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How much does a roof repair cost in 2023?

$410 - $1,895the average total cost to repair

$3 - $12the average cost per sq. ft. to repair

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How much does a roof repair cost in 2023?

The roof is the home's structural element, the health and integrity of which are often ignored until the damage becomes critical. The roof issues are rarely visible to the naked eye. That is why it is hardly possible to nip them in the bud. As a result, three out of ten American homeowners have to deal with emergency repairs, dipping into their savings to cover unexpected costs. Before continuing with discussing general roof repair costs, we would like to stress that prevention of major roof issues is always cheaper than cure. Professional inspection taken once a year accounts for one-fifth of the value of leak repair. 

So, how much do roof repairs cost? Scrutinizing some fresh statistical data from our partners and conducting our own market research, we can specify the national average cost range as well as the costs for specific repairs like hole patching or replacing missing shingles. Read on to learn how to make a precise estimate for your roof repair project.  

We emphasize the importance of accounting for the inflation level and price raises due to unexpected changes in the market as well as your location and custom project requirements. Sounds complicated to calculate it on your own? Request a personalized estimate on our platform! 

Roof repair cost estimator - National average costs for 2023

How much does a roof repair cost?

According to the statistics of closed deals in 2023, roofers nationwide charge from $410 to $1,895 for repairing a residential roof, with most homeowners paying around $1,178. Damage extent, repair type, and roofing material, as well as roof size and design, affect the estimated price, making it easier to get the total budget by knowing these custom variables. While giving you the up-to-date national average costs, we warn you that the cost of your project may not fall in that range as several specific factors may impact it. The most reliable option is to apply to a roofing professional for a clear-cut roofing repair estimate.

Low-end cost


Average price range

$410 - $1,895

National average cost


High-end cost


How much do roofing repairs cost? - The key cost-formation factors explained

Fixing a roof can vary in complexity, from straightforward tasks like patching minor holes and replacing missing shingles to intricate ones like restoring a section of the roof that has decayed over time. The project complexity determines its timeframe and the total cost. That is why roofers often divide repair jobs into minor, moderate, and extensive categories. Plus, they consider the roof's structure, slope, and accessibility, as well as the used roofing material and the market cost of spare parts needed to repair this or that damage. 

The cost of elementary repairs ranges from $175 to $425. Moderate damages can be fixed for $350 - $1,000, and major roof updates cost as high as $1,250 - $3,000. Nevertheless, several additional factors can affect the total cost of roof repair. We will discuss them in detail below. 

Estimated roof repair cost by damage extent

The cost of major roof repair

The more extensive the damage, the more resources, labor, and time will be required, ultimately affecting the overall expense. Hence, understanding the extent of roof damage is critical in predicting the required budget.

Here is how the cost to repair a roof depends on the damage extent:

Roof damage type

The average cost

Extensive damage 

$1,250 - $3,000

Moderate damage

$350 - $1,000

Minor damage

$175 - $425

Extensive repairs cover major issues like roof sagging, ice dams, rotten decking, broken flashing, etc. Contractors also relate replacing shingles in multiple 10'x10' areas to major fixes. Plus, they recommend installing a new roof if the repairs affect more than 25% of the area. The low-end cost to replace an asphalt shingles roof starts at $5,500, while extensive repairs may cost you $3,700, showing the economic value of a total replacement.

Moderate roof damage may include large leaks, multiple missing or broken shingles, or structural damage like broken trusses, rafters, and decking. Addressing average damages would require more extensive work and, hence, entail a higher cost than minor roof fixes. You can expect to spend up to $1,000 to eliminate moderate damage on a standard gable roof. For instance, it might be replacing shingles in one 10'x10' area.

Minor roof fixes generally encompass issues like a few missing or damaged shingles and small leaks. These simpler updates require less labor and materials and, as such, usually incur a relatively lower cost. Maintenance tasks like cleaning the roof and gutters or addressing minimal wear and tear also fall under minor roof fixes. Typically, homeowners pay between $175 and $425 for minor roof repairs.

The cost to fix a roof by roofing material

The specific roofing material is a critical factor in calculating the cost of a roof repair. The type of roofing will affect not only the repair costs but also the correlated labor charges. Options like asphalt shingles and single-ply roof membranes, which are lightweight and easy to handle, usually take less time and effort to repair, resulting in more affordable rates. On the contrary, premium and heavyweight materials like clay, slate, copper, and stone-coated metal demand more effort from the contractor to be repaired. Therefore, repair tasks involving such materials tend to be more costly, owing to the combination of material costs and the intricacies of labor involved.

