and design by hiring premier bathroom remodelers in your area

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom For Better Living

An overview of national average walk-in shower costs

If you want your bathroom to look and feel airier, replace your cumbersome bathtub with a curbless shower. Whether your renovation project aims to increase home value or maximize safety, it can be a stunning addition. And you can afford it even on a budget as the average cost of installing a walk-in shower in the USA lands between $1.100 and $7.700. If you are okay with simple prefabricated stalls, you don’t have to shell out the big bucks for hand-crafted glazed ceramic tiles. The same goes for add-ons like built-in shelves for essentials. 

The size of the shower area and necessary pipework are the key determinants of the total expenses. If you need to remove a bathtub or relocate the showering area, you may have to foot the bill for pipes and insulation stock. However, the curbless shower installation can be quite affordable if it has a basic 32''x32'' size and no extra actions are required. But let’s take a closer look at aspects affecting the accuracy of project cost estimates.

Determining factors of walk-in shower costs

You are sure that a curbless shower can satisfy your aesthetic wants and meet accessibility needs, but its price remains an open-ended question. Can you afford such a design project, or is it better to consider a simpler option or put it off? A slew of factors can affect your walk-in shower cost, from style to size and location. To make the renovation process stress-free from the get-go, decide what your bathroom can look like within your budget, paying attention to the following moments.

Type: Traditional curbless showers

If you are eager to renovate your shower only to improve your hygiene routine and accessibility, you can select a prefab option. However, don’t expect it to make a big difference in your bathroom design. To dramatically upgrade the aesthetic appeal of the space, you need a custom shower. 

  • Prefab showers. Made from budget-friendly stuff like acrylic, they won’t break the bank. You can purchase a walk-in shower for about $800 on average. However, you can find cheaper options as the price rate starts at $300. Please note that prefabricated shower kits have predefined dimensions meaning they only make for a stunning solution if you need a standard size. 
  • Custom showers. If you don’t only strive to freshen up your space but rather create a Pinterest-perfect bathroom, a bespoke shower is the best choice. You can choose from a zillion of options, adding as many high-class features as you want. Plus, you don’t have to limit yourself to standard sizes. The only drawback may be the price because the installation cost goes between $3.000 and $16.000.  

Type: Corner showers

A full-size bathtub is hardly an option if you have a small bathroom. But you can go for a corner shower instead to save space and make it feel luxurious. The market is brimming with designs of enclosures, including two-door and sliding ones. If you have a non-standard corner, you can use several acrylic boards and a shower tray to meet the space requirements. A 42" x 42" corner shower may cost between $1.350 and $3.500.

Type: Handicap-accessible showers

Whether for seniors or people with restricted mobility, a curbless shower must be a minimum of 50" x 30" inside. If you use a wheelchair, the size should be increased to 60" for better mobility. Another feature of a handicap-accessible shower is the installation of helpful accessories like a folding shower seat, grab bars, and water stoppers. You can expect to pay between $900 to $22.000.

Whatever type of curbless shower you select, its price can also be affected by:

  • Style. Your design preferences and bathroom layout can put a crimp in your expenses. Once you decide to increase the showering area and change its shape, you’ll pay more. The cheapest option is considered neo angle layout as it can land between $400 and $1.100. 
  • Brand. If you choose branded products, you should be ready to spend more. Often a brand name is synonymous with high quality, recognition, and value for others. To save some big bucks, you can go for no-name shower accessories and cheaper products.
  • Surround materials. As curbless showers suggest decorating walls with acrylic sheets or other stuff, you need to include them in your budget. While simple ceramic tiles may come with a price of $6-7 per square foot, you may lay out over $100 per square foot for cultured marble.
  • Shower doors. If you don’t fancy a shower curtain, you should find a walk-in shower model with frameless panels. Or you should select an ideal door. It can be either a sliding or classic option. Please note that clear doors are cheaper than decorated ones, even though the latter can elevate the space. 
  • Bathroom hardware. Accessories like multi-showerhead make your showering experience genuinely fascinating. But every add-on can deal a nasty blow to your budget. Thus, a standard hand shower can have a price tag of $50-100. 
  • Labor. You can’t define the actual cost of a walk-in shower if you don’t know your contractor’s rates. Installation labor can eat up a larger part of your budget, especially if you have a sophisticated design project. 
  • Permits. If your shower makeover involves plumbing modifications, you can’t move pipes or get new drains without a permit. To get one, you need to pay about $250, but this price may be higher for some states. 

