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Industrial Orange Bathroom with Freestanding Bathtub and Open Shower Enclosure

This huge industrial-style bathroom features an orange freestanding bathtub and a matching orange vanity. The shower enclosure is an open wet room with orange wall tiles and a sleek design. The overall color scheme of the walls and counters is a bold orange adding a pop of color to the industrial aesthetic. The spacious layout and modern fixtures make this bathroom a luxurious retreat for relaxation and pampering.

Traditional Medium-Sized Home with Shingle Siding

This medium-sized traditional house has a beige siding with shingles and a hip roof. The beige color of the siding is complemented by the dark brown of the hip roof creating a classic look. The house has a symmetrical design with two windows on either side of the front door and a chimney on the side. The overall look of the house is one of timeless elegance.

Medium Mansard Roof with Scandinavian Style and Medium Size Residence

This medium-sized Scandinavian-style roof is made of clay tiles giving it a traditional and rustic look. The brown color of the tiles adds warmth and charm to the overall aesthetic of the building. The clean lines and simple design of the roof reflect the minimalist and functional approach typical of Scandinavian architecture. The clay material is durable and weather-resistant ensuring the roof will last for many years to come.

Large Industrial Roof Covered in Corrugated Metal Sheets

The large industrial-style roof in the picture features a Mansard design with gray sheet material. The sleek and modern appearance of the gray sheets adds a contemporary touch to the overall industrial aesthetic. The Mansard roof type provides extra space and allows for more natural light to enter the building. The combination of the industrial style gray color Mansard roof type and sheet material creates a visually striking and functional roofing solution.

Brown Tiled Roof Home

This large house is a beautiful sight to behold. The siding is made of stone and the color is a warm beige. The roof is a hip roof which gives the house a classic look. The size of the house is quite large making it perfect for a family. It is a great example of a traditional house.