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Facts and Figures: The Cost of Installing Downspouts in 2023

$320 – $640the average total cost installed

$4,5 – $25the average cost per linear foot installed

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*Cost data is taken from open sources.

Facts and Figures: The Cost of Installing Downspouts in 2023

Want your gutter system to function like a well-oiled machine? Make sure all its components are damage-free and properly installed. While many homeowners only focus on gutters, downspouts do the lion’s share of the work. Attached vertically to the building, they snatch up collected rainwater out of gutters and direct it away from your house, preventing costly foundation problems. That’s why downspout installation should be part and parcel of your gutter replacement project. 

It’s crucial to ensure the smooth functioning of downspouts as they hinder rainwater accumulation around the house. Hence, the likelihood of basement flooding and humidity issues (including mildew growth) decreases. Plus, you can protect sidewalks and driveways from eroding while keeping your shrubs and indoor plants healthy and thriving. 

How much does a downspout cost? Whatever material, style, or length you need, chances are that you can find an ideal option. But your preferences will be reflected in the price. Suppose you need 4 downspouts of 12-foot length made of vinyl. In this case, you can pay as little as $100. If you order them in galvanized steel, you should be ready to fork out $485. And you can spend $1,250+ for a copper alternative as it is considered a high-end option. But most US homeowners shell out between $320 to $640 for downspout installation. 

The cost of downspouts

National average cost


Low-end cost


High-end cost


Typical cost range

$320 - $640

The Average Downspout Cost Per Foot 

Low downspout priceWilling to estimate possible expenses for a downspout installation project? The best tried-and-true way is to use the downspout price per linear foot in calculations. Depending on the material you choose, it can fall anywhere between $4.5 and $25 installed. 

If the need for new downspouts has caught you unawares when you run out of money, consider budget-friendly materials like vinyl and aluminum. They may set you back anywhere from $4,5 to $12 per linear foot. However, if you are about to make a long-term investment, go for steel and copper options. Even though the downspout installation cost is higher, these materials can last longer. 

The cost of brand-new downspouts per linear foot

Price per lin. ft. (materials only)

$1,00 - $17

Price per lin. ft. (installed)

$4,5 - $25

Major Factors Affecting the Cost of Downspouts

Location, installation, and job complexity are only a few criteria determining how much you’ll spend on downspouts. The price can also change depending on the design and style you go for. Plus, contractors can charge a fee for customization and add-on accessories. However, let’s take a closer look at the factors that most affect the downspout cost.


Most downspouts come in lengths of 10 feet, while the sizes may range from 2x3 inches to 3x4 inches and occasionally 4x5 inches for some unique residential drainage systems. Larger downspouts have a wider diameter and cost more due to the increased material used. Thus, while installing downspouts for a one-story home may set you back from $115 to $380, the price will be doubled for a two-story house. 

If you can’t decide what size of downspout will be best for your home, schedule a consultation with an experienced roofing contractor. To get in touch with the best in the business, use the MyHomeQuote platform. We can locate gurus of downspout installation in your area once you specify your ZIP code.

The cost of new downspouts by size


Average costs installed

8 feet

$36 - $200

10 feet

$45 - $250

14 feet

$63 - $350

16 feet

$72 - $400


As downspouts are vital to the outdoor drainage system, you can find them in numerous styles and forms to match gutters. If you fancy bolder solutions, you can mix some styles for a wow effect. The downspout replacement cost can range from $22 to $265, based on the material and type. Willing to know how much you may have to shell out for a 10 ft. downspout in each case? Keep reading. 


While more sophisticated downspouts may be hard-to-find in some areas, rectangular ones are widespread. Whatever material and color you want your downspouts to be made of, you can lay your hands on them. Even though most models have a slightly grooved surface, smooth alternatives are available too. For a DIY project, you can purchase prefabricated downspouts that come in 10-foot lengths. Or you can hire professionals to make seamless options on-site. How much are downspouts? You should expect to fork out between $18 to $85 to get them installed. 


If you are looking for downspouts to match your K-Style gutters, this option is just the ticket. Most US homeowners choose this type for its availability and aesthetic appeal, which perfectly blends well with modern and traditional houses. You can find models in all possible sizes, lengths, and materials. K-Style downspouts stand out with a larger capacity than their round counterparts of the same diameter. To install downspouts of this style, you may spend between $17 and $90. 


Even though this type doesn’t bask in popularity, it can become a godsend for homes with gutter intersections. Bi-feed downspouts feature two inlets, making them capable of connecting to two gutters simultaneously and collecting more water. The only drawback is the short length, meaning the interconnecting section can be required. You can expect to spend between $26 to $79 to get them installed. 


Whether for space saving or expandability, flexible downspouts are a perfect choice. You can adjust or redirect them with no sweat, meaning it’s possible to improve drainage water management in all possible locations. From PVC to rubber to aluminum, you can find options made of various materials. How much do downspouts cost? The price ranges from $26 to $96 with installation. 

