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How Much Does Gutter Repair Cost in 2023?

$4 — $30the average cost per linear foot repaired

$280 — $625the average total cost repaired (100-200 lin. ft.)

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*Cost data is taken from open sources.

How Much Does Gutter Repair Cost in 2023?

Properly-performing gutters play a crucial role in the home's drainage system, collecting rainwater from the roof and diverting it away from the foundation and walls. In case they sag, pull away, or clog, water may pour off the roof edges, ruining everything on its way. As a result, homeowners who did not manage to detect and repair their guttering systems timely have to deal with awful consequences like damaged windows and doors, leakages, mildew growth, and structural issues, to name a few. 

As a rule, poor maintenance and adverse external factors are the culprits of gutter damage. Temperature fluctuations, strong winds, and the weight of snow or ice result in gutters warping, cracking, and rust. Besides, gutters are subject to regular accumulation of debris. If not cleaned regularly, they become clogged. That is why if you are not used to paying much attention to your guttering system and checking it after every storm, you are most likely dealing with the damage now. 

Read on to discover the up-to-the-minute cost of repairing gutters. The numbers in the article are based on the surveys taken this year, so you can rest assured of their relevance. We have covered in detail most aspects affecting the total gutter repair estimate. That is why you can confidently use the given information to calculate the budget for your upcoming guttering project.

The National Average Gutter Repair Cost

Labor cost to repair gutters

The cost one can be charged for replacing home gutters depends on the damage extent, the type and material of the system as well as additional services required. Despite the substantial price fluctuations around the country, we can state that the average range falls between $280 and $625, with most homeowners paying around $400 to update some section of their guttering system. Fixing major damage or replacing the entire gutter system may be as high as $1,850 - $3,500. 

An overview of the average gutter repair prices.

Low-end cost (minor repairs)


Low-end cost (major repairs)


National average cost (minor repairs)


National average cost (major repairs)


National average cost range (minor repairs)

$280 - $625

National average cost range (major repairs)

$1,850 - $3,500

High-end cost (minor repairs)


High-end cost (major repairs)


The Cost of Gutter Repair by Linear Foot

As a rule, gutter professionals don't charge per hour. Instead, they charge per linear foot of a newly installed or repaired guttering system. The gutter repair cost you should expect to pay per linear foot ranges between $4 and $30, with minor repairs falling within $4 - $12 and complete replacement within $6 - $22.

Here is how the final gutter repair estimate may be affected by the size of the sections to be repaired.

Linear feet to repair

The average cost range


$75 – $175


$125 – $365


$185 – $550


$250 – $690


$290 – $890

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Gutter Repair

The cost to repair gutters

Several factors contributing to the overall expense can affect the cost of a complex gutter update. These factors mainly cover the size and design of the roof, the extent of the damage, the condition of the rest of the home's drainage system, as well as the type, style, and material of the guttering system. Having an idea of the essential cost-formation factors will enable you to make an informed decision when it comes to repairing your home's gutter system. Read on to discover more about what affects the roof gutter repair cost. With this information at hand, you will budget your guttering project more efficiently. 

The cost to repair gutters by their type

Gutters can be either sectional or seamless, with the former being cheaper to repair. Sectional gutters consist of small segments joined together, each replaceable independently. Despite being sealed, leaks can occur if the sealant breaks. On the other hand, seamless gutters, made from long, single pieces tailored to fit the house, are less likely to leak but pricier to fix or replace due to their larger size.

Here is how much to fix the gutters of both types.

Type of gutters

The average cost range


$145 - $295

Seamed/ sectional

$125 - $225

The cost to fix gutters by their style

The specific structure and style of the gutters can substantially influence the budget required for their repair or replacement. This is because different gutter designs have unique attributes, installation complexities, and material costs, affecting the overall expense. Generally, all guttering systems can be divided into three major types: K-style, half-round, and box.

K-style gutters

The most widespread and affordable gutters are those coming in K-style. They are distinguished by a flat bottom and back with a decorative front side, making them a favorable choice in terms of design and capacity. Thanks to their molding-like appearance, K-style gutters greatly fit classic residential homes and rustic-like mansions. Plus, their high rainwater capacity and availability in multiple materials make them a cost-efficient guttering choice for US homeowners. Their repair cost falls between $8,50 - $15,50 per linear foot, including material and labor. 

Half-round gutters

As their name suggests, these gutters are shaped like a half-circle. They are typically made of aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel. Half-round gutters come at a higher cost than their K-style counterparts due to a more favorable design that prevents water stagnation, ensuring no obstacles stay in the way of water that flows from the roof. Nevertheless, their water-carrying capacity is lower than K-style systems offer, which may result in overflows if they are used in high-precipitation areas. Half-round gutter repairs cost varies from $10,00 to $17,50 per linear foot.

