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How to find and hire reliable roofing contractors?

Replacing or fixing a roof isn't something you do now and then. When you face such an issue for the first time, you may feel confused and overwhelmed. Even a rookie realizes that whatever the scale of the problem is, it will be neither easy nor cheap to meet this challenge. According to Forbes, the national average roof replacement cost is about $8,000, but the price may go up depending on the state and the scope of work required. Almost any roofing makeover project is a costly affair. That is why it's pivotal to research local roofer offers before hiring someone. This article aims to provide you with actionable recommendations on hiring a roofer for your next project. Keep reading to determine what steps should be taken to hire a good roofer.

How to find and hire reliable roofing contractors?

Table of contents

  1. Fundamental information to seek about roofing companies
  2. Forewarned is forearmed - Key principles of hiring roofers near me
  3. Frequently asked questions

Fundamental information to seek about roofing companies

Any roofing works require a large amount of physical labor, special skills, and equipment. You should never go for DIY roof repairs because many things can go wrong. The right solution is to devote this challenging task to a local contractor who has dozens of roofing projects behind his belt. 

Search among local roofing companies to ensure they’re licensed in your area and know the crucial peculiarities of climate and stuff. Besides, it won’t be a big deal to contact them if something goes wrong. Even though it may look tempting to hire a one-stop company that offers a wide array of services, you may face a jack of all trades and master of none. It is better to opt for a contractor who can handle your precise roofing needs at the highest level. Thus, searching for a domestic company with actual working experience in roof installation or repair is the only solution.

The number of implemented projects helps evaluate the company's practical experience. To get a better sense of who you are dealing with, you can visit the contractor's website or social media profile. Don't be gullible and always check their references to ensure they do their job qualitatively. You can get the best out of specialized websites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau to search for relevant reviews.

Another step you should take to decide on the best local roofing company is to look up the corresponding contractor licenses. Check the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies website to determine if you hire a roofer who has the right to carry out his business. 

Use MyHomeQuote To Hire Local Roofing Companies

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Use MyHomeQuote To Hire Local Roofing Companies

Find local professionals:

Forewarned is forearmed - Key principles of hiring roofers near me

Get quotes from roofing professionals in your area

It's essential to reach out to at least three-five companies to find roofing contractors who offer the best value for your money. It's crucial to ask for quotes and ensure that they include the expenses for materials and services provided.

If you find it difficult to cope alone, you can always take advantage of the MyHomeQuote platform, designed to help you hire vetted local roofing contractors. Here you can get up to 5 roofers’ quotes free of charge. MyHomeQuote cooperates with thousands of professionals nationwide, thoroughly checking their recommendations, portfolio, and licenses. This contractor-matching platform aims to streamline "roofing companies near me" research by analyzing your project needs and offering the best matches in the area. 

Make up a list of questions to ask a potential roofing contractor

When you decide on the list of local contractors that meet your initial requirements, it’s time to run a tender to narrow it down to one. Whether you’re googling “roofers near me” to repair a private house or install a roof of a new facility, you should be 100% sure to choose the best. You can create a list of questions to ask your potential contractors, such as:

  • What types of roofing do they install?
  • Do they have a valid license to work in your area?
  • How much does roofing labor cost per square?
  • Does the warranty cover their work?

The more information you find out, the better. Don’t let anyone make you pay twice as much. But keep in mind that the cost for hiring a roofer must never work as the determinant because the low bid can be about sacrificing the quality. Don’t forget that you buy nice or buy twice.

Agree on the scope of work and execution period

A robust contractor is client-oriented, so you shouldn’t face any issue finding out about the scope of work they provide and its duration. Compare the work listed to other quotes to ensure they’re almost the same in all aspects. If you notice that one stands out with a significantly bigger or smaller scope, it can be a trap that suggests unreasonably increased expenses and hidden charges. The same goes for the timeframe for roofing works. You should discuss how long it’ll take to get things done and agree on the deadline beforehand.

Never turn a blind eye to such fundamentals as professional certification, business license, and professional liability insurance. These things discharge you from liability in the case of an emergency. Besides, when searching for “reliable roofers in my area,” opt for contractors that provide a warranty on their services.  

Work out a contract with a roofer you’re going to hire

Once you've found a local roofing company that you feel can carry out your roof makeover project, go ahead by signing a contract. This way, you will reduce miscommunication and avoid frustration. Make sure to write down all the key moments, including the type of work that will be done, materials, detailed rates, needed permissions, warranties, and the deadline. You can even agree on the property clean-up after the roof replacement. 

Frequently asked questions

In what cases do I need a roofer?

You should contact a specialist if you’ve noticed leaks or staining on walls, missed tiles on the roof, cracks around the edges, etc.

What should I look for in a roofing contractor?

Pay special attention to the level of expertise and materials used, license and insurance, reviews, pricing terms, and conditions. Everything should be clear and understandable.

How to get an instant roof estimate?

Leverage free MyHomeQuote services to get clear-cut quotes from roofing specialists in your area. It will take you a few minutes to fill out a form on the platform.

How can I check out whether a roofer is licensed?

State agencies grant licenses to roofers all over the country. Check out the NASCLA’s website to find roofing companies who have the permits to take up employment in your state. 

What is the lifespan of a brand-new roof? 

Depending on materials, climate conditions, it can last from 30 to 100 years, and many other factors.

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