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How much does it cost to repair roof shingles in 2023?

$770 – $1.020the average total cost to repair

$3 – $10the average cost per sq. ft. to repair

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How much does it cost to repair roof shingles in 2023?

As the uppermost part of a house, a roof is meant to protect your possessions from unfavorable weather conditions. But even minor cracks and curls can expose the housetop to potential damage, putting your safety and comfort on the line. That’s why it’s crucial to pinpoint a problem and fix it early on. While the average roof shingle repair cost is about $1.020, you may end up spending ten times as much for a replacement. 

Your brand-new shingle roof can serve you many years before you face the need to repair it. And your expenses will greatly depend on the scope of work required. If you have a small and easily accessible roof with a few shingles missing, you can pay about $200 to set it right. However, the situation can be more frustrating if your housetop has a pitched form and severe structural damage. Thus, you’ll have to replace the underlayment and repair the soffit, besides installing new shingles. Depending on the type of material you need, you may shell out between $1.700 and $6.000 (labor included). 

The shingle roof repair cost by level

Low-end cost


Average price range

$770 - $1.020

High-end cost


Factors affecting the cost to repair shingles on the roof

The shingle roof repair cost performed by professionals

When the threat of roof repair is looming on the horizon, homeowners strive to figure out how much it’ll cost them. That’s where they get into a trap of underestimation. You can’t just calculate the cost of materials and labor for the upcoming roof shingle repair and call it a day. There are additional factors affecting the final outlay. The list of unmeasurable but substantial cost drivers involves:

Roof size and structure

Not all housetops are equal in terms of design and accessibility. If your roof is easy to work on, it’ll take less time for specialists to repair it, meaning the labor cost will be low. Eye-catching design elements like skylights and chimneys require additional efforts, which can be reflected in the price. If the damaged area is hard to reach, the cost of shingle roof repair can be higher. In addition, the more roofing squares your house has, the more material you may need to purchase. 

Roof slope

Your housetop’s angle can significantly affect the roof shingles repair cost. Most buildings have a slope ranging from 4 to 37 degrees (ratio of vertical rise for every 12 inches of its horizontal run). But some houses are designed with high-pitched roofs (over 47 degrees). Even though they may seem more aesthetically pleasing, they are not easily accessible, meaning even working from scaffolding can be high risk. Roofers will have to pull out all the stops to get things done. This can extend the project duration along with your budget. 


While fixing roof shingles is never a cinch, this task becomes twice as challenging in winter, especially if you live somewhere in Wyoming. Shingles tend to become stiff and brittle when the temperature stays well below zero degrees, meaning the likelihood of breakage increases. Thus, contractors have to take extra steps to perform asphalt shingles roof repairs like preliminary material softening. If there is heavy snow buildup on the housetop, specialists will have to handle this issue first. This can add to your total expenses as snow removal may cost you between $60 and $200, based on the square footage of your roof. 

Local labor rates

Labor makes up the lion’s share of the roof shingles repair cost. Contractors can charge per hour or square foot for their services. While their rate hinges on experience and reputation for the most part, location is another pillar. If you live in a megapolis like Chicago, the cost to repair shingles can be up to 23% higher than in small towns. The only way to determine how much you’ll spend in your area is to get free quotes from trusted professionals near you. MyHomeQuote is always here to assist you with searching for the best-fit roofers nearby. 

Additional repairs

When you initiate roof shingles repair, you should be ready that some unexpected issues may arise down the road. For example, your chimney may be in poor condition, or your gutters and eaves require replacement. Whatever the problem is, you need to fix it on the spot to extend the service life of your housetop. Some contractors offer discounts on additional repairs when they work on the project from start to finish. 

The asphalt shingle roof repair cost by problem

The cost to repair shingles on the roof by type and extent of the problem

Homeowners select the ideal roofing material from the technical and aesthetic standpoint, let alone the budget. And asphalt shingles are often the option of choice as they are durable and quite affordable. However, it doesn’t mean that they will remain intact during the whole lifespan specified by the manufacturer. If you have noticed that your attic isn’t dry any longer, it’s crucial to have a certified contractor check your housetop and tackle the issue. How much can it cost to repair an asphalt shingle roof?

