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How much does a roof inspection cost in 2023?

$130 – $420the average total cost

$0.10 – $0.23the average cost per sq. ft.

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How much does a roof inspection cost in 2023?

Nothing helps extend the lifespan of your roof as effectively as annual inspections. They allow you to spot and address hidden problems before they begin to snowball. A small leak today may turn into a waterfall tomorrow, leading to costly repairs and property damage. So, the cost of a roof inspection may seem to be no big deal. When you stay proactive in maintaining a healthy housetop, you preserve your home value, warding off overwhelmingly expenses.

You might have heard that bad things come in trees, so mold or small ventilation issues may be just the tip of the iceberg. That’s why it’s worth scheduling a professional roof checkup before hiring contractors for a defined scope of work. How much is a roof inspection? The average price tag is about $265, falling within the typical cost range of $130 to $420, depending on the size, slope, and accessibility of a housetop. While an old-school physical roof inspection may set you back about $80, the infrared roof inspection cost may go as high as $900. 

The cost of a professional roof inspection

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost


Typical cost range

$130 - $420

Factors included in the total cost of roof inspection  

If your shingles don’t have clear signs of tear and wear, it doesn’t mean your housetop structure is in pristine condition too. That’s why professional roof inspectors check all the supporting components, from rafters to underlayment to flashing. As not all houses are built the same and have similar problems, the roofing inspection cost may fall beyond the typical range. Let’s take a closer look at the factors that affect the price the most. 

Inspection type

Want your roof to be checked from the bottom up to make sure no issues stay under the radar? This task will be a cinch for an established roofing contractor. With technologies developing by leaps and bounds, specialists are now armed with top-of-the-line devices like infrared cameras and drones for painstaking roof checkups. 

Physical roof inspection

A traditional method of roof appraisal suggests that a specialist climbs an attic ladder and scrutinizes all the housetop elements, including chimneys and gutters. As this going-over type involves some safety risks, it is considered more suitable for low-slope roofs. The appraiser can spot cracks or sagging and determine the possible housetop lifespan. While the flat roof inspection cost may come down to $80, you can pay up to $200 for other types. 

Drone roof inspection

Using a camera-equipped drone can save the day if you have a hard-to-reach housetop (high-pitched or multi-story one). A specialist can make it zero in on all the spots they can’t access without jeopardizing their safety. How much does a drone roof inspection cost? The price may vary from $130 to $460, depending on the location and contractor’s fees.

Infrared roof inspection

Those who crave the most accurate results can schedule an infrared roof inspection. Armed with a thermal imager, an appraiser can indicate all areas with trapped moisture since they retain heat and stand out from the dry surroundings. Thus, you can catch early signs of leaks. Such roof inspections cost from $420 to $600 in most cases. 

The cost of housetop inspection by type


Average costs


$80 - $200


$130 - $460


$420 - $600

Roof size 

Most roofing contractors charge a flat fee for inspection services, but the exact sum is determined based on the square footage. After all, they need twice as much time to examine all the nooks and crannies of a large housetop than a small one. Some specialists even work in pairs to get the job completed faster. 

The average roof inspection cost per sq. ft. is between $0.10 and $0.23, meaning that you can expect to pay $200 - $460 for a 2,000-square-foot housetop. Please note that you may have to cover an additional fee for a larger-than-standard rooftop. 

The ballpark inspection of roof estimate by size

Roof square footage

Average costs


$100 - $230


$150 - $345


$200 - $460


$250 - $575


$300 - $690

Roofing material

A professional checkup of clay and metal roofs may have different price tags. Why? All roofing materials come with diverse complexity levels and risks involved. So, contractors have to tailor their services to your roof’s needs, meaning they may use special equipment and inspection techniques to examine it properly. 

While asphalt shingles can be inspected physically, wood shakes may require moisture meters or infrared cameras to spot termite damage and leaks. Specialists may also add a surcharge if your housetop has specialized coatings or fastening systems. 

The average cost of roof inspection by roofing material

Roofing material

Average costs

Asphalt shingles

$150 - $320

Metal roofing

$200 - $400

Tile roofing

$300 - $570

Slate roofing

$330 - $700+

Clay roofing

$350 - $600+

Roofing style

The roof inspection drone cost is high

Many homeowners only focus on the material and footage of their roofs when pondering possible expenses. But housetop style is another cost driver you need to consider. From construction methods to materials to potential issues, a contractor should know the ins and outs of your roofing style to examine it correctly. 

Hence, gable and flat roofs have lower inspection costs because they are easy to check. On the contrary, hip and mansard housetops have a more sophisticated design, making it more challenging to catch potential issues like flashing damage. So, experts may charge more for the increased time and effort required to perform a thorough roof inspection. In most cases, you’ll have to cover the drone roof inspection cost as accessing such a housetop from all sides is nearly impossible. 

Roof pitch and accessibility 

A physical roof checkup can be complicated or impossible when there is an extra-steep slope and multiple stories. So, a specialist will have to resort to more advanced methods, meaning you may have to cover the drone roof inspection cost. 

Housetops with a mild pitch don’t make things that warm for contractors. But they still need to put more time and effort into your roof scrutiny. Plus, extra precautions will be required too. All these moments will be reflected in the final price. 

Climate and location

It’s common knowledge that megapolises and US states with high living standards, like California, have ten times more cost-burdened homes than small and mid-sized cities. In other words, your geographic location can affect how much a roof inspection costs in your case. If you live in a historical building with a complex roof design, contractors may charge more for its checkup. 

In addition to living standards, climate can also make a difference. Excessive humidity can lead to roof moisture damage and a shorter lifespan, meaning you may have to schedule an inspection more often. 

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The commercial roof inspection cost

Residential and commercial housetop checkups are completely different stories. Business centers, warehouses, and healthcare facilities have much larger roof footage and require more time to get things done. The commercial roof inspection cost falls between $0.05 and $0.11 per sq. ft., meaning a 6,000-square-foot housetop may set you back about $300 and $660. However, this price may be higher if you go for a drone or infrared type of examination. 

Unlike residential projects, commercial ones require compliance with more building codes and regulations. And contractors may charge an additional fee for that too. 

What is the difference between roof inspection and certification?

A housetop inspection always comes first, as it is aimed at evaluating the current condition of your roof and identifying possible problems. If any problems are pinpointed, you’ll get repair and further maintenance recommendations. 

A roof certification is a consequential result of the inspection provided in written form. This document informs about the housetop’s health and potential lifespan.

How much does a roof certification cost? The average price range is between $80 and $250. However, it isn’t always necessary to cover the roof certification cost. This document is only required by buyers or mortgage lenders during a real estate transaction to prove that the roof can do without major repairs. 


How long does it take to inspect a roof?

If you have a small or mid-sized roof with a low pitch, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to check it. However, if you own a posh house with a steep pitch and multiple stories, its roof inspection may require more time. Please note that a drone housetop checkup can be faster than a physical one as it doesn’t involve time-consuming activities like climbing a ladder.

How much does an attic inspection cost?

Your expenses may significantly vary depending on the location and whether you schedule its checkup as a part of a full-scale roof inspection or a standalone service. If you only want to examine your attic, you should be ready to spend between $80 and $300, while the cost of a full roof inspection may fall between $250 and $500. It’s worth getting multiple quotes from local contractors to decide on the best cost-effective solution.

Who should I hire to do a roof inspection?

Consider hiring a licensed roofing contractor, builder, or professional home inspector to check your housetop for any hidden problems. Make sure the selected specialist has the required qualifications and credentials before hiring them.