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Small Green Gable Roof with Coastal Style

This small coastal-style roof features a gable design with a vibrant green color that adds a pop of color to the exterior of the building. The zinc material used for the roof provides durability and a sleek modern look. The coastal style of the roof complements the surrounding environment and adds a charming touch to the overall aesthetic of the structure. The small size of the roof makes it perfect for beach cottages or seaside homes adding a touch of charm and character to the property.

Medium-sized Modern Gray Hip Roof Adds Sleek Style to Home

This modern medium-sized roof features a sleek design with synthetic slate material in a stylish gray color. The synthetic slate material gives the roof a contemporary look while providing durability and longevity. The medium size of the roof complements the overall aesthetic of the building adding a touch of sophistication. The gray color adds a subtle yet elegant touch to the exterior of the structure making it stand out in a modern setting.

Modern White House with Gray Shed Roof and Stucco Siding

This modern house has a medium size and is covered with stucco siding. The roof is a shed style and is a light gray color. The combination of the modern style and the light gray roof gives the house a unique and attractive look. The shed roof also adds a nice touch to the overall design of the house.

Traditional Mixed-Material Orange Home

This house has a unique and eye-catching look. The exterior is made of a mixed material with stucco siding in an orange color. The orange color is bright and cheerful and the stucco siding gives the house a classic look. The mixed material of the exterior adds texture and interest to the overall design. The combination of the orange color and stucco siding makes this house stand out from the rest.

Modern Gray Mansard Roof Adds Contemporary Flair to Home Design

The medium-sized modern mansard roof in this picture features a sleek and contemporary design. The roof is covered in gray tile adding a sophisticated touch to the overall aesthetic. The mansard style of the roof provides additional living space in the upper level of the home. The combination of the medium size modern style and gray tile material creates a visually appealing and stylish roof.