Damaged shingles

Whether storms and heavy winds have vitiated one or a few shingles, you’ll have to purchase a bundle of new pieces. It can set you back about $40. If there are multiple defective areas, you may need one full square (3 bundles) or more to replace damaged roof shingles. While 3-tab asphalt shingles may cost you about $125 per square, you can shell out $1.000 for the premium material. 

Missing shingles

As each shingle is attached separately – one by one to create a cohesive look – a strong wind can disengage single pieces and come off the housetop. If your roof was installed in wintertime, the sealing can get brittle or broken. Whatever the reason, the missing shingles repair cost can be as little as $140, as professionals usually charge between $40 and $70 per hour. 

Curling shingles

While most asphalt shingle roof repairs can be a hard nut to crack, you can fix curled corners on your own. If you don’t have acrophobia, you can climb the roof and perform a 3-step procedure to cut labor costs. Firstly, you need to cover the curled parts with a special medium (asphalt roofing cement) with a putty knife. Secondly, you’ll have to nail the edges and seal all the open areas as the last step. All materials may cost you between $20 to $100. 

Cracked flashing

Housetop areas like chimneys and roof valleys are sensitive to leaks. That’s why roofers install a thin piece of metal to direct water away from joints and seams. When a roof flashing is damaged, it can cause moisture buildup in the weakest spots, resulting in additional problems. The cost of its repair will depend on how many shingles you need to remove and reinstall. The average price is between $250 and $450, but replacing the whole flashing may cost 3 times as much. 

Ponding water

If you have a flat housetop with an insufficient slope, heavy rainstorms can give you a headache as water may accumulate in the sunken areas and not evaporate for days. This can lead to leakages, the growth of algae, and severe damage to your roof surface. If your area has a short rainy season, you can use caulk or bitumen to address the problem. In other cases, you can’t do without professional assistance. The shingle repair cost may be anywhere between $250 and $400.

Roof sagging

Snow buildup or steady rain may weigh down roof shingles and damage trusses and rafters. The cost to repair roof shingles will depend on the level of distress. If the roof sag is still accessible, you may need to replace the damaged metal gusset plates. You may have to pay about $700 for the whole scope of work. But a broken truss is a whole different story, as it supports the entire housetop. Thus, you may shell out up to $4,000. 

The shingles repair cost by issue

Type of repair

The average cost

Damaged shingles

$40 - $1,000

Missing shingles

$140 - $500

Curling shingles

$20 to $100

Cracked flashing

$250 - $450

Ponding water

$250 - $400

Roof sagging

$700 - $4,000

The asphalt shingle roofing repair cost by labor

If you have no idea how serious your roof problems are, an inspection is the best place to start. It can cost you between $150 and $400 for a medium-sized one-story house, and you may pay up to $700 for a large one. Please note that you need a permit to repair an area of over 100 sq. ft. You can expect to pay between $80 to $250 based on your location and the total project cost. On top of that, you’ll have to fork up from $35 to $80 per hour for general roof work and about $100 per sq. ft. in labor fees.  

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How do I know if my shingle roof needs repair?

If you have noticed water stains on the ceiling, it’s a red flag. You need to go up to the attic to check the roof from inside. Can you feel a slight draft or see how sunlight comes through your housetop? This is it. You can also go outside to check your roof from a distance (don’t climb it if it’s dangerous). If there are some curled or missing shingles, it’s time to call a roofing contractor. Otherwise, heavy rain or snow can deal a nasty blow to your belongings since your roof can’t protect you anymore from mother nature.

Should I hire a roofing contractor for shingle roof repair?

Even though shingles are considered one of the easiest materials to install and repair, you still need knowledge and hands-on experience to do everything right. Certified professionals know the nitty-gritty of shingles and the best repair practices, meaning every piece will be securely removed, attached, and sealed. What’s more, if you have a steeper roof slope, you can’t do without scaffolding and a must-have kit of tools like a hammer tacker, utility knife, nail gun, and more. If you don’t plan to change your career path, wasting money on roofing hardware can be unreasonable.

Is it worth repairing asphalt shingles?

While basic asphalt shingles can last for up to 30 years, premium options have a 50-year lifespan. If you face minor problems within this timeframe, you can fix them to use your housetop to the fullest. However, severe damages that cover 60-70% of your top aren’t worth your effort.