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Contemporary White Bathroom with Large Wet Room and Freestanding Bathtub

This large contemporary bathroom features a sleek white vanity and matching counter creating a clean and modern look. The shower is a luxurious wet room with a sliding door enclosure perfect for a spa-like experience. A freestanding bathtub adds a touch of elegance to the space while the overall design is minimalist and sophisticated. The white color scheme throughout the bathroom enhances the feeling of spaciousness and tranquility.

Medium Clapboard Farmhouse

This beautiful house is made of clapboard siding and shingle material. It has a hip roof and is painted in a vibrant green color. It is a single family house with a large front porch and a spacious backyard. The house is surrounded by lush green trees and shrubs making it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Japanese Bathtub in Gray Bathroom with Double Shower and Open Enclosure

This huge tropical bathroom features a soothing color palette of gray walls and medium wood vanity. The double shower with an open enclosure adds a luxurious touch to the space. The Japanese bathtub is a unique focal point perfect for relaxation. The green counter adds a pop of color to the overall tropical theme of the room.

Green Mansard Roof A Stunning Addition to Your Home

This small Scandinavian-style roof features a classic Mansard design with a sleek aluminum material in a vibrant green color. The sharp angles and clean lines of the roof give it a modern and minimalist look. The green color adds a pop of color to the exterior of the building creating a fresh and inviting aesthetic. The combination of the Mansard roof type and aluminum material ensures durability and longevity for this stylish and functional roof.

Beige Stucco Siding with Tile Accents

This beautiful house is made of stucco siding and has a dark grey roof. The roof is made of tile material making it a durable and long-lasting structure. The house is a single-family home perfect for a family of four or more. It has a large backyard and plenty of windows making it a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.