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How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost in 2023?

$400 – $1,900the average total cost to install

$2,60 – $16the average cost to install per foot

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How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost in 2023?

Do you live in South Carolina, Louisiana, or another state where lake-effect rain can last for days? Installing a top-notch gutter system can make a difference in your home’s preservation. Not only does it catch water and sleet from the roof, but it also helps prevent mold issues and ensure foundation stability. But keeping your gutters clean can be a real pain in the neck. If you don’t feel like removing leaves and pine needles time and again, install special protective screens. No worries, the cost of gutter guards won’t break the bank. As the market offers dozens of affordable options, you can easily find one that suits you most.

Even though the average cost of gutter guards is $1,160, most homeowners spend between $400 to $1,900 across the USA. So, if there are parks or many trees near your house, you can save a bundle in the days to come as contractors charge from $80 to $240 for gutter cleaning services. 

Experienced DIYers can handle a gutter guard installation project and only pay for materials. If you go for plastic, PVC, or other cheap screens, the gutter guards’ cost can be as little as $200 for a small house. But those interested in high-end, professionally installed gutter guards should be ready to fork out about $4,200.

The gutter guard cost

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost


Typical cost range

$400 - $1,900

The Gutter Guard Costs Per Linear Foot

Discover the gutter guard price

Roofing contractors never charge homeowners a set fee for gutter guard installation, as too many factors affect the final price. In the first place, it’s about the material from which the construction is made of. For example, aluminum gutters are more durable than vinyl, so the gutter guards installation cost will be higher. 

You can expect to spend from $90 to $1,500 for a standard one-story house with 150 linear feet of protective screens. In other words, the cost for gutter guards can range from $0,60 to $10 for materials only. If you are about to install them yourself, make sure you have a circular saw, ladder, screwdriver, and other necessary equipment.  

You can always save yourself the hassle of fastening gutter guards by hiring experienced contractors. They have all it takes to complete the project to the highest standards and within a short time. With most specialists charging from $2 to $6 per linear foot for the work, the gutter guard cost per foot installed falls between $2,60 and $16. The rates may be different for larger and smaller houses. 

If it’s challenging to calculate what option fits best into your budget, ask a few contractors for estimates. To avoid repeating your project details, avail yourself of MyHomeQuote, the best contractor-matching platform. Leave your request, writing something like, “How much are gutter guards per foot in New Jersey?” and get the first quotes in a jiffy. To narrow down the search area, specify your ZIP code.  

Factors Affecting the Gutter Guard Installation Price

The average cost range of professionally installed gutter guards helps better understand market rates. But it doesn’t guarantee your expenses will fall within it. The cost to install gutter guards can increase or decrease depending on the following:

  • Geographic location. Expecting the same labor rates in New York City as in Missouri is wishful thinking, as living standards affect the market. Plus, megapolises always incur higher gutter guard prices than rural regions.
  • Accessibility. Hard-to-reach gutters require more time and labor to complete the project. Contractors may also need special equipment like scaffolding or lifts. All these nuances can skyrocket the labor cost to install gutter guards. 
  • Climate. Typical weather conditions determine which type of leaf guard best fits your home. While homeowners living in the Sunshine State can face PVC surface discoloration or cracking because of the sunlight exposure, Wyomingites need to worry about ice damming. And never-dying winds don’t go well with low-end materials that can be easily blown away. 
  • Size of gutters. The gutter screens cost is more affordable when you go for standard dimensions – 5 or 6 inches. But older buildings and dry climates may require a 4-inch leaf gutter than a traditional variant, while heavy rainfall can make you consider a 7-inch option. 

The Average Cost of Gutter Guards by Type 

How to select an ideal type of gutter guard for your home? You can start by checking the style and size of your existing gutters to discover the perfect match. The next step is to examine debris in your yard. Is it more about foliage, sand mixed with small stones, or pine needles? Plus, you should decide on the gutter covers cost you can afford. With all these things in mind, you can choose from the following:

Mesh or micro-mesh

If you need to protect your gutters from small debris like twigs, the mesh design of gutter guards can be just the ticket. However, it’s worth noting that sand or mud can block extra small holes easily. Thus, it’s better only to consider micro-mesh for wet climates. You can find options made of PVC, steel, or aluminum. So, the cost of gutter guards per foot will be based on the material you opt for. The price range is from $1,70 to $5,60, with installation included. 


The porous nature of foam gutter guards allows rainwater to flow through while leaving the leaves and twigs on the top. But micro debris like seeds and dust can get lodged inside the foam. On top of that, this material can become home to spores and bacteria, provoking algae growth. 

Even though manufacturers of top-quality foam gutter guards guarantee a long lifespan (up to 10 years), you are likely to replace it before. As this material comes in a single piece and doesn’t require any special equipment for installation, you can slide it into the gutter yourself. How much does a gutter guard cost? You can spend $1,50 to $4,00 per linear foot for materials alone or up to $7,00 with installation. 


The working principle of brush gutter guards is similar to foam ones. You can also insert them yourself, saving on the cost of gutter guard installation. The bristle-covered guards allow for catching large- and mid-sized debris while letting water slide into the gutter. But they struggle with small debris like pine needles and seeds. This type of guard can last about 15 years, but you’ll have to clean them occasionally to prevent clogs and keep them in tip-top condition. The gutter guard price per linear foot is $0,70 to $4,80.


You can find screen gutters made of plastic, vinyl, and steel. The first two options have a short service life – up to 5 years if they won’t warp in the sun or get blown away by strong winds earlier. While they can block leaves and other large debris, pine needles can get in. The PVC gutter guard cost per foot ranges from $0,45 to $1,50. 

