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Hints and tips on how to find home improvement contractors near me?

Homeownership is an indispensable part of American culture. Thousands of people pursue their dreams of buying a residential property in a picturesque suburban area. They visualize a serene life in a pretty house with spacious living rooms, a stylish kitchen, and a BBQ zone. However, the reality is a bit different. Residential property upkeep costs thousands of dollars, not counting mortgage payouts, taxes, and major repairs spending. The statistic goes that every other residential property owner spends up to 4% of a home's value on its maintenance annually.

Hints and tips on how to find home improvement contractors near me?

House upkeep spending is not the only homeowner's headache. Finding a licensed general contractor is a challenging task too. All repair works should be approached professionally, whether plumbing pipes fixing or roof installation. So, the question arises, "How to find a contractor for home renovations whose competence and rates will live up to your expectations?"

Keep reading to find out how contractor-matching services can streamline house remodeling. 

Table of contents

  1. The operational principle of contractor-matching platforms
  2. How to benefit from using contractor-matching services as a homeowner?
  3. How to benefit from using contractor-matching services as a home renovation specialist?
  4. How to find contractors near me with MyHomeQuote?

The operational principle of contractor-matching platforms

Let us imagine that you've recently moved with your family into a house in a state or county you've never lived in before. Whether it's a new or pre-owned property, the chances are you will need local pros for maintenance and other renovation projects. As you settle in a new place, you're probably not acquainted with someone who can provide you with word-of-mouth references. So, the only option left is to do some online research on top general contractors near me. Unfortunately, it may not give you the results you've expected. First off, far from all home remodelers have their websites. Secondly, you may be hooked by misleading ads. 

Not to end up hiring third-party contractors whose work will cost you heaps of money and your nerves, you better leave a request on one of the contractor-matching websites. They offer a reliable way to match you with independent contractors or companies that will be perfect for any of your renovation projects.

Here's how the contractor-matching system works: 

  • A homeowner selects the needed project category
  • A homeowner answers a few questions regarding their renovation needs and location 
  • A system handles the request, selecting vetted specialists in the homeowner's area 
  • Dedicated specialists double-check the collected quotes to ensure their relevance 
  • A homeowner receives estimates and contact details for up to 5 pre-screened remodelers
  • A homeowner compares the given quotes and contacts only those pros who meet their requirements

How to benefit from using contractor-matching services as a homeowner?

Contractor-matching platforms perform as all-in-one tools available to consumers nationwide. As a rule, they cover countless home improvement services, including exterior and interior renovations, cleaning, moving, and even solar panel installation. Contractor-matching websites streamline the process of local specialists' search, allowing you to solicit bids in a flash. 

Here is what you can turn to your advantage using matching services as a homeowner:

  • A vast array of hand-picked renovation pros in every state 
  • Clear-cut contractors' estimates you can get at no fee
  • A quick option to find local renovation pros
  • Dozens of home remodeling contractors on choice 
  • No obligation (it's up to a homeowner whether to contact a pro or not) 
  • An ability to track performed jobs in a personal account profile
  • An ability to optimize home renovation costs

How to benefit from using contractor-matching services as a home renovation specialist?

Home improvement specialists and construction companies can also benefit from using contractor-matching platforms. These services help them define a clear lead generation strategy, boosting the number of potential clients and doubling revenue. Matching services use advanced marketing approaches to collect quality leads who seek a specific contractor in their area. Contractors should set up their business profiles on as many listing platforms as possible to attract more clients. You pay when you get a lead, so there is nothing to miss. 

Simply put, using contractor-matching services is a win-win solution for every party involved. Homeowners fulfill their renovation needs, getting "contractors near me" free estimates while home remodelers receive a stable flow of orders.

To sum up, here is what you can turn to your advantage using matching services as a contractor:

  • Effective lead generation technique 
  • Long-term return on investment 
  • Contractors are charged only when the lead information is on their side
  • Recently launched renovation businesses gain trust and first clients 
  • Contractors can stop lead flow whenever they want 
  • An ability to manage customer requests and collect payments in a personal account 
  • The best bet for filling gaps in the schedule during slow times

How to find contractors near me with MyHomeQuote?

MyHomeQuote is a trusted contractor-matching website that helps American homeowners get free estimates from local home remodeling contractors. A company made thousands of matches between property owners and renovation pros, bringing tremendous value to both parties. From a user-friendly matching service to an extended knowledge base, MyHomeQuote spares no effort to streamline your remodeling projects. 

Here is how the system works: 

  • Homeowners pick the needed repair services from the list of available
  • Homeowners answer a few questions about their makeover project
  • Homeowners specify their personal data and home address
  • MyHomeQuote processes the obtained data, selecting suitable contractors according to the user's request
  • MyHomeQuote provides homeowners with free estimates from top local contractors 

House remodeling has never been that easy! With MyHomeQuote, all types of repairs can be done in no time. Just leave your request on a platform and rest easy, knowing you have trusted contractors to land you a helping hand anytime you need them. 

Sought-after home repair services near you

Roof repair & restoration

Roof repair & installation

The lion's share of the house remodeling cost should go for roof restoration

Windows restoration & repair

Window replacement & repair

Homeowners should keep a close eye on their window efficiency

Solar systems installation

Solar panels installation

Going solar should be an ultimate part of any major home renovation project

HVAC Installation & repair

HVAC Installation & repair

Install an advanced HVAC system to improve your home's air quality

Bathroom remodeling & maintenance

Bathroom remodeling & maintenance

Add to your house value by updating the look and functionality of your bathroom

Kitchen remodeling & maintenance

Kitchen remodeling & maintenance

Consider a kitchen remodeling to make it more welcoming and comfortable

Gutters repair & installation

Gutters repair & installation

Keep the gutter system in mint condition to prevent any damage to the integrity of your home.

Flooring installation & repair

Flooring installation & repair

Install new flooring to enhance your home's appearance and add extra value to it

Siding installation & repair

Siding installation & repair

Replace the exterior siding to spruce up your home's curb appeal and increase its sale value

Walk-in tubs installation & repair

Walk-in tubs installation & repair

Equip your home with a walk-in tub to enjoy improved safety while taking a bath



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