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Medium-sized Modern Gray Hip Roof Adds Sleek Style to Home

This modern medium-sized roof features a sleek design with synthetic slate material in a stylish gray color. The synthetic slate material gives the roof a contemporary look while providing durability and longevity. The medium size of the roof complements the overall aesthetic of the building adding a touch of sophistication. The gray color adds a subtle yet elegant touch to the exterior of the structure making it stand out in a modern setting.

Gray Mansard Roof A Classic and Timeless Architectural Feature

This large Scandinavian-style roof features a sleek standing seam design in a modern gray color. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of the roof add a contemporary touch to the overall architecture of the building. The large size of the roof provides ample coverage and protection for the structure underneath. The standing seam material offers durability and longevity making it a practical and stylish choice for this Scandinavian-inspired design.

Medium Clapboard Farmhouse

This beautiful house is made of clapboard siding and shingle material. It has a hip roof and is painted in a vibrant green color. It is a single family house with a large front porch and a spacious backyard. The house is surrounded by lush green trees and shrubs making it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Dark Grey Roofed House Apartment

This beautiful farmhouse is medium in size and has a hip roof. The exterior of the house is painted in a warm brown color while the roof is a dark grey. The combination of the two colors gives the house a classic and timeless look. The hip roof and the large windows add to the farmhouse style of the house.

Shingle-Roofed Hip House

This beautiful Craftsman style house is a sight to behold. The exterior is clad in clapboard siding painted a deep blue color. The roof is a light gray color and the house has a large porch with white columns. The house is a single family home with plenty of room for a family to live comfortably. The house is a great example of the Craftsman style with its simple lines and classic design.