Even though steel screens work similarly to screen doors and windows, they come with larger holes, meaning small debris can slip through easily. Popular brands like Atlas offer steel screen guards in manageable sections, making them ideal for DIY installation. However, you can always contact experts to get the job done. The gutter guard installation cost can vary from $1,70 to $5,80 per linear foot. 

The cost of gutter covers by type


Average cost


$1,70 - $5,60


$1,50 - $7,00


$0,70 - $4,80


$0,45 - $5,80

The Average Price for Gutter Guards by Material

The steel gutter guards cost

With a slew of gutter guard materials available on the market, selecting the right one may feel like a daunting task. Is it worth investing in copper protective screens? Or vinyl guards can be a perfect option to go for? The type of debris you commonly deal with, budget, and maintenance requirements are pillars you should base your decision on. 


If you are currently interested in pocket-friendly gutter guards, plastic variants can be your top choice. The gutter protection cost will depend on the type and quality of the product. On the lower end, the price can be as little as $0.50 per linear foot, for example, for mesh models. If you are ready to fork out more, you can choose high-quality PVC protection screens that cost $2,50 to $4,00 per linear foot. High-end options usually come with additional beneficial features like micro-mesh filtration for the most minor debris. 

Even though the price of gutter guards may seem appealing, you should keep in mind that they are a no-no for areas with strong winds. Made of light materials, they aren’t durable and can be easily blown away or damaged.  

Stainless steel

Homeowners set their sights on stainless steel gutter guards because of their robustness, low maintenance, and extended warranty. But how much does it cost to install gutter guards? The average price varies depending on the brand, type, and local labor rates, falling between $4,00 to $12 per linear foot. For a DIY project, the gutter guard cost per linear foot can range from $1,70 to $3,75. Even though this material might seem expensive, you can benefit from it in the days to come as it offers rust-, corrosion-, and warping resistance, to name a few. And you can save yourself the bother of frequent gutter cleaning.


If you are looking for a middle ground between cheap PVC and expensive stainless steel gutter guards, aluminum is the right material to choose. The typical price range is $1 to $10 per linear foot. If you have an average home, you can spend between $100 and $2,000 for materials only to cover all gutters. Your expenses may depend on the design and quality of materials and whether you are about to hire professionals. The gutter guard installation cost per foot can run anywhere from $1,20 to $4,50, based on the project’s complexity and local labor rates. Please note that aluminum stands out with rust- and corrosion-resistant qualities but isn’t incredibly durable. 


Reinforcing your pre-existing copper gutters with guards of the same material can be a smart move. Durability and aesthetic similarities are guaranteed. How much does it cost to install gutter guards? As copper is considered a high-end material, you can expect to pay between $20 to $30 per linear foot. Thus, if you have 200 linear feet of gutters, you need to invest from $4,000 to $6,000 in guard installation. Even though the upfront costs may seem overwhelming, you can enjoy lifetime protection of your gutters in addition to minimal maintenance. 

The cost of gutter covers by material


Average cost


$0,50 - $4,00

Stainless steel

$4,00 - $12


$1,00 - $10


$20 - $30

The Price of Gutter Guards by Brand 

Once you pin down what type and material of gutter guards are the best bet for your home, selecting an ideal brand will be as easy as ABC. The thing is, most companies specialize in specific types and only use certain materials. So, you should pay more attention to the pricing policy (remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best), installation peculiarities (if it’s a DIY project), and warranties. Here are a few famous brands to consider:

  • LeafGuard. The company is famous for its micro-mesh gutter guard system that boasts seamless design and effectiveness in protecting gutters. The cost of gutter guards and installation can vary depending on the size and layout of your home, but most homeowners pay from $15 to $38 per linear foot. As this system involves customization, hiring professionals will be a must. So, if your home requires 150 linear feet of gutter guards, you may expect to spend anywhere between $2,300 to $5,700. Downspout extensions and other modifications are charged separately. 
  • Master Shield. If you can’t wait to say bye to chocked or overflowing gutters, this premium brand has what you need. Its gutter guards come with a lifetime no-clog guarantee, meaning you won’t waste time cleaning them anymore. And those living in a cold climate can go for models with built-in heating elements to avoid ice buildup. The average cost of gutter guards installed is between $19 and $27 per linear foot. But the price can fluctuate based on your geographical location, home layout, or potential deals. 
  • All American Gutter Protection. It is one of these companies that people willingly spread the word about. Its all-aluminum products offer uncompromising durability and a lifetime warranty. The average cost to install gutter guards falls between $15 and $22 per linear foot. No bending and warping is guaranteed, even for areas with extreme weather conditions.

For tailored quotes, come to MyHomeQuote, a contractor-matching platform. We can connect you with companies who work precisely with a brand you are interested in. You just need 3 minutes to specify your project details and the preferable gutter guards' price range. Hit the button below to open the questionnaire.  

The cost of gutter covers by brand


Average cost


$15 - $38

Master Shield

$19 - $27

All American Gutter Protection

$15 - $22

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What are the gutter guard installation methods?

The method of installation varies based on the type of gutter guard. For instance, vinyl or brush gutter guards snap into place and don’t require much adjustment, making them ideal for DIY installations. On the other hand, screen alternatives require screws and bolts. The complexity of the installation process is always reflected in the labor cost.

What to look for when getting gutter guards for the first time?

Material and type of gutter guard are the first things to consider as they define how effective this upgrade will be in dealing with clogging. You should also make sure the guards are compatible with your existing gutters. If you aren’t ready to cover the cost for gutter guard installation, look for options suitable for DIY.

Are gutter guards worth the investment?

Installing gutter guards is a great way to protect your gutters from debris that can lead to clogs and water damage. They can also prevent water from freezing while prolonging the gutter's lifespan.