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How much does roof coating cost in 2023?

$400 – $2.200the average total cost

$1.00 – $5.00the average cost per sq. ft.

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How much does roof coating cost in 2023?

Installation of a brand-new roof every 12-20 years can eat up your cash buffer. But what if you can extend the service life of your current housetop for 10+ years without breaking a sweat? Roof sealing allows for creating a firm layer of protection from adverse weather conditions like heavy rainfall and heat waves. You can also mend cracks and holes that can result in leaks and, hence, costly damage. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the roof coating price as it’s more than affordable.

If you own a one-story house with a housetop of 16 squares, you can expect to pay as little as $300 for roof sealing. However, this price can be 20 times as high if there are many problems that need to be solved. But most homeowners still spend between $400 and $2.200. 

The cost of roof coating

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost


Average price range

$400 - $2.200

The average roof coating cost per square foot

Bitumen is more affordable than the silicone roof coating cost

As flat and low-sloped roofs are especially prone to leaks, the coating makes for a great preventive step. You can create a single layer of protection or cover your housetop a few times for the finest result. 

The market is full of different sealant types for any budget – prices vary from $0.20 to $3.50 per square foot. But you should pay attention that your expenses may be higher because of your roof material, access, the scope of groundwork required, and labor costs in your area. All these factors can drive up the roof sealing cost per square foot, making it fall between $1 and $5 on average. 

The cost of a roof coating system per square foot

Roof square footage

Average costs with the installation


$100 - $500


$1.000 - $5.000


$1.500 - $7.500


$2.000 - $10.000


$2.500 - $12.500


$3.000 - $15.000

The labor cost for roof coating and factors affecting it

Even if your and your neighbor’s roofs look like twins, you may still end up shelling out more. Why? You can choose a different sealant type or application method, or your housetop may have hidden problems that roofers will have to deal with. That’s why contractors may charge anywhere between $0.70 to $3.5 per sq. ft. for their services. Here are a few cost-affecting factors to consider:

  • Location and local labor rates. Homeowners may pay twice as much in California for the same scope of work than those in New Hampshire. It’s better to contact a few contractors to find out the most affordable labor rates in your area.
  • Size, height, and pitch of the roof. The flat roof coating cost is pocket-friendly as the slope angle doesn’t cause any problems for contractors. But one can’t say the same about the steep pitch. 
  • Roof accessibility. Housetop elements like hips and valleys boost your house’s visual aesthetics but make it tough for roofers to climb. The project’s intricacy level can be reflected in the final price. 
  • The nature and amount of prep work. If you decide to coat your freshly installed roof, prep work may not be required. But a 10-year-old housetop may have signs of wear and tear (cracks and moss) that must be fixed first.
  • Application method. Depending on the sealant type you go for, brush, roller, or spray equipment can be used for coating. The spray roof coating cost is the lowest as it’s less time-consuming, but this application method offers worse consistency than rollers. 
  • Additional services like inspection, cleaning, and leak repair. An expert checkup can help determine the scope of work and the possible roof coating labor cost. You can also benefit from professional cleaning as it improves the adhesion of sealants. 

To take the guesswork out of the estimation process, fill in the form below instead of using unreliable roof coating cost calculators. At MyHomeQuote, we work with the best roofing contractors nationwide and can help you get precise information about your project in a timely fashion. 

Roof coating cost by sealant type

Can’t decide what sealant material will become the best fit for your roofing project? There are 6 main types to consider. They offer different levels of protection and guaranteed lifespan. Let’s discuss them in more detail.


If keeping temperatures low indoors is your primary purpose, silicone is the right material to select. It can reflect about 91% of UV rays reaching your building, meaning that your A/C system can get some rest. You can also take advantage of its weather-resistant features keeping leaks at bay. The silicone roof coating price can land between $1.60 and $5 per square foot. 


Do you use your flat roof as a terrace for chilling out with friends? Then, the polyurethane roof coating is what you need. It is ideal for high-traffic areas and can remain intact after high impact. The polyurethane roof coating cost can be anywhere between $1 and $4 per sq. ft. installed.

Acrylic/ elastomeric

If you are about to sell your house, you may go for a low-end option like acrylic. It comes in dozens of hues, meaning you can upgrade your housetop look on a budget. The acrylic roof coating cost starts at $0.50 and can reach up to $3 per sq. ft. installed. But it won’t work out for cold US states as it requires above 50°F to thicken. 

Liquid rubber

Blended with EPDM and elastomeric compounds, liquid rubber material creates a seamless roofing system. One layer is often enough to get a pitch-perfect surface for the next 15+ years. And its excellent UV-resistant qualities make it an ultimate choice for the hottest US states. The liquid rubber silver coating roof cost can be from $1.50 to $2.50 per square foot. 