Box gutters

Despite their high cost and rarity in modern homes, box gutters are known for their distinct rectangular design and large water-flow capacity. Their use of wider downspouts sets them apart, but finding an installer for this less common, almost antiquated gutter system, might prove challenging. Homeowners often line these gutters with premium materials like copper to extend their service life because they have high architectural value. Box gutter repair costs from $22 to $55 per linear foot, depending on the damage extent and material. If the damage is severe, you will be recommended to replace your box gutters, as costly repairs might be totally uneconomical. 

Here are gutter repair costs by style.

Gutter style

The average cost range

K-style gutters

$8,50 - $15,50

Half-round gutters

$10,00 - $17,50

Box gutters

$22,00 - $55,00

The average cost of gutter repair by material

The basic materials for guttering systems are metal alloys and vinyl. Copper, steel, and zinc are costlier, while PVC and aluminum are lighter and cheaper to install. Depending on your regional climate pattern, budget, and aesthetic requirements, you may spend as little as $55 or as high as $400 to repair your gutters. 

Read on to find the answer to how much it costs to repair gutters depending on their material. 

Aluminum gutters

This guttering material is favored for its lightweight and rust-proof properties. It is an affordable option that can be easily installed and maintained. Despite their susceptibility to sagging and bending, aluminum gutters are rather cheap to repair, averaging around $85 to $200. Moreover, their adaptable nature makes them easy to patch, reattach, or replace when required.

Copper gutters

These gutters are known for their high-end appeal, durability, and distinctive aging process, resulting in an attractive patina over time. They are costlier than other gutter materials, offering almost a century of service life. This makes copper gutters an investment in both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a property. The cost to fix them ranges from $150 to $270, with most homeowners paying around $190, including material and labor. Please note that the specified pricing is relevant for minor repairs only. Any complex work, like patina removal, costs $450 and higher. 

Steel gutters

This material is classic in the guttering segment, offering a perfect balance of strength and affordability. Steel gutters can withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions. Galvanized steel gutters, in particular, resist rust and corrosion, staying intact for decades. While they are heavier and require professional installation, their cost-effectiveness and longevity make them a worthwhile investment for those seeking a robust and dependable gutter system. Steel gutters fix costs range from $120 to $225, including material and labor. 

Vinyl gutters

PVC is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking an affordable and lightweight guttering option. They are easy to install and repair. Plus, they are immune to corrosion compared to metal guttering options and don't require high maintenance expenses. Nevertheless, PVC gutters are only suitable for temperate climates and can burn out in the hot sun or become brittle in extreme cold. That is why one should consider the local weather before getting these gutters for their home. The cost to repair gutters made of vinyl varies from $75 to $190, with most homeowners spending around $135 per project. 

Zinc gutters

Gutters made of zinc have the same distinctive patina as copper ones, adding a unique aging aesthetics. They are durable, long-lasting, weather-resistant, and require minimal maintenance. These and other advantages of zinc make it a premium guttering material, handling and repairing which cost between $180 - $300. Zinc is rigid and difficult to cut and bend. That is why guttering pros charge even higher for zinc gutters repair than for copper ones. 

The average gutter repair cost by the type of material

Type of gutter material

The average cost range 


$85 - $200


$150 - $270


$120 - $225


$75 - $190


$180 - $300

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How Much Does Gutter Repair Cost by Damage Type?

Gutter repair cost near you

As well as the roof, gutters are regularly exposed to the elements and other external factors that affect their appearance and integrity. No matter what material they are made of, gutters are not immune to holes, leaks, sagging, and other issues. Whether patching holes, unclogging debris-filled channels, or fixing sagging sections, each specific gutter problem presents unique challenges. As such, the cost of rain gutter repair can significantly vary, depending on the nature and severity of the issue. Read on to discover damages that often occur with guttering systems and the average budget you need to patch them. 

Rust gutters

Metal gutters, especially not galvanized ones, may rust over time. By its nature, rust represents not only visual but functional problems, leading to leaks, holes, and potentially costly water damage to your property. The cost to repair rusty gutters depends on the severity and extent of the damage. Minor rust spots can be treated and sealed for as low as $70 - $125. However, extensive rust damage might require partial or even complete replacement of the gutter system, which can cost up to $400. 

Sagging gutters

The problem of sagging gutters is common in areas with high precipitation levels. The excessive load of water, snow, ice, and debris that accumulate in the system causes fasteners to loosen and the whole gutter sections to sag. As a result, you may encounter improper water routing and home foundation damage. The sagging gutters repair cost varies from $90 to $215. Repair jobs usually involve the adjustment or replacement of hangers, which secure the gutter to the house. 

