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An in-depth round-up of metal roof costs in 2023

$15.000 - $27.000the average total cost to install

$7 - $30the average cost per sq. ft. to install

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*Cost data is taken from open sources.

An in-depth round-up of metal roof costs in 2023

Metal is a top-tier roofing material that offers the best of both worlds - a long lifespan (40 - 100 years) and weatherproofing, not to mention the extended range of other advantages such as low maintenance, fire resistance, and energy efficiency. The best part is that the metal roofing cost is not extraordinarily high, especially considering its cost-to-value ratio in the long run. That is why there is no wonder why homeowners and commercial property owners alike are increasingly choosing metal roofs for their properties.

Depending on the metal type and gauge, the average cost of a metal roof ranges from $3 to $22 per square foot. Installation services take about 60% of the total estimate. Their price goes from $4 to $8 per square foot. All in all, you should expect to spend from $7 to $30 per square foot or $7.000 to $40.000 per project to install your new metal roofing.

Metal roof costs per square foot

Type of cost Cost per square foot
Material cost $3 - $22 per sq. ft.
Installation cost $4 - $8 per sq. ft.
Material and labor $7 - $30 per sq. ft.

Metal roof costs per roofing project

Type of cost Cost per project (material and labor)
Low-end cost $7.000
Average cost $15.000
High-end cost $40.000

Keep in mind that these are only average cost ranges. To calculate the exact cost, you need to include your custom variables, like roof size, pitch, and the desired roofing material, in the equation.

The average cost of a metal roof by size

The roof size is the first and foremost factor in estimating metal roof pricing. No matter whether a roofing contractor charges by the hour or by the footage, the size and design of the roof would considerably affect the installation costs. And it does make sense as the larger the roof, the more materials and labor will be required to complete the project. 

If you know your roof size in square feet, you just need to multiply this number by the average metal roof installation cost in your region or the exact rate you get from a local roofer. If you have no clue about your roof size, calculate it by multiplying your home's square footage by 1.5.

Here is how the cost of a metal roof may differ by the roof size.

Roof square footage The average cost to install
1.000 $5.000 - $16.000
1.200 $5.500 - $20.000
1.500 $8.000 - $24.000
2.000 $10.500 – $32.000
2.500 $12.500 – $40.000
3.000 $15.000 – $48.000
3.500 $17.500 – $56.000

The cost of metal roofing by style

The cost of corrugated sheet metal roofing for an average-sized residential building

Metal roofing is not limited by conventional flat panels. It comes in different styles and designs, from corrugated sheets to metal shingles and standing seam panels. The style of metal roofing determines its visual and functional characteristics, which explains price fluctuation. Corrugated and standard sheet metal is on the low end of the price range as it possesses less durability than metal shingles and standing seam panels. 

Here is a metal roofing cost calculator based on the roofing style.

Roof style Cost per square foot (installed)
Corrugated $5 - $12
Standing seam $9 - $16
Metal shingles $6 - $14

Corrugated sheet metal roofing

This type of roofing comes in metal sheets of wavy, ribbed, or 5-V crimp styles. The corrugated pattern of the material gives it additional strength and durability, but the exposed fastener system makes it vulnerable to corrosion.

Corrugated metal roofing is lower priced than other metal roofing styles, having less durability and higher maintenance requirements. Nevertheless, this roofing is lightweight and can be installed over the existing roof. 

The cost of corrugated sheet metal roofing starts as low as $5 per square foot and rises as high as $12 per square foot, including material and labor. 

Standing-seam metal roofing

This metal roofing style comes to the mid-range price segment, combining durability, practical value, and visual appeal. Standing-seam metal roofing has a distinctive ribbed appearance with long, vertical metal panels interlocking one another. 

Thanks to the raised seams and a concealed fastening system, roofs of this type are weather-resistant and require little maintenance. Plus, they are not vulnerable to damage made by the expansion and contraction of panels.

The average cost of standing seam metal roofing varies from $9 to $16 per square foot, with premium metals like copper costing around $17 per square foot.

Metal shingle roofing

Metal shingles come in various colors and finishes, matching the appearance of traditional roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, wood shakes, and slate. This allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of metal roofing without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of their homes.

Metal shingles are divided into galvanized and galvalume ones, with the latter being coated with aluminum and the former with zinc. They are resistant to extreme weather conditions and are also impervious to rot, insects, and mold, reducing maintenance needs.