See our updated roof repair cost estimate by roofing options popular in the US.

Roofing material

The average cost to repair per sq. ft.

Shingle roofing

$3 - $10

Asphalt roofing

$2.5 - $10

Composite roofing

$4 - $10

Flat roofing (rolled, single-ply)

$3 - $15 

Clay roofing

$7 - $17

Metal roofing

$6 - $20

Slate roofing

$5 – $15

Shingle roofing repair

The cost of repairing roof shingles largely depends on the extent of damage and the specific type of shingles that need to be fixed. Minor repairs, like replacing a few damaged shingles, typically range from $150 to $400. However, major repairs could cost anywhere between $400 and $1000. Extremely extensive repairs or partial re-roofing may cost $1000 to $3000 while replacing or repairing specialty shingles like wood or slate can even reach up to $5000. Tiled roofs with complex structures or high pitch cost 15% higher to shingle than standard ones. 

Asphalt roofing repair

Bitumen roofing is one of the most common and cost-effective roofing materials, though its lifespan is limited to 10 - 15 years due to its vulnerability to water and high winds. The good news is that asphalt shingles can be repaired for as little as $250 per square. Plus, this material allows roofing a new layer of shingles over the existing ones, so one can skimp on replacement. A complete tear-off with further replacement may cost up to $1,000 per square. 

Composite roofing repair

Repairing composite roofing can vary in cost, depending on the specific type and quality of the material. The expense of the repairs can range from around $400 on the lower end up to a more considerable sum of approximately $1,000 per square. However, minor fixes can only set you back around $200. One beneficial aspect of composite roofing is that when individual shingles are loosened or lost, you won't need to replace the entire section. The design and function of the material allow you to replace individual shingles easily and quickly, helping to keep costs and effort to a minimum. 

Flat roofing repair

Homeowners can expect to pay between $300 and $1,250 for flat roof repairs, with an average cost of around $750. Minor repairs like holes and cracks patching cost around $300 per square. The cost varies depending on the roof's material, with rubber and asphalt being cheaper to repair than PVC or TPO roofs. Damage extent and location are also critical cost-formation factors. 

Clay roofing repair

The repair cost of a clay tile roof varies greatly, depending on the size and complexity of the repairs needed. Besides, the roof's accessibility and local labor rates can affect the total cost. On average, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere around $450 - $800 for minor repairs and between $700 and $1,700 for larger or more complex projects. Generally, clay is one of the most expensive roofing to install and repair, and while being naturally durable and weather-resistant, it still may crack and slide off. That is why it pays off to invest in professional inspections.

Metal roofing repair

The average cost for repairing a metal roof ranges from $500 to $2,000, with the exact price depending heavily on the extent of the damage. Additional factors like accessibility, metal type (copper, tin, aluminum), roofing style (shingles, shakes, and standing seam panels), and local labor rates also affect the estimated cost. Thanks to their superior durability and resistance to severe weather, metal roofs rarely need repairs.

Slate roofing repair

Slate roofs are heavy and cost a pretty penny to be repaired or replaced. They are naturally durable and resistant to impacts. Nevertheless, they may have stuck-out edges due to improper installation that results in leaks and ice dams. The cost of minor slate roofing repairs ranges from $500 to $750, while larger damages can make you spend $1,000 to $3,000 per square. 

Roof repair estimated cost by the type of repair

The labor cost to fix a roof

The first stage of determining the appropriate roof repair is to evaluate the nature and extent of the damage. It can be best made through a professional roof inspection. With MyHomeQuote, you can always request a free roof repair estimate from certified roofers in your area. Fill in our request form to get immediate feedback from our dedicated staff.

On occasion, you may only need to replace a small number of missing shingles, which is relatively simple and affordable. However, if your roofing specialist discovers more profound underlying problems, the repair process becomes more complex and, consequently, more expensive.

Among the most frequently addressed issues in roof repairs is a leak. These can stem from missing or broken shingles, damaged flashing, or worn underlayment. Even though less frequent, certain issues present greater difficulty in resolution. For instance, refreezing melted snow on your roof can create ice dams. This extra weight can lead to damage to your roof. Another challenging issue is a sagging roof, which indicates a problem with the roof's structure, potentially with the underlayment or structural boards. Let us discuss how the type of roof repair may affect the overall project cost. 

