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How much does it cost to fix a leaking roof in 2023?

$350 – $2.750the average total cost

$1.70 – $20.00the average cost per sq. ft.

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How much does it cost to fix a leaking roof in 2023?

All parts of your house exterior are exposed to the elements, but the housetop takes the biggest hit. Strong winds, cold snaps, and droughts play havoc with the shingles and tiles, destroying their protective surface layers. Thus, rainwater can easily poke through cracks and holes, making its way to the ceiling and floor. Not only can leaks bring down your home aesthetics, but they can also lead to serious mold issues and structural damage. So, the cost to fix a leaking roof will anyhow be more affordable than its dire consequences. 

Most US homeowners spend between $350 and $2.750 for repairing a defective housetop. If misplaced or poorly installed nails are the main culprits of roof leaks, you can expect to spend as little as $190. But more severe issues like a damaged drip edge or a dented valley flashing can set you back about $1.000. The highest cost to repair a roof leak on an average house can be about $15.000, including the replacement of broken shingles. But regular inspection and maintenance can help keep your expenses low. 

The roof leaking repair cost

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost


Average price range

$350 - $2.750

The average roof leak repair cost per square foot

Even if there are no stains on the ceiling, but you feel a musty smell inside the house, you should better check your roof for leaks. You can start by heading into the attic and examining the underside of the roofing. If you fail to identify the source of the problem, schedule a professional roof inspection. This service alone may cost you about $250, but contractors may give a discount when hired for other roofing jobs.  

The average cost range of fixing a leaking housetop is between $1.7 to $20 per square foot, where labor can make up 60% of total project costs. Contractors may charge between $2.5 to $8 per sq. ft., depending on the scope of work, type of materials, and location. The cost to repair a leaking roof made of asphalt or aluminum shingles can land between $4 and $13 for materials only. Please note that these prices can be higher based on the type, quality, and brand you choose.  

The average cost to repair a roof leak per sq. ft.


$2.5 - $8


$4 - $18

The cost to fix a leaky roof by roof size

Homeowners are happy with their large roofs until the first serious issues appear. A dreaded brown spot on the ceiling doesn’t guarantee you won’t find another one later. Thus, it’s better to contact a specialist to address the issue from the off.

The scale of the problem and your roof type may affect whether it’s worth investing in repair or replacement. Thus, the cost to fix the roof leak can vary from $2 to $8 per sq. ft., meaning you may have to spend between $2.000 and $8.000 for a 1,000-square-foot housetop. The replacement project may cost you twice as much, but it can ensure a more durable result. 

The cost to repair a leaking roof by size

Roof square footage

Average costs


$2.400 - $9.600


$4.000 - $16.000


$5.000 - $20.000


$6.000 - $24.000

The leaky roof repair cost by the volume of work

Whether your housetop has been damaged by extreme weather events or a fallen tree, fixing everything ASAP is vital. All types of housetop leaks can be divided into 3 categories based on the complexity of the project and the overall cost to repair a leaky roof. Please note that you may pay a different price for the exact scope of work in New York and Oklahoma. Plus, the brand and quality of selected roofing materials will affect your expenses too. Thus, your leaking roof may require:

  • Minor repairs. If your housetop is in tip-top condition, but small leaks occur because of improperly driven nails or clogged gutter, specialists can fix everything in no time. Such a scope of work may cost you between $145 and $500.
  • Moderate repairs. Leaks often occur due to poorly installed flashing or damaged roof decking. If this is your case, you should be ready to fork out from $550 to $2.100.
  • Extensive repairs. Partial replacement of roof shingles, rebuilding ruined chimneys, or repairing a sagging roof are classified as labor-intensive jobs. Such a project can go as low as $2.500, but the final price may be three times as high. 

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The cost of fixing a roof leak by the scope of work

Project complexity level

Average costs

Minor repairs

$145 - $500

Moderate repairs

$550 - $2.100

Extensive repairs

$2.500 - $7.500

The average cost of roof leak repair by roofing type

The metal roof leak cost is reasonable

Each roofing material has an array of peculiarities one should consider when repairing a housetop. Premium options like clay and slate have an impressive lifespan and can serve you for years without any issues. But once they occur, you will have to shell out more compared to their budget-friendly alternatives. Thus, the cost of fixing a leaky roof can be anywhere between $235 and $2.500, depending on the roofing type and the problem. 