Depending on the selected material, metal shingle roofs cost from $6 to $14 per square foot or $9.000 to $35.000 for the whole project, including material and labor. 

The cost of a new metal roof by material type

The cost of metal roofing shingles with an open fastening system

Metal roofing prices can vary drastically by the type and quality of metal used. You can expect to pay from $100 to $2.000 per square, depending on the metal and coating of the selected roof. If you have a limited budget, it's better to opt for steel, both galvanized and galvalume. Check high-end options like aluminum, copper, and zinc if you seek to make a long-lasting investment.

Here's an overview of the costs of different metal roofs, expressed in price per square.

Metal type

Cost per square 

(material only)

Cost per square 

(material + installation)

Copper $900 – $2.000  $1.300 – $3.000
Aluminum $300 – $900 $700 – $1.700
Stone-coated steel $350 – $600 $700 – $1.300
Galvalume steel $100 – $450 $500 – $1.300
Galvanized steel $100 – $500 $500 – $1.300
Tin $300 – $1.100 $600 – $1.800
Zinc $500 – $1.000 $1.000 – $2.000

Copper roofing

Copper is a premium metal roofing option with a price range from $1.300 to $3.000 per square, including material and labor. This material is worth the investment as it has a distinctive aesthetic look, unmatched durability, and loving service life. Copper is an attractive choice for homeowners seeking a high-quality and long-lasting roofing solution.

Aluminum roofing

The cost of a metal roof made of aluminum ranges from $700 to $1.700 per square, including material and labor. This material is virtually immune to corrosion and can be installed in coastal regions. Besides, aluminum is energy-efficient, as it reflects sunlight and helps reduce heat gain in the house. Although aluminum is not as strong as steel, it is still a durable and long-lasting option for roofing.

Stone-coated steel

The cost range for a stone-coated metal roof varies from $700 to $1.300, including material and labor. This roofing features steel panels coated with a layer of stone granules. The stone coating enhances the aesthetic appeal of the roofing system, giving added protection against the elements and impact damage. In addition, stone-coated steel roofing can mimic the look of traditional materials like wood shakes, asphalt shingles, and clay tiles. 

Galvalume steel

This type of metal roofing is one of the most budget-friendly ones, with the price varying from $500 to $1.300, including material and labor. It is made of steel and coated with a layer of zinc for rust and corrosion resistance. While galvanized steel can not offer the same level of corrosion resistance as its galvalume counterpart, it still might be a good choice for homeowners looking for a durable and affordable roofing option.

Tin roofing

Tin roofing costs vary from $600 to $1.800 per square, including material and labor. Roofs of this type are made of a combination of steel or iron coated with a tin alloy that ensures protection against rust and corrosion. In addition, tin is a naturally durable and long-lasting material that can serve over 60 years with proper upkeep.

Zinc roofing

Zinc roofing costs from $1.000 to $2.000 per square or $15.000 to $50.000 per project, including material and installation. Roofs made of zinc are known for their exceptional durability and can last up to 100 years with due maintenance. In addition, they are corrosion-resistant and have a distinct appearance that can either be left in its natural state or pre-weathered to achieve a desirable patina.

Labor cost to install metal roof panels

Roofers are generally charged from $400 to $800 per square for installing metal roofing or $65 - $100 per hour. Factors like the size of the roof and its design and accessibility can add to the overall labor cost, just as well as the project location and complexity. 

To get a precise cost estimate for your metal roofing project, rely on the MyHomeQuote nationwide contractor-matching service. We work to satisfy the needs of homeowners, providing them with offers from reliable and vetted roofers operating nearby. 

Additional factors affecting the cost of metal roof replacement

Budgeting a metal roofing replacement project, one should also consider additional or minor cost-formation factors like roof pitch, metal gauge, fastening system, etc. 

See below to find out the additional factors that should be included in the metal roofing estimate.

