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How much do clay roof tiles cost in 2023?

$19.000 – $37.000the average total cost to install

$8 – $26the average cost per sq. ft. to install

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How much do clay roof tiles cost in 2023?

On the lookout for long-lasting roofing materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions like extreme summer heat and heavy downpours? Clay roof tiles can stay intact for dozens of years if well-maintained. Even though they are considered the #1 choice for homes in the hottest US states like Texas and Louisiana, they are ideal for cold regions too. The clay tile roofing cost depends on the pitch, slope, pattern, and you housetop area. If this roof type is out of your budget, you can still install it. You may be eligible for state EITCs as you are about to make energy-efficient home improvements.  

Clay tiles are made from naturally occurring materials like clay and sand by molding and baking in kilns at very high temperatures. You can come upon various shapes, hues, and patterns. On average, the cost of clay tile roof installation falls between $19.000 and $37.000 across the USA. But you can cover your 2,000-square-foot housetop with thinner roofing materials to cut expenses and pay as little as $17.000. If you fancy high-end clay tiles or have a complex roof, you may end up spending about $59.000. 

The clay roof tile costs



National average range

$19.000 – $37.000



The cost of a clay tile roof by size

The cost of a clay tile roof

It’s common knowledge that the larger the size of a housetop area is, the higher the cost to install a new clay tile roof. Your total expenses will be determined by the contractor’s rates and roofing materials you’ll go for. Thus, you should pay special attention to the tile style if you have a limited budget. Premium options can weigh up to 176 lbs. per 10 sq. ft., meaning you may need to shell out for reinforcements to ensure your roof can withstand the loads. 

Professional roofers can help you deal with all possible installation setbacks and complete your roof project promptly. With materials included, this may cost you between $8 to $26 per square foot. Bear in mind that many contractors specify their rates by square (it equals 100 sq. ft.) in their quotes. 

Clay roof costs by size

Roof square footage

Average costs (installed)


$8.000 - $26.000


$12.000 - $39.000


$16.000 - $52.000


$20.000 - $65.000


$24.000 - $78.000

The cost of clay roof tiles by type

When it comes to selecting the perfect type of clay roofing, most homeowners only focus on the visual aspects. Even though it’s an important thing to consider, you should pay more attention to the tile thickness as it defines both material and installation costs. 

  • Flat. Flat-styled options can be the top choice if you are happy with simple tiles. You can expect to fork out about $9 per sq. ft. for material only. 
  • Spanish. A wave-like pattern enables you to handle stormwater runoff without gutters. So, if you live in a wet US state, these Mediterranean tiles can be ideal for you. The Spanish clay tile roof cost lands about $8 per sq. ft. on average.
  • Interlocking. If you are looking for pocket-friendly clay roofing materials suitable for a dry climate, these tiles are worth your attention. The installation process is a cinch, thanks to interlocking side joints. You can pay anywhere between $3 and $17 per square foot. 
  • Mission. With pronounced ribs, this type looks like a twin of a Spanish one. However, clay tiles are thinner here and come without a ‘lip,’ meaning roofers will overlap them when installing. The mission or barrel tile roof cost can go between $5 to $15 per square foot. 
  • Terracotta. If clay roof tiles are synonymous with eye-catching reddish-brown hues for you, look no further than this type. It has an array of styles and shapes, but the never-fade terracotta color remains the main distinctive feature. While material alone can cost you about $10 per sq. ft., you can shell out up to $25 per sq. ft. with installation.
  • French. Grooved tiles help prevent water stagnation on the housetop and keep it dry even in rainy climates. They come with four interlocking sides requiring additional fittings for installation. Thus, you may end up paying up to $18 per square foot. 
  • Ridge. That’s where classic design is combined with modern technologies. This clay roofing material has nonstandard dimensions and is charged not per sq. ft. but per tile. It may cost you from $4 to $20. 

The clay roof tiles cost

Roof type

The average cost range per sq. ft. 