Housetops made of copper, galvanized steel, zinc, or other metal materials stand out with energy efficiency and low maintenance. Even though they are considered quite durable, scratches and rust may result in gaps over time. And loose fasteners are other common issues. You can expect you spend between $450 and $1.800 with about $13 per square foot. 


Your roof can be covered with laminated asphalt shingles, plastic, or wood composite shingles. Based on the type, your housetop can have different weak spots, from splitting to missing shingles. You can pay $240 to $2.100 to complete the project. The average cost to fix roof leaks is $7 per square foot (materials and labor included). 


High winds can tear away shingles, causing significant damage to slate roofing. As these bald spots are extremely vulnerable to leaks, efforts should be focused on replacing missing shingles. You may also need flashing repairs for second-to-none protection. The average cost to repair a roof leak falls between $350 and $1.800, given that you may pay about $16.5 per square foot. 


Even though this roofing type doesn’t require many repairs, it is still prone to cracks. Plus, it has weak spots – valleys – that can be blocked with leaves and debris. The leak repair process can consist of cleaning and replacing broken tiles with new ones. Depending on the damaged area, you can shell out up to $2.300 ($12 per square foot).


Rotten shingles and damaged flashing around chimneys are the most common issues when it comes to repairing wood roofing. A mid-scale project may cost you $750 to $2.250 or $11 per square foot. Contractors may charge more for cedar shakes as they have bigger dimensions and require additional effort for installation.

Asphalt shingles

From poor nailing to cracking to splitting, dozens of problems may lead to roof leaks. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, it’s worth paying more attention to the quality and wind rating of the asphalt shingles you choose. Otherwise, you’ll have to shell out between $260 and $1.000. In most US states, you’ll pay $8 per square foot. 

The cost to repair a roof leak by roofing type

Roofing type

Average costs per sq. ft.











Asphalt shingles


The cost to fix a roof leak by repair type

Damaged shingles are considered the main reason for a leaking housetop, but this list is much longer. You can extend it by adding vents, fascia, valleys, chimneys, and more. So, the leaking roof cost will depend exactly on the part that breaks down. 

Sagging roof repair

Turning a blind eye to small leaks is a poor strategy, as ignoring a problem will not make it vanish away – quite the opposite. Wooden elements of your roof can sink in water, provoking mildew growth and weakening the overall structure. Based on your housetop size, contractors may charge between $800 and $3.500.

Skylight repair

Improper installation of skylights is more likely to be the root cause of leaks than the elements themselves. A certified roofer can pinpoint the problem and do everything necessary to fix it. The scope of work may involve lifting the skylight, resealing, and repairing the flashing if necessary. You can fork up from $450 to $770.  

Hole repair

Your roofing type and hole size will suggest whether you can cut corners. While a small surface crack can be successfully patched, a roofer will have to sweat out to deal with holes in the roof decking. So, you may spend anywhere between $100 and $5.000. 

Flashing repair

Broken or worn-out flashing stops performing its main function – directing rainwater away from leak-prone areas. Contractors will have to tear away the old material and replace it with brand-new ones around all the key roof elements like valleys and chimneys. The cost of fixing a roof leak may be from $350 to $1.100. 

Vertical slits repair

Shingle roofs prone to corrosion may require this type of repair over time. Roofers will replace damaged roofing material to hide the slits exposed to the elements and restore surface integrity. How much does a leaky roof cost to fix? You can pay from $160 to $520. 

Damaged or poorly nailed shingles repair

If your shingles don’t have visible cracks, the problem can be hidden in poorly driven nails. To remove and reinstall them correctly, you can spend between $150 to $750, depending on the scope of work and how crooked the old nails are. However, replacing damaged shingles can set you back between $300 and $2.500, based on the material type. 

Vent boot repair

Most homeowners install PVC vents with rubber boots around the base for better sealing. Temperature swings affect the rubber, making it brittle with time. Specialists will examine the vents, remove, and replace them. Your expenses may vary from $200 to $400 depending on the project’s complexity.

