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Purple Mansard Roof Covered in Stone Coated Steel Shingles

The medium-sized mansard roof in the picture is made of stone-coated steel giving it a durable and stylish appearance. The unique design of the mansard roof adds character to the overall look of the building. The stone-coated steel material provides protection against harsh weather conditions and ensures longevity. This medium-sized roof is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics making it a great choice for any home or building.

Medium-sized Eclectic Red Clay Roof with Unique Architectural Design

This medium-sized eclectic roof features a unique Dutch style design with clay material in a vibrant red color. The combination of the traditional Dutch roof type with the bold red color creates a striking and eclectic look. The clay material adds a touch of rustic charm to the overall aesthetic of the roof. This eclectic roof is sure to make a statement and add character to any home or building.

Mixed-Material Farmhouse with Brown Shingle Roof

This house is a single-family dwelling with a mixed material siding. The exterior is composed of a combination of shingles and other materials giving it a unique and attractive look. The house is two stories tall and has a large front porch perfect for relaxing on a summer day. The house is surrounded by a lush green lawn and a few trees making it a great place to call home.

Medium Standing Seam Gray Contemporary Roof A Modern Architectural Statement

This medium-sized contemporary roof features a Dutch design with a sleek standing seam material in a stylish gray color. The clean lines and modern aesthetic of the roof add a sophisticated touch to the overall architecture of the building. The Dutch roof style provides a unique and eye-catching element to the structure while the gray color complements the surrounding environment. Overall this roof combines functionality with a contemporary design to create a visually appealing and modern look.

Small Blue Clapboard House with Gray Roof

This small Craftsman-style house has a hip roof made of gray shingles. The exterior is clad in clapboard siding painted a deep blue color. The house has a cozy inviting feel and is perfect for a family looking for a comfortable home. The small size makes it easy to maintain and the classic Craftsman style ensures it will never go out of style.