  • Roof structural complexity. The more complex the roof structure, the higher the cost of installation. Steeper-pitched roofs with valleys, peaks, dormers, and hips are more challenging to work on and require additional safety measures, which increase labor costs. 
  • Metal gauge. The lower gauge numbers represent thicker metal, while the higher numbers indicate thinner metal. This factor impacts the overall metal roofing cost as thicker metal sheets are typically more expensive than thinner sheets because they contain more metal. 
  • Location. Density-populated regions usually have a higher cost of living. Thus, the labor rates in these regions are higher, including rates on metal roofing replacement. Plus, the local climate pattern determines the roofing materials you’ll need. For instance, steel does not suit coastal areas, while aluminum and zinc can do well with salty air.
  • Fasteners system. Metal roofs with concealed fasteners are more durable and cost higher upfront. Their counterparts with exposed fastener systems are cheaper yet have a lower return on investment. 
  • Roof underlayment. This roof component provides a barrier against water infiltration and helps protect the roof deck from damage. Installation of roof underlayment is often included in the overall metal roof estimate, but it might also be charged separately. The metal roofing underlayment costs $0.50 to $1.10 per square foot, including material and labor. 
  • Roofing permits. No major roofing job can be started without being approved by the local building department. Homeowners can deal with the permitting office themselves or entrust this task to their roofing contractors. Depending on the location, roofing permits may cost from $150 to $700.
  • Roof decking. If the decking of the existing roof is damaged or rotten, it can lead to leaks and structural issues. That is why roofers always recommend inspecting a roof before new metal panels installation, and if the decking is in poor condition, replace it. The cost of this roofing service ranges from $2 to $5 per square foot. 
  • Roof trimming/ flashing. Metal roof cost estimates often include trimming and flashing services. Their price depends on the metal roofing style, with standing seam costing higher than other types. You should expect to spend $2.50 to $5.00 per square foot for exposed fastener panels and $5.50 to $10.00 per square foot for concealed fastener panels.
  • Roof venting. Installing roof ventilation is essential for maintaining a healthy and energy-efficient home. Proper venting solves the issue of excess moisture and the buildup of harmful substances in the attic space, prolonging the roof's service life. Installing roof ventilation costs from $200 to $700 per vent. 

The cost of related roofing services

A metal roof is among the most long-lasting roofing options available on the market, but it still requires maintenance to preserve its original appearance and properties. To ensure the longevity of your new roof, you should be ready to allocate some funds annually for its upkeep and care.

Here are the related roofing services you might need to consider budgeting your ongoing and future metal roof installation and maintenance expenses:

  • Roof cleaning. You don't need specific skills to clean a metal roof. The required equipment is limited by a pressure washer and a soft-bristle brush to gently scrub the metal surfaces. Nevertheless, as a metal roof has a slippery surface and you will need to climb its very top, the process may involve certain risks. The national average cost of metal roof cleaning varies from $320 to $600, with most homeowners paying $490 for a middle-sized roof. 
  • Roof repairing. Although metal roofs have unbeatable durability and weather resistance, they can hardly serve for over 50 years without midterm repairs. Depending on the material, they can develop rust or be damaged by water. Besides, metal roofing is not immune to dents and punctures. If the roof's structural integrity is compromised, a roofer needs to undertake a set of measures to restore it. The average price for metal roofing repair varies from $500 to $2.000 and may go over the highest-end range when it comes to extensive damages.
  • Roof painting. Applying paint to a metal roof enhances its appearance, durability, and lifespan by providing additional protection against the elements. The cost of metal roof painting may vary by the selected paint type and roof system complexity. Generally, you should expect to spend from $1.20 to $2.70 per square foot.
  • Roof coating. Applying a protective coating is essential for metal roofs to protect them from corrosion and weathering. Depending on чthe roof size and complexity, as well as its accessibility and repairs to be done, the cost of coating may vary from $0.50 to $4.00 per square foot.

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What issues should you expect from metal roofing?

Before getting a metal roof, make sure to consider its downsides. First off, metal roofs can be noisier compared to other roofing materials. Second, the structure of metal panels promotes excessive water accumulation on them. Third, some metal roofs are more prone to corrosion than others and can have a reduced service life if not regularly painted and coated. Besides, metal roofs expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, potentially leading to cracking, fasteners loosening, or seam separation over time.

Are metal roofs energy-efficient?

Metal roofs have a low thermal mass, reducing the home's energy consumption, particularly during hot summer. This means the building stays cooler, and the air conditioning system does not have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. If you live in an extremely hot climate, you can even paint your metal roof white to make it more reflective and energy efficient.

Does the roof require reinforcement to install metal shingles?

Whether a roof requires reinforcement to install metal shingles depends on the existing structure and the weight of the metal shingles. Metal shingles are usually lightweight compared to other roofing materials, such as clay or concrete tiles. Therefore, many roofs can support the weight of metal shingles without additional reinforcement.