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Blue Clapboard Siding Home

This beautiful house is a medium size and is made of blue shingles. The roof is made of the same material and is a light blue color. The windows are white and the door is a deep navy blue. The house is surrounded by a white picket fence and a lush green lawn. The house is a perfect example of a classic American home.

Large Gray Shabby-Chic Style Roof with a Weathered Appearance

The large gray rubber roof covers the entire building providing protection from the elements. The rubber material is durable and weather-resistant ensuring a long lifespan for the structure. The neutral gray color blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment creating a cohesive look. Overall the rubber roof is a practical and reliable choice for this building.

Large Gray Hip Roof with Shabby-Chic Style

This charming shabby-chic style roof features a hip design with gray shingle material. The weathered appearance adds character and charm to the overall aesthetic of the building. The gray color of the shingles complements the surrounding architecture beautifully. The use of shingle material adds a traditional touch to the roof enhancing its rustic appeal. Overall this roof exudes a cozy and inviting vibe that perfectly complements the shabby-chic style of the building.

Beige Medium House with Gable Roof

This beautiful Mediterranean style house has a medium size and is made of beige colored tiles. The roof is a gable type and is painted in a bright red color making it stand out from the rest of the house. The combination of the beige tiles and the red roof gives the house a unique and eye-catching look. The house is surrounded by lush green trees and plants making it look even more inviting.

Medium-sized Hip Roof with Clay Tiles A Traditional Roofing Choice

This modern medium-sized hip roof is constructed with clay tiles in a sleek gray color. The clean lines and minimalist design of the roof give the building a contemporary look. The hip roof style adds a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic of the structure. The gray color of the clay tiles complements the modern style of the building creating a cohesive and stylish appearance.