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Medium Mansard Roof with Standing Seam Material Shines in the Sun

This medium-sized Scandinavian style roof features a striking blue color that adds a pop of personality to the exterior of the building. The Mansard roof type adds a classic touch to the overall design while the standing seam roof material ensures durability and longevity. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of the Scandinavian style are evident in the sleek design of this roof. The combination of the blue color and Mansard roof type creates a visually appealing and cohesive look that enhances the overall charm of the building.

Medium Southwestern Hip Roof in Brown - A Rustic Retreat

This medium-sized Southwestern style roof features a classic hip design with a brown clay material. The earthy tones of the clay complement the desert landscape adding a touch of warmth to the overall aesthetic. The hip roof design provides a traditional look while also offering durability and protection against the elements. This roof is a perfect fit for a home with a Southwestern or Spanish-inspired architectural style.

Medium-Sized Hip-Roofed Shingle-Clad Home

This is a beautiful house with a hip roof made of shingles. The roof is a light gray color which complements the rest of the house nicely. The house is a single-family home with a large front porch and a driveway leading up to the garage. The house is surrounded by a lush green lawn and a few trees making it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Beige Clapboard House with Gable Roof

This small traditional house has a dark grey gable roof. The roof is steeply pitched and has two sides that come together at the top. The house has a classic look with its symmetrical shape and simple design. The dark grey roof adds a modern touch to the traditional style of the house.

Gable-Roofed House Apartments

This medium-sized house has a gray gable roof and shingles siding. It is a single-family house with a two-story design. The windows are framed with white trim and the front door is painted a deep blue. The house has a small porch with a white railing and a few steps leading up to the entrance. The yard is neatly landscaped with a few trees and shrubs.