The difference in walk-in showers costs by their size

It’s common knowledge that the larger the project is, the higher the price. If you want to get more shower space, you should be ready to pay for every extra inch. The standard size of the walk-in shower is 32"x 32" and 36"x 36" for disabled people. Going for these ‘common’ options means you can find prefabricated enclosures and spend less on labor. 

Any customization requires more effort and expenses on your part. Whether for expanding the existing shower space or relocating it somewhere, a larger scope of work is required. On top of that, you’ll have to purchase more shower wall stuff like tiles or stones and cover increased labor costs. If you compare your expenses for a standard-sized shower and its enlarged counterpart, the difference can be jaw-dropping. 

Walk-in shower installation costs

A curbless shower is a great starting point if you’ve ever dreamed of trying your hand at interior design. The main thing here is to keep your budget in mind. Thus, even though retiling is considered an affordable option, you’ll still have to pay between $8 to $25 per square foot. The price tag depends on the tile type, layout, and the scope of work needed.  

 A stone shower design is stunning but costly. To get stone tiles installed, you’ll have to shell out between $2.000 and $8.000. If you want to do only a shower tray with them, for example, you’ll pay between $10 and $55 per square foot. 

Please note that your budget should also involve accessories installation costs. To set up a brand-new showerhead, you should be ready to spend between $230 and $750. The exact cost will depend on the style and features you opt for. 

If the DIY installation isn’t your strong suit, add these expenses to your budget:

  • From $230 to $500 for a shower valve 
  • From $900 to $2500 for a shower tray
  • From $130 to $340 for LED lighting
  • From $400 to $800 for a shower bench seat
  • From $450 to $2,000 for a shower door

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom For Better Living

Upgrade your bathroom functionality and design by hiring premier bathroom remodelers in your area

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom For Better Living

Additional costs involved in walk-in showers installation

If you don’t put your spick-and-span curbless shower in the exact place where your old one was located, its installation may require additional services. To make sure extra expenses won’t catch you off guard, pay heed to:

  • Conversion. You can’t just remove your old-school bathtub and mount a curbless shower instead. This process involves cleaning and preparing the surfaces for tiling. Such a conversion may come with an overwhelming price tag – between $1.300 and $8.500.  
  • Demolition. If you do a total makeover, you may want to change tiles and remove a non-load-bearing wall to increase the space. While you may spend about $80 to throw out an old shower, a more serious reconstruction may come in at $350 to $1.000. Add here $300 for construction trash removal. However, you can do that yourself if you are a handy person and have free time. 
  • Pipework. Unlike demolition, pipework requires professional knowledge and experience, so you can’t do it without assistance. Prices may differ depending on the scope of work needed. In most cases, it will land between $700 and $1.700. 
  • Lining and waterproofing. Building a shower afresh means creating a waterproof and even surface under your tiles. Depending on the square footage, you may pay between $500 and $1.100. 

To obtain a complete picture of possible expenses, it's worth consulting a trustworthy contractor in your area. They can evaluate the scope of work required and provide a quote. 

Getting the list of practicing bathroom renovation contractors in your area is now possible without tiresome market research. MyHomeQuote partners with certified remodeling crews all over the country, and it only takes us a few moments to scrutinize your project's brief and connect you with the best-fit professionals nearby. 

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