Roof leak repair

The average cost of roof leak repair varies from $350 to $2,750, depending on the damage extent. Minor leaks that can be eliminated by sealing or patching cost $500 to $1,200 per square. On the contrary, replacing water-damaged underlayment or rafters, are serious structural updates requiring considerable time and effort investment. Roofers may charge you up to $3,000 for fixing massive leaks. Fortunately, you can always save yourself from unexpected expenses through proper roof maintenance and timely inspection. 

Structural roof repair

Structural repairs cover major issues that affect the overall stability of the roof. This could include repairing or replacing the underlying roofing framework, correcting a sagging roof, addressing issues with the trusses or rafters, or mending severe damage from a storm or other accidents. Due to the extensive work needed, structural roof repairs usually come with high costs. Averagely, homeowners might expect to spend $1,000 - $1,750 for minor structural repairs and up to $30,000 when the whole roof needs to be replaced. 

Blown up/ missing shingles replacement

If you need to replace a few missing or broken shingles, your bill for professional replacement services won't exceed $400 per square. Roof-over costs around $600 per square, and a full-fledged replacement covering tearing off the existing roofing and replacing it with the new material may cost $1,000 per square and more, depending on the material and roof structure. Regular roof inspections, especially after a storm or severe weather, can help catch and resolve shingle damage issues early, saving you a big deal of money in the long run.

Underlayment / felt repair

Roof underlayment replacement might be required in case of major water damage or the overall roof's aging. Plus, extreme weather can sometimes damage the underlayment, even if the shingles remain intact. The national average cost of underlayment replacement ranges from $0.75 to $4 per square foot, depending on the material and location. Repairing a damaged roof felt costs $300 - $1,400 per square.

Roof vent repair

Roof vents can wear and tear over time or become blocked by debris, resulting in poor isolation, increased humidity, mold growth, and leaks. Timely detection of the damage and its repair can prevent potential water damage. Updating roof vents on a standard slope roof costs only $80 - $165, including material and labor. If a complete vent replacement is required, you should expect to pay $7 - $15 per linear foot.

Roof flashing repair

Roof flashing repair becomes necessary when it shows signs of deterioration like rusting, cracks, or looseness, which can lead to leaks. Mismatched or improperly installed flashing also requires repair to maintain the roof's integrity. The roof flashing repair cost can vary greatly depending on the nature and extent of the damage, the type of flashing material, and the local labor rates. On average, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 for a simple repair or replacement job.

Skylight/ chimney repair

Skylights and chimneys can sustain damage due to general wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, or falling objects. The signs pointing to the deterioration of these essential roof elements include missing or broken shingles, blocked drains, leaks, exposed nails in shingles, and cracking or loosened flashing. Tackling these issues may involve repairing the seal or flashing, tuckpointing of bricks in a chimney, replacing the chimney cap or amending the flashing around the chimney. The average cost of skylight repairs ranges from $300 to $500. In their turn, chimney repair may cost you around $160 - $730 or more, depending on the damage nature.

Trusses/ rafters repair

Trusses and rafters may need repair due to damage from water leaks, heavy snow loads, storm damage, termites, or age-related wear and tear. Repairs for such damage entail reinforcing the damaged area with additional wood, replacing the damaged part of the truss or rafter, or in severe cases, replacing the entire truss or rafter. In the case of pest damage, an exterminator might be needed in addition to the structural repairs. The national average cost of rafters repair ranges between $400 and $800, while truss repair can often cost between $1,200 and $4,000 or more. 

Roof deck repair

A roof deck, also known as sheathing, may sustain damage due to water leaks, storm damage, fallen branches or debris, improper installation, or even dry rot due to poor ventilation. If there's minor damage to a small roof deck area, the necessary repair may involve just replacing the damaged parts. Replacing the entire roof deck might be necessary if the damage is more widespread. Generally, roof deck repair costs vary from $1,50 to $3,00 per square foot or $150 - $300 per square. Deck replacement services usually cost $300 - $600 per square. 

Roof eaves repair

Roof eaves throw water out of the walls, preventing leaks and foundation damage. Poor ventilation, termites, or physical damage can obstruct their work, resulting in extreme leakage. Depending on the extent of the damage, repairs can range from simple painting or patching to replacement of the fascia or soffit boards or even structural work. On average, the roof eaves repair cost ranges from $500 to $1,000, but the price can go up for more substantial damage. 

