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Gray-Roofed Farmhouse

This medium-sized house has a hip roof and is made of shingles. The siding is made of shingles and is painted a beautiful blue color. The style of the house is a classic farmhouse with a wrap-around porch and white trim. The house is perfect for a family looking for a cozy home with plenty of outdoor space.

French Country Huge Bathroom with Alcove Shower and Drop-in Bathtub

This huge bathroom features a French Country style with a dark wood vanity and beige wall tiles. The shower is an alcove type with an open enclosure while the bathtub is a luxurious drop-in style. The overall color scheme of the room is warm and inviting with the dark wood vanity contrasting beautifully with the beige counters. The spacious layout of the bathroom allows for plenty of room to move around and relax in this elegant space.

Beige Shingle Hip Roof A Classic and Timeless Design

This picture features a medium-sized hip roof with beige shingle material. The neutral beige color adds a classic and timeless look to the overall appearance of the roof. The hip design provides a more stable and durable structure making it ideal for various weather conditions. The clean lines and uniform color of the roof enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building.

French Country Gable Roof with Clay Tiles A Rustic Charm

The medium-sized brown French Country style roof features a classic gable design. The rich brown color adds warmth and charm to the exterior of the building. The French Country style roof adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall aesthetic. The gable roof design provides a traditional and timeless look to the structure.

Modern Bathroom with Medium Wood Vanity and Freestanding Bathtub

This modern bathroom is incredibly spacious with a huge layout that allows for plenty of room to move around. The color scheme is clean and crisp with white walls and white wall tiles creating a bright and airy atmosphere. The medium wood vanity adds a touch of warmth to the space while the open shower enclosure and freestanding bathtub offer luxurious options for relaxation. The double shower type is perfect for couples or families making this bathroom both stylish and functional.