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Medium Dutch Roof with Classic Gable Design and Red Tiles

This eclectic style roof features a unique Dutch design with clay tiles in a vibrant red color. The combination of the traditional Dutch roof type with the bold color choice creates a striking and eye-catching look. The eclectic style of the roof adds a touch of personality and charm to the overall aesthetic of the building. The clay material used for the roof not only adds durability but also enhances the architectural appeal of the structure.

Traditional Mixed-Material Orange Home

This house has a unique and eye-catching look. The exterior is made of a mixed material with stucco siding in an orange color. The orange color is bright and cheerful and the stucco siding gives the house a classic look. The mixed material of the exterior adds texture and interest to the overall design. The combination of the orange color and stucco siding makes this house stand out from the rest.

Medium Modern Clapboard Home

This medium-sized house has a modern style with a mix of materials. The siding is clapboard and the color is a warm brown. The roof is black and adds a nice contrast to the overall look. The combination of materials and colors gives the house a unique and modern feel.

Modern Huge Bathroom with Medium Wood Vanity and Freestanding Bathtub

This huge modern bathroom features a medium wood vanity with a matching freestanding bathtub. The shower is curbless and has an open enclosure with brown wall tiles and a matching brown wall color. The overall color scheme of the bathroom is warm and inviting with the medium wood vanity and brown accents tying the space together. The modern design elements and spacious layout make this bathroom a luxurious retreat for relaxation and pampering.

Beige House with Dark Grey Roof

This house has a beige exterior with a dark grey metal hip roof. The metal material of the roof gives the house a modern look while the hip roof adds a classic touch. The beige color of the house is a neutral tone that will fit in with any landscape. The dark grey roof provides a nice contrast to the beige walls making the house stand out.