Sagging roof repair

Sagging is typically caused by heavy loads from snow or ice or structural issues with the trusses or rafters. Improper roofing installation, e.g., laying more than one layer of shingles on the roof or using wrong-sized rafters and beams, may also become the culprits of the roof's structural failure. Repairing a sagging roof usually involves addressing the underlying problem causing the sag. This might require reinforcing or replacing damaged or weakened rafters or trusses, replacing the roof deck, adjusting load-bearing walls, or even replacing heavy roofing material with lighter alternatives. As a rule, the roof sagging repair cost goes from $800 to $3,000 and can reach up to $8,000 if the damage is extensive. It can vary significantly based on the underlying cause and extent of the sagging.

Type of roof repair

The average cost range

Roof leak repair

$350 - $2,750

Structural roof repair

$1,000 - $1,750

Blown up/ missing shingles replacement

$400 - $1,000

Underlayment / felt repair

$300 - $1,400 per square

Roof vent repair

$7 - $15 per linear foot

Roof flashing repair

$200 - $500

Skylight/ chimney repair

$300 - $500 for skylight repair/ $160 - $730 for chimney repair

Trusses/ rafters repair

$400 - $800 for rafters repair/ $1,200 - $4,000 for trusses repairs

Roof deck repair

$150 - $300 per square for repair/ $300 - $600 per square for replacement 

Roof eaves repair

$500 - $1,000

Sagging roof repair

$800 - $8,000

Services that supplement standard roof repair

Roof maintenance costs

Roof repair is a critical subset of home maintenance, but it's not the only aspect of roof management homeowners should consider. Several accompanying services go hand in hand with standard roof repairs, enhancing the durability and lifespan of the roofing system. Inspection, cleaning, coating, and gutter upkeep ensure all roof elements are in optimal condition, fortifying your home against the elements and adding to its overall curb appeal. See the table below to discover primary roof maintenance costs.

Additional roofing services

The average cost range

Roof coating

$400 – $2,200

Roof inspection

$130 – $420

Roof painting

$1,100 – $3,350

Gutters replacement

$850 – $3,500

Ice dams removal

$400 – $1,450

The average labor cost to fix a roof in 2023

The type of repair, the difficulty of the job, the region where you live, and the rates of the professional roofing contractor you engage - these and other factors may affect the labor component of the overall roof replacement cost. 

For less complex repairs, labor costs might range from $45 to $75 per hour. However, more extensive and complex repairs that require professional expertise and potentially a team of workers could cost up to $90 per hour. 

Furthermore, emergency or immediate repairs often demand higher labor costs as they may require the contractor to prioritize your job over other scheduled work or attend to the repair outside regular working hours.

As rates can vary, it's always a good idea to get a few quotes from local contractors to understand the average costs in your area. MyHomeQuote is your go-to platform to discover rates of local repair professionals from the comfort of your couch. All it takes is to leave the request on the platform, indicating your repair needs and location.


How much does it cost to fix a roof on a mobile home?

Mobile home roof repairs vary in cost, depending on the size of the home, the extent of the damage, and the materials used. Generally, roofers charge $5 to $15 per square foot to patch a mobile home roof. The total project cost may vary from $250 to $1,000, while roof-over and complete roof replacement reach up to $5,000.

How much does a roof repair permit cost?

As a rule, getting a roof repair permit costs $70 to $250. The cost depends on the location and the project's extent. A permit is typically not required for minor repairs or maintenance, like replacing a few shingles. However, for more extensive work like repairing a roof section beyond one square, many states do require a permit.

How much does it cost to repair a roof in my area?

On average, in the US, roof repairs can range anywhere from $410 to $1,895, depending on the nature and severity of the damage. Pricing guides like this one give you the national average roof repair costs that do not cover the custom specifics of your project. To get the precise price, you should get estimates from 3 to 5 local roofing contractors. The simplest way to budget your repair project is to request quotes from acclaimed contractor-matching platforms like MyHomeQuote.

How much does emergency roof repair cost?

Emergency roof repairs are urgent fixes necessary when an unexpected leak or damage caused by severe weather conditions appears. The cost for emergency roof repairs starts as low as $250 for simple leaks or minor shingle damage, while more significant repairs could cost over $1,500. Please note that roofers often charge 15% extra if the repair is needed to be accomplished ASAP.

How much does roof maintenance cost?

Homeowners typically spend between $300 and $600 yearly on roof maintenance. Services, like cleaning and inspections, usually cost between $120 and $350, while minor repairs, for instance, fixing leaks or replacing a few broken shingles, can cost up to $1,000.