Clogged gutters

Clogging is often the result of insufficient maintenance. If not regularly cleaned, gutters accumulate leaves, twigs, and other debris that block the path of flowing water. As a result, homeowners have to deal with overflows, sagging, and even home foundation damage, not to mention that standing water is a perfect breeding ground for pests. The cost to have your gutters professionally cleaned and unclogged typically ranges from $75 to $250, depending on the size of your home and the complexity of the job. 

Overflowing gutters

The problem of overflowing is common in rainy and stormy weather. Plus, it may occur due to clogs, improperly pitched systems, or gutters too small to handle the volume of water. If not treated in time, water pouring from overflowing gutters damages the siding, foundation, and landscaping. Contractors clean, re-pitch and upgrade gutters to large sizes to eliminate overflowing. The cost they charge depends on the gutters type and material, ranging from $90 to $200. 

Leaked gutters

Leaks occur due to cracks or holes in the gutters or poorly joined seams. Relatively harmless at first glance, leaks lead to significant water damage to the home's exterior and foundation. Depending on leak severity and location, contractors may need to patch and seal holes and cracks or fix faulty seams. As a result, the gutter leak repair cost may vary from $75 to $320. Regular maintenance and inspection can help detect leaks early, leading to simpler and less expensive repairs.

Cracked gutters

Weather calamities and physical damage often become the culprits of gutter cracks, resulting in leaks and decreased efficiency. If left untreated, cracks worsen, leading to more severe issues and costlier repairs. Gutter pros often patch the occurred cracks and apply a waterproof sealant to prevent their extension. This kind of repair may cost you from $70 to $180. Major cracks, in their turn, are eliminated by gutter section replacement, which can be a more costly endeavor, running into $140 - $320. 

Here is how the average gutter repair costs vary by the type of damage.

Damage type

The average cost range


$70 - $400


$90 - $215


$75 - $250


$90 - $200


$75 - $320


$70 - $320

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Different Elements of a Guttering System?

Understanding the cost of fixing various parts of a guttering system is crucial to maintaining its proper functionality and longevity. Keep reading to discover the specifics of what different gutter repairs may cost. 

Downspout repair

Downspouts play a crucial role in the overall gutter system. They extend vertically from the rooftop to the ground alongside the house, channeling water away from the foundation. When damaged or blocked, they can lead to significant water-related issues. The downspout repair cost generally ranges from $50 to $200 and involves clearing blockages and fixing leaks.

Seams repair

Damaged seams are common for sectional gutters, where they serve as junction points separating system sections. Seams may lose or develop holes that might be fixed by resealing or replacing connectors. Faulty seams are relatively simple to repair, and contractors charge around $75 - $150 for this job. 

Drain pipe repair

The drain pipe directs the rainwater from the structure's foundation into a drain system. Drain pipe repair usually involves removing obstructions, sealing leaks, or reattaching detached sections. It usually costs $75 - $120 to eliminate drain pipe issues.

Gutter guard repair

Guards are the protective covers installed over the top of the existing gutters. They prevent debris from entering the drainage system, reducing the possibility of clogs. Deteriorated or damaged guards fail to prevent gutter blockage, which leads to gutter overflow and leakage. Repairing a gutter guard depends on the extent of the damage. Minor issues may be fixed by realigning the guard. However, significant damage like large holes, warping, or breakage may require a full replacement. The cost you will pay depends on the damage extant and fixing approach, ranging from $80 to $145.

The gutter repair estimate by the parts that make up a guttering system.

The element of a guttering system

The average cost range


$50 - $200


$75 - $150

Drain pipe

$75 - $120

Gutter guard

$80 - $145

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What is the difference between DIY and professional gutter repair?

A DIY approach to gutter repair is cost-effective for minor issues like cleaning clogs, fixing minor leaks, or replacing gutter guards. Nevertheless, trained technicians are required when you have to deal with gutter sagging, cracking, or overflowing. They can efficiently diagnose and fix complex issues, ensuring a reliable and durable solution to your problem.

What are the signs that a guttering system needs to be repaired?

Visible signs of gutter damage that should set off immediate repair alarms include cracks, rust spots, loose seams, and leaks. Plus, you may notice water overflow and gutter sagging during heavy rain. Peeling paint or water damage on exterior walls may also hint at water escaping from the gutters.

How to save money on gutter repair?

Saving money on gutter repair primarily involves preventative maintenance - regularly cleaning and inspecting your gutters can help catch minor issues before they become more expensive problems. Opting for quality materials during installation can also reduce the need for frequent repairs. Moreover, learning basic DIY repairs for minor issues can help avoid the cost of professional services.