(materials only)


$3 - $16


$3.50 - $11


$3 - $17


$4 - $15


$4 - $12


$9 - $18


$4 - $20 (*each)

The labor cost to replace the clay tile roof

Whether you’ve selected overlapping or interlocking clay roof tiles, you need to hire professional contractors to get them installed. While the average clay tile roof cost per square foot lands between $3.5 and $5, you may have to lay out twice as much for a tricky roofing project. From the roof slope to materials to weather conditions, many aspects can cause a price increase. 

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Cost factors to install a clay roof

Minimizing all possible bottlenecks like the lack of money is already half the battle. That’s why it’s important to size up the situation, paying attention to aspects that can affect the answer to the question, “How much does a clay tile roof cost to install?”.

  • Roof complexity and slope. A multi-story house with steep roofs requires more time and effort to complete the roofing project. Roofers may have to cut tiles and shape them to cover your housetop. As many contractors charge per hour, you may shell out more.
  • Tile grade. With the right grade of clay tiles, you can save on clay roof installation and repairs in the days to come. Even though grade 1 is the most expensive, it has the lowest moisture content, meaning you can keep mold issues and the probability of freeze-thaw damage at bay.  
  • Tile style. The simpler the style, the less you fork out, as roofers can complete the roofing project faster. Interlocking tiles are the cheapest to install, while overlapping counterparts can drive up the final price.
  • Installation method. Your roof slope will help determine the ideal technique. Thus, a steep pitch requires the installation of roofing battens first, which may involve additional expenses. 

Related services that might affect the cost of clay roofing tiles

You can spend days calculating the cost of roofing materials and labor, but a contractor’s quote can still rock you back on your heels. This happens when homeowners overlook related services they can’t do without. To estimate the clay tile roof replacement cost in your case, consider the following aspects:

  • Inspection. To eliminate all unpleasant surprises down the road, invest in a roof inspection first. It may cost you anywhere between $100 and $350. 
  • Permits. Even though it’s your housetop, you can’t rebuild it without a permit. The price will depend on your roof’s square footage. If it is less than 1,000 sq. ft., you may lay out up to $500.
  • Old roof removal. Roofers can charge $1 to $5 per sq. ft. for tearing off the old roof. 
  • Roof repair. If some of the clay tiles are damaged and need to be fixed, it may cost you between $5 to $26 per square foot.
  • Roof reinforcement. Most homes can’t withstand the tile weight without housetop reinforcement. Structural engineers charge from $100 to $200 per hour. 
  • Roof truss replacement. To get new roof trusses installed, you may have to spend up to $13 per square foot.
  • Roof decking replacement. Damaged decking can’t provide the required support for roofing materials. Its replacement may cost you from $3 to $5 per square foot.
  • Underlayment installation. Depending on your roof slope, you can expect to pay from $1.5 to $4 per square foot.
  • Drip edge installation. The price can vary based on the material you choose (metal or plastic PVC) and go as high as $3.5 per linear foot. 
  • Soffits & fascia installation. Whether you need to replace some sections or install them all afresh, it may cost you between $9 and $34 per square foot.
  • Sealing. If you want to ensure additional protection against leaks, sealing is the right option. You can shell out from $550 to $2.000.
  • Cleaning. Scheduling chimney cleaning can be a smart move. This optional service may cost you about $250. 


What are the pros and cons of clay tile roofing?

The clay roofing tiles price may seem high, but you can get a great return on your investment as these materials allow for increased energy efficiency and curb appeal of your home. The main downside is that you’ll need professional assistance in everything, from installation to repairs to maintenance.

How to maintain clay tile roofing?

The average lifespan of clay roof tiles is about 50 years, but you make it twice as long with regular cleaning. Professionals will help remove debris and protect your housetop from mold growth.

What is the minimum roof pitch for clay tiles?

According to the International Residential Code (IRC), your roof must have a minimum 4/12 pitch for clay tiles. It is equal to 18.4 degrees. Otherwise, water runoff will be problematic.