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How Much Do Copper Gutters Cost in 2023?

$3,400 – $5,900the average total cost installed (100-200 lin. ft.)

$20 – $38the average cost per linear foot installed

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How Much Do Copper Gutters Cost in 2023?

Owning a house gives you the power to revamp it to your liking, a benefit tenants can’t enjoy. But you need to be wise with your money as hundreds of problems may occur around the home. Thus, copper gutters make for stunning long-term investment as they offer exceptional durability and a timeless, elegant look. And they also require less maintenance than other materials as they are rust- and rot-resistant. The copper gutters cost can be the only handicap as it is three times higher compared to the price of aluminum or PCV alternative. 

Most US homeowners spend between $3,400 and $5,900 for copper gutter installation. Your expenses will depend on the style and length of material required to build an efficient roof drainage system. The lowest copper gutter price is $2,300 for installing 100 linear feet of 4-inch, K-style gutters on a one-story house. The high-end options can set you back about $9,500, give or take.

The cost of copper gutters

Low-end cost


High-end cost


Average total cost 


The Copper Gutters Price by Length 

Calculating the length of gutters required in feet is the simplest way to understand your potential expenses. Suppose you own a small one-story home. In this case, 50 linear feet may be enough to prevent mildew growth and other water damage.

However, a 1,500-square-foot house will need about 100 to 250 linear feet. As the average copper gutters cost per foot falls between $20 and $38, you may expect to pay $2,000 to $3,800 for 100 lin. ft. installed. Please note that contractors may charge higher for installing copper gutters on a two-story building. 

The copper gutter installation cost per linear foot

Copper gutter length 

Average cost range


$1,000 - $1,900


$2,000 - $3,800


$3,000 - $5,700


$4,000 - $7,600


$5,000 - $9,500

The Cost of Copper Gutters by Type 

Once in the market, you can run across two key types of copper gutters – sectional and seamless. As their names suggest, the first one comprises multiple sections, while the latter comes in a single piece and only has joints at the downspout and corners. They both have their pros and cons, including the copper gutter prices. Let’s go into detail about each option.

Seamless gutters

If enhanced durability and low maintenance are your top priority, it’s worth investing in continuous gutters. They are custom cut on-site to decrease the number of joints, reducing the likelihood of leaks and clogs to zero. However, seamless gutters are not eligible for DIY installation, meaning you can’t do it without professional assistance. The cost of copper gutters per foot can be anywhere from $25 to $40. 

Sectional gutters

The installation process requires less time and effort as seamed gutters come in standard pre-cut sections, from 5- to 15-foot each. If you are an experienced DIYer, you may complete the project yourself. How much are copper gutters in this case? You can expect to spend $18 to 29 for materials alone or $19 to $34 (installation included) per linear foot. Even though this type of copper gutter is more budget-friendly, it is more prone to leaks and less appealing. 

If you can’t decide what type can work better for your home, leave your request on the MyHomeQuote platform to get free quotes from multiple contractors. Thus, you’ll discover the price of copper gutters based on the required length and be able to make a more data-driven decision. Specify your ZIP code to help us locate reliable roofing companies near you. 

The copper gutter price per foot by type


Average cost range (installed)

Seamless gutters

$25 - $40

Sectional gutters 

$19 - $34

The Copper Gutter Cost by Style 

The copper gutter cost by style

If you’ve read a thing about gutter styles, you know there are many options to choose from. But your choice is limited to the K-style and half-round when it comes to copper gutters. They both are available in sectional and seamless types, so the copper gutter cost per foot may vary based on this aspect. 

However, if you compare, for example, countless K-style and half-round gutters, you’ll see that they have almost the same price. That’s why it’s worth paying more attention to what option match better your home design:

  • K-style. It’s the most popular style of copper gutters in the USA, as it perfectly fits modern homes. Such gutters have flat backs and decorative fonts that mimic crown molding. The copper gutter cost per linear foot is slightly lower and falls between $24 and $35 installed. 
  • Half-round. It’s also known as U-style thanks to its curved shape that resembles a cylinder tube cut in half lengthwise. Such a construction offers a bit of old-school vibes that work well with historical buildings. The price tag is usually between $26 to $39 (installation included). 

The copper rain gutters cost by style


Average cost range (installed)


$24 - $35


$26 - $39

Labor cost to install copper gutters 

If you are used to fixing all home issues, you may decide to install your brand-new copper gutter too. But chances are that you’ll regret that right away. The thing is that copper is more challenging than PVC and aluminum materials to deal with, even for specialists. If you don’t have hands-on experience with soldering and professional equipment, it’s worth scheduling professional roofing services.

How much are copper gutters per foot installed? The project’s total cost can set you back from $3,400 to $4,200 if you go for seamed copper gutters (about 150 linear feet). Here you can pay from $160 to $630 for labor only. It may take contractors about 5-6 hours to get things done. 

If you choose seamless copper gutters, you can expect to spend from $650 to $1,150 for labor. The total copper gutter prices per foot installed can go as high as $6,300. 

Please note that most contractors charge $1,00 to $7,50 per linear foot. That’s why collecting multiple quotes from local specialists is a smart move.

The average replacement cost of copper gutters

Copper gutters are famous for their durability and long service life. But they are not immune to damages, for instance, because of the debris buildup. Once you schedule inspection services, a professional roofer can pinpoint the issue and tell whether gutters can be repaired or replacement is the only way. 

Loose hangers and small holes can be fixed on the budget compared to the cost of copper gutters. In most cases, you can fork out from $300 to $630. However, extensive cracks, broken fasteners, and noticeable sagging are qualified for replacement. 

As specialists can’t install new material when old gutters are still in place, you’ll have to pay about $0,75 per linear foot for removal. If you need to replace about 100 linear feet of gutters, you should factor $75 into your calculations. With the copper rain gutters price of $20 to $38 per linear foot, you can shell out about $4,600 for replacement.

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What is the cost of copper downspouts?

You can come across copper gutter downspouts in various shapes, styles, and sizes. The price tag may change depending on whether you go for pre-patina or simple finish or whether your downspouts are 3” or 6” wide. The average cost is between $15 to $30 per foot, so that you can shell out from $350 to $600 for materials only.

How to upkeep copper gutters?

The maintenance routine should involve regular cleaning with a brush or blower from leaves, twigs, and other debris. If you spot any leaks, they should be fixed early on. Never use sealants, as they provoke discoloration. Make sure the downspouts aren’t blocked or damaged.

Are copper gutters worth it?

The cost of copper gutters may seem overwhelming compared to other materials, but they are the best bet for eco-conscious homeowners striving to add an elegant look to their homes. You can also enjoy an extensive lifespan and close-to-zero maintenance costs.