Chimney repair

The older your chimney is, the more problems it can have, from dried sealant to cracked flashing. To breathe new life into it, specialists will have to repoint and reseal it. Thus, roofers may charge you anywhere between $500 and $5.000, based on the steps required. 

The cost to fix a leaky roof by repair type

Problem zone

Average costs

Sagging roof

$800 - $3.500


$450 - $770

Hole in a roof

$100 - $5.000


$350 - $1.100

Vertical slits

$160 - $520

Damaged or poorly nailed shingles

$150 - $2.500

Vent boot

$200 - $400


$500 - $5.000

The leaking roof repair cost by solution

The selected repair strategy is defined by the number of leak sources spotted on the housetop. While a single issue can be solved in a breeze, multiple cracks and holes require an advanced approach. 


Whether for covering a hole or protecting a damaged shingle, patching can come to the rescue. How much does it cost to fix a leaky roof? Your expenses may vary depending on the materials used in the process and the area size patched. Thus, you can spend anywhere between $100 and $1.600 for a small and mid-sized roofing project. 


Housetop protrusions like chimneys and skylights are liable to leaks and require water-resistant protection. Sealing allows for gluing the roofing materials together as well as filling in the cracks of different dimensions. You can spend from $350 to $2.500 on average to cover your main weak spots with sealant. 


Many specialists use caulking to create watertight seams and edges around vents and pipes. As caulk may fall out over time or crack, it’s recommended to replace it to prevent leaks. Depending on the location and coverage area, you can shell out from $390 to $550. 

Complete replacement

If you have an old roof with multiple need-to-fix areas, it’s worth investing in its replacement. You’ll say bye to leaks for many years by installing a new underlayment and roofing system. Depending on the roof size and chosen materials, this option can set you back between $5.000 and $23.000. 

The roof leak repair cost by solution


Average costs


$100 - $1.600


$350 - $2.500


$390 - $550

Complete replacement

$5.000 - $23.000

Additional services that add to the total roof leak repair cost

A leaking roof may feel like a bewilderingly complex situation you need to deal with. As money is often the main bottleneck, it’s worth considering all possible expenses beforehand to get ready better. 

Water damage restoration

If your water leak was out of your control, you have to pull out all the stops to make the house feel like home again. Seasoned specialists who know the onions of water restoration can help you get rid of moisture in every corner of your building. It can cost you as little as $1.300. 

Gutter unclogging

Keeping your gutters debris-free prevents numerous problems, including overflowing and leaks. It’s worth scheduling this service twice a year for the perfect result. The price is quite affordable – about $150. 

Ice dam removal

Ice damming can become a real headache for North Dakota and Montana homeowners. Attempts to clean this buildup may result in damaged gutters and roof edges. But contractors can do everything safely, charging you from $450 to $1.300.

Roof valleys sealing 

Cracked seams allow moisture and debris to enter the roof valley, blocking drainage and causing leaks. Specialists can finger all the weak spots and seal them properly. While the small roof leak repair cost is about $320, you should be ready to spend $1.000 for a large-scale project.


If you suspect a roof leak, scheduling a pro-level inspection is a smart move. It may cost you between $100 and $340. But many contractors don’t charge a fee if you avail yourself of their services.


As laws and regulations can vary by state, it’s worth contacting local authorities for more information. In most cases, only structural changes require permits. 

The cost of fixing roof leaks


Average costs

Water damage restoration


Gutter unclogging


Ice dam removal

$450 - $1.300

Roof valleys sealing

$320 - $1.000


$100 - $340




What are the telltale signs of a roof leak?

The most obvious signs of a roof leak are stains on the ceiling and mold on the exterior walls. But you can also hear dripping in the attic and notice curling or missing shingles.

How much does fixing a leak on a flat roof cost?

The flat roof water damage repair cost is about $8 per square foot. If your housetop is showing serious signs of damage, some extra steps may be required to fix it. Thus, labor costs may increase to $11 per square foot.

How to locate a roofer specializing in leak repairs in your area?

If your friends or neighbors have faced similar problems, you can ask them to share the contacts of tried-and-true contractors. Or you can take advantage of MyHomeQuote instead. With us, you can find certified local roofers who know the ins and outs of leak repairs.