Rain chain

If you are about to boost your home’s curb appeal while dealing with rainwater, rain chain downspouts are what you need. They are ten times as beautiful and visually appealing as their traditional counterparts, so it’ll be easier to match them with your home’s exterior. As water cascades down the chains, you’ll enjoy soothing sounds as a bonus. The only bottleneck can be the cost, ranging from $47 to $205 installed. 


While most downspouts only work great with modern buildings, a round type blends well with various architectural styles. The absence of corners and improved weight distribution ensure better wear resistance and drainage. They can handle large quantities of rainwater efficiently, making them the #1 choice for areas with heavy rainfall. Most models are made of high-end materials like copper and stainless steel, meaning the price will also be higher. Thus, you can shell out from $77 to $255 for downspouts installed. 

With MyHomeQuote, you can get hold of the most reliable local contractors with reasonable rates. So, the cost to replace downspouts won’t make you feel frustrated ever again. For the most accurate search results, fill in the one-minute questionnaire below specifying your neighborhood.

The cost of new downspouts by type 


Average costs installed


$18 - $85


$17 - $90


$26 - $79


$26 - $96

Rain chain

$47 - $205


$77 - $255


Affordable downspout cost

Heavy rains, strong winds, and high temperatures are standard companions of downspouts. When they are made of nondurable materials, the likelihood of repairs increases. If you aren’t going to cover the downspout replacement cost every second year, it’s worth investing in quality options from the off. Select material that matches your current (or soon-to-be installed) gutters not to deal a nasty blow to your home exterior. 

  • Aluminum. If you fancy rectangular or round downspouts, aluminum makes for the material of choice. It comes with a stunning price/quality ratio, so you can expect to spend from $2,20 to $16 per linear foot with installation. 
  • Vinyl/ PVC. Vinyl gutters work best with downspouts of the same material. So, if you don’t install everything from scratch, go for it. Depending on the shape (rectangular vs. flexible), the cost may fall between $2 and $10 per linear foot installed.   
  • Galvanized steel. Uncompromising durability and rust resistance are what it’s worth selecting these downspouts for, especially if you live in a stormy area. Please note that most options come in white so that they can show up against the dark background. The downspout prices range from $3 to $21 per linear foot. 
  • Copper. If you have copper gutters, you may want to attach them to downspouts similar in terms of appearance and durability. As the patina ages slowly, seeing a single-color gutter system may take some time. The cost of copper gutters lands between $12 and $26 per lin. ft. installed. 
  • Galvalume. For those who prefer alloys, galvalume is the best bet. These downspouts have a steel base with an aluminum-zinc coating for better rust resistance. In total, you can expect to pay $7,5 per linear foot. 
  • Zinc. Even though zinc has some features in common with copper, it doesn’t change in color that much. It’s an ideal choice for eco-conscious homeowners as it is fully recyclable and long-lasting. The material + installation combo can cost $8,5 to $17 per linear foot. 

The downspout drainage system cost by material


Average costs installed per lin. ft.


$2,20 - $16

Vinyl/ PVC

$2 - $10

Galvanized steel

$3 - $21


$12 - $26


$7 - $8


$8.5 - $17

Labor Cost to Install Downspouts

New downspouts are usually installed when the old ones can’t be repaired or when homeowners get their first gutter system. It can take up to 4 hours for professionals to complete the project. Most contractors charge from $1 to $5,5 per linear foot. The exact price depends on the type and material of the downspouts. Plus, seamless options cost more as they require a custom-made approach. 

The Cost to Replace Downspouts

Overflowing gutters and damaged landscaping near the downspout suggest examining the latter. If the issue has occurred because of loose anchors or straps that keep them in place, you may have only to cover the downspout repair cost. Otherwise, you’ll be offered to replace them. Contractors may charge from $0,30 to $1,00 per linear foot for removing recyclable downspouts. 

The cost to extend downspouts 

You won’t find flat rates when it comes to downspout extension services. The cost will depend on the length of the extension required, the material used, labor fees, and whether you need additional accessories like connectors or brackets. So, you can pay anywhere between $5,00 to $50 per piece. 

The cost to bury downspouts 

With 100+ rainy days a year, your landscaping can be significantly eroded. To minimize water pooling, you can hire specialists to bury your downspouts. Not only can this improve yard drainage, but it can also prevent foundation water damage. The average rate for such services is $23 per linear foot (materials + labor). The price can be lower for hotter states and higher for cold ones. 


How many downspouts are needed for an average-sized home?

The number of downspouts is determined by the size of the roof, average annual precipitation, and the capacity of the downspouts you are about to install. It’s recommended to have one downspout for every 20 to 30 feet of gutter.

Do I need to hire a professional to install downspouts?

Such a project requires hands-on experience and a correct understanding of the steps involved. Plus, you need a variety of tools, including a good ladder, drill, and downspout crimpers, to get things done.

How much does it cost to install downspout drain pipes?

The total costs, including both materials and labor, can lay between $100 to $400 per downspout on average. The price will vary depending on the length of the drains, the material used, and local labor costs.