Roof decorative elements like chimneys and skylights are considered ‘weak spots,’ requiring additional sealing. And bitumen, an asphalt-based sealant, makes for the ideal option. You can protect big and small areas of your housetop without breaking the bank. The bitumen roof seal cost can be between $1 to $2.20 per square foot installed.

EPDM sheets

If installed properly, EPDM sheets can ensure the protection of a low-sloped roof. However, they aren’t suitable for a DIY roofing project as you need extensive experience to do the job appropriately. The cost of EPDM sheets starts at $3 to $10.50 per square foot. 

The cost of roof coating by sealant type

Sealant types

Average costs per square foot installed


$1.60 - $5.00


$1.00 - $4.00

Acrylic/ elastomeric

$0.50 - $3.00

Liquid rubber

$1.50 - $2.50

EPDM sheets

$3.00 - $10.50


$1.00 - $2.20

Roof coating price by material type

The cost to silver coat a roof with professional help

Many contractors only work with a specific type of material like metal, wood, or asphalt. That’s why your current housetop can help you get a better understanding of possible expenses. How much does a roof coating cost based on the material type? 


Metal is used for low-sloped and flat roofs and can be coated with any type of sealant. Your roof’s pitch will determine how thick the layers will be. In some cases, contractors may have to coat your housetop a few times to achieve the desired result. The metal roof coating cost can fall between $1.50 and $3.50 per square foot (installation included). 


Whether for fixing damaged asphalt shingles or patching up small leaks around chimneys and skylights, bitumen is just the ticket. You’ll spend between $1 to $2.20 per square foot. The only possible alternative is to replace broken shingles, forking up about $300. 

The cost of roof coating by material type

Material type

Average costs per sq. ft. installed


$1 - $2.20


$1.50 - $3.50

The cost of coating by roof type

As your housetop type affects the time and effort that need to be invested into the project, you can estimate potential expenses based on it. What does your roof look like?

Flat roofs

Even though low-sloped housetops are considered the easiest to work on, it doesn’t mean that labor costs will be extremely low. Thus, a flat roof coating project can set you back about $1,650 ($1 - $3.50 per sq. ft). The price will depend on the material and the scope of work required. 

Sloped roofs

If your roof is covered with tiles or shingles, you don’t need to coat them from corner to corner. But you can seal holes and cracks around weak spots like skylights. A steep housetop requires additional safety measures so that contractors may charge twice as much compared to a flat one. You can expect to pay about $4 – $8 per square foot.

Mobile home roofs

Liquid rubber and acrylic blends are proven to be the best options for mobile home roofs. Contractors can charge from $0.70 to $5 per square foot installed, depending on the surface area and sealant type.  

The roof sealing cost per square foot by roof type

Roof type

Average costs (installation included)


$1 - $3.50


$4 - $8

Mobile home

$0.70 - $5

DIY vs. professional roof coating

Depending on the sealant type, you may need a wide range of expensive equipment to complete your coating roof project like a pro. Tank spreaders, thermal cameras, control flow roller frames, and core cutting tools are only a few things you may not do without. Unless you don’t intend to become a roofer, you will hardly return the invested funds.

On top of that, working on roofs takes 4th place on the list of the most dangerous jobs in the USA. You can sustain serious injuries, resulting in expensive medical bills and treatment at best. Thus, it’s better to entrust your roofing needs to specialists who have everything it takes to ensure successful project completion. 

With MyHomeQuote, you can get hold of the most experienced roofers in your area. We cover all big and small cities nationwide, helping homeowners find the best matching roofing contractors. 


Why do you need to coat your roof?

If a housetop is an out-of-sight, out-of-mind area for you, make sure it has a 1+ layer of protection against the elements. The coating allows you to prevent leaks and structural damages, postponing a roof replacement. You can also eliminate the threat of mold growth and reduce energy consumption. In other words, by sealing a housetop, you can keep costs down in the future.

How often should you recoat your roof?

Weather conditions can significantly reduce your roof lifespan. The type and quality of sealant you choose can help you schedule the next recoating project more precisely. While a top roof coating system can last up to 15 years, cheaper options will require a new layer every 5 years to keep the surface intact. Thus, it’s worth keeping in mind your long-term budget plans when comparing the costs of silicone roof coating.

What are the best roof coating brands?

Once in the market for roof coating materials, you can come across hundreds of options. To get the best-in-class sealants, pay heed to GacoRoof, Black Jack, Lanco, HydroStop, and Liquid Rubber. While some specialize in producing silicone-elastomeric blends, others offer rubberized liquid asphalt, acrylic, and more. Pay attention to the fact that some manufacturers provide warranties for their products, increasing the price.