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How much does a standing seam metal roofing cost in 2023?

$18.000 – $40.000the average total cost to install

$6.75 – $18.00the average cost per sq. ft. to install

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*Cost data is taken from open sources.

How much does a standing seam metal roofing cost in 2023?

Vertical seam metal is a sought-after roofing material with pleated panels running vertically on the roof deck. This roofing has a distinctive look and durability thanks to the raised interlocking seams that connect panels together. Excellent weather resistance, energy efficiency, and a reasonable standing seam roof cost make it a desirable roofing option for commercial and residential buildings.

If you are considering this type of metal roofing for your project, estimate the budget required to purchase the material and hire professional installers. This buying guide is made to simplify the budgeting process and save you from overpaying for roofing services.

The national average standing seam metal roof cost

The actual standing seam metal roof cost per sq. ft.

The predominant number of standing seam metal roof installation projects fall into the $18.000 - $40.000 price range, with rates per square foot ranging from $6.75 to $18.00, including material and labor. Nevertheless, we should warn you that the final estimate could differ depending on the material of roof panels you select, your current roof slope and size, and the add-ons you want to introduce within the project. 

The standing seam metal roof pricing can be as low as $8.500 for 1.000-1.200-square-foot homes with low or middle-pitched roofs and as high as $100.000 for big 4.000 square feet or larger roofs. The quality and thickness of the metal used for standing seam roofing is another critical cost-formation criterion that can boost or lower the overall cost. Premium materials like zinc and copper will make you spend higher on your new roof than steel. 

Low-end cost


Average price range

$18.000 - $40.000

High-end cost


Standing seam metal roofing cost by roof size

The roof size is one of the fundamental cost-formation factors to consider while budgeting for a roofing installation project. Knowing your roof’s square footage, you can not only decide on the number of metal panels that should be ordered but also predict labor costs based on the average hourly rates of local roofers.

It is better to have a precise size of the roof at hand. However, if you don't have it, you can calculate it based on the square footage of your home. Just multiply your home's actual square footage by 1.5.

Considering that the average cost of a standing seam metal roof per square is $1.200, including material and labor, we can estimate the approximate total roofing cost based on the size. Depending on the metal that will form the basis of your new standing seam roof, you can also estimate your project based on the low-end and high-end prices per square. 

Here are the average standing seam metal roof costs per square:

Type of cost

Cost per square

Low-end (steel)




High-end (copper/aluminum/zinc)


Here is how the costs of installing standing seam metal roofing range by the roof size:

Roof square footage

The average cost to install 

(based on average per-square cost)















Standing seam roof cost by metal type

Discovering the cost of standing seam roofing for a residential property

When selecting the standing seam roofing, one should first decide on the metal, as this will make a huge difference in assessing the total cost. Most standing seam roofs are made of steel and galvalume. However, it is not uncommon to see roofs of this type made of aluminum, copper, and zinc. These standing seam roofing options are more durable and better resist moisture and corrosion. 

Here are the average standing seam roof costs per square, depending on the picked metal alloy:

Type of metal 

Average cost per square


$900 – $1.450


$895 – $1.350


$750 – $1.550

Galvalume steel

$350 – $750 

Standing seam roof cost by panels type

The selected panel type is another factor that makes up the standing seam roofing installation cost. You can come across snap-lock and mechanical-lock metal panels that vary by price, weight, appearance, and mounting requirements. 

The snap-on panels are pre-engineered to interlock on the roof without glue or fasteners. They are simple and quick to install and require little to no maintenance. However, these panels do not fit flat or low-pitched roofs (lower than 3:12). They cost higher than mechanical-lock panels per square foot but allow skimping on the installation.

In turn, panels with a field lock are more laborious to install while having a lower cost per square foot. The edges of the panels are sealed together, creating a solid roofing coverage protected from high winds and excessive moisture. Mechanical lock panels come in single-locked and double-locked variations.

Panels type

Cost per square foot (material + labor)

Snap-lock standing seam roof panels

$10 - $14 

Mechanical-lock standing seam roof panels

$9 - $13

Standing seam metal roof cost by panels width and metal gauge

The thickness and width of standing seam metal panels determine their cost per square foot. The bigger the gauge of a metal panel, the more durable and thus costlier it will be. Wide metal panels give the roof a more cohesive look but are more labor-intensive to install than narrow ones. Nevertheless, when you select to cover your roof with narrow panels, you will need to get more of them, which might also raise the project's cost.

Here are the average standing seam roofing costs based on the panels' gauge:

Metal gauge

Average cost per sq. ft. 

24-gauge panels

$5.50 - $6.50 

26-gauge panels

$4.50 - $5.50

Labor costs on installing standing seam metal roofing

The difficulty level of installing standing seam metal roofing depends on the size and complexity of the roof and the specific installation method being used. However, standing seam metal roofing is generally considered an easy type of roofing to install. For instance, the snap-on panels can be installed without professional help if no more repair or installation work is required.

You should expect to spend $2 to $6 per square foot or $45 - $60 per hour to install a standing seam metal roof. Labor costs may vary by location, pitch, and size of the roof, as well as additional services that might occur in the installation course.


How to save a bundle on installing a standing seam metal roof?

When it comes to installing standing seam metal roofing, the material cost might be a stumbling block. This is what makes homeowners look for opportunities to cut corners. We recommend selecting cheaper metal alternatives like galvanized steel, looking for discounts and promotions on the selected panels, and finally, using MyHomeQuote contractor-matching service to book local roofing services at an attractive cost.

What are the pros and cons of standing seam metal roofing?

The advantages and downsides of standing seam metal roofing may vary depending on the selected metal. However, all vertical seam roofs generally are durable (last from 50 to 75 years), energy-efficient (metal reflects heat), moisture-resistant, and aesthetic.  Unfortunately, the cost of a standing seam metal roof and its vulnerability to denting and corrosion (only relevant for steel) add a spoonful of tar to a barrel of honey. That is why you should carefully weigh all pros and cons of this roofing option before making the final decision.

Is it worth investing in standing seam metal roofing?

Replacing your current roofing with a metal one, be it standing seam or corrugated, is always a good investment as you get modern-looking, fire- and moisture-resistant material that adds to the home's value. The ROI one can get from installing a standing seam roof may vary depending on the roof size, metal type, and quality of installation. However, in percentage terms, it varies from 70% to 90%.