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How much does a concrete tile roof cost in 2023?

$10.500 – $17.500the average total cost to install

$7 – $19the average cost per sq. ft. to install

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*Cost data is taken from open sources.

How much does a concrete tile roof cost in 2023?

More and more homeowners opt for concrete tiles for their roofing projects because of their ease of maintenance, 50-year lifespan, and presentable appearance. Besides, concrete tile roofing requires almost no additional investment and can add value to a home when sold. If these benefits appeal to you, keep reading to learn more about the average concrete roof cost and pricing factors to budget your upcoming project carefully. 

Today, materials alone can cost you $2 - $5 per square foot. After installing them, the amount per square foot will reach $7 - $19. If your roof is 1,000 square feet and you save on materials and labor, you can meet $7.000. Meanwhile, tiling a pitchy roof with a complex structure may require as much as $50.000. On average, you should be ready to invest between $10.500 and $17.500 in this in-demand tile roofing.

Low-end cost


High-end cost


Average price range

$10.500 - $17.500

Concrete roof tile cost by roof size

Concrete roof cost by roof size

A typical residential roof in the US ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet. At the same time, the concrete tile roof cost per square foot is $7 - $19, including material and installation. With this in mind, you can easily pre-estimate your project before getting a contractor quote. 

See below for how the roof size correlates with the average concrete tile roofing cost.

Roof square footage

The average cost to install


$7.000 – $19.000


$10.500 – $28.500


$14.000 – $38.000


$17.500 – $47.500


$21.000 – $57.000

Concrete roof tile prices by type

Concrete roofing comes in flat and curved tiles. Knowing the difference between them will help you make an informed decision based on the information about tile performance, durability, maintenance, and compatibility with other materials. 

  • Flat tiles. This concrete roofing variation lacks complex textures and is laid on a roof in overlapping rows, making it faster and more economical to install than its curved counterpart. Flat tiles come in various colors and styles, imitating natural wood and clay surfaces. They feature fewer areas for debris and moisture to accumulate, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and lowering roof damage.
  • Curved tiles. These concrete roofing types can be easily distinguished by their semi-cylindrical shape, which creates a distinct, textured appearance on the roof. Curved tiles are typically costlier to install than flat ones as they are laid in overlapping rows, with each tile interlocking with adjacent ones. Thanks to their structure and mounting principle, S-shaped tiles ensure better ventilation and water tightness, reducing the probability of mold and rot.


Cost per square foot


$4 – $10


$8 – $20

If you set your sights on curved tiles, there are two subtypes to select from - Spanish and Barrel. Spanish variation of concrete roofing is durable and easy to upkeep, while Barrel shows better resistance to denting, rot, and mildew.

Curved subtype

Cost per square foot


$8 – $10 


$10 – $20 

Concrete roofing tile prices by manufacturers

Boral and Eagle are key players among all concrete tile manufacturers in the US. Both brands boast a long history and good reputation in the roofing market. Here is how their products differ by warranty and cost.


Average cost



$300 – $400

50 years


$400 – $500


Please note that both concrete roof tile prices are mentioned per square and do not cover the installation fees. You're eligible to transfer the Boral and Eagle warranty to the buyer when selling your home. However, Eagle, unlike Boral, may ask a new owner to register the roof after purchasing the house.

Cost of a concrete roof: Main pricing factors

While determining the exact project's budget is only possible by consulting a qualified roofer, it's still good to know what may affect the final price.

Roof features

As shown in one of the above tables, the larger the roof area, the greater the concrete roofing tile cost. But beyond that, pitch and complexity also matter. If your roof has a steep pitch, installation requires more effort, affecting the final estimation. The same goes for roofs with a complex design, which most often involves dormers, gables, skylights, and other architectural elements. 

Tiles quality

The average price of concrete roofing tiles is $2 - $5  per square foot, which greatly hinges on their quality. If you pay less upfront for a new roof, you may end up with frequent repairs and premature replacement. And on the contrary, if you choose top-notch tiles, you save yourself from unexpected expenses in the future. As a bonus, manufacturers of premium roofing products offer long-term warranties.

Installation method

There are two main methods for installing concrete tiles: 

  • The cast-in-place method. This installation method involves mixing concrete in place and pouring it directly onto the roof deck. It requires more time and effort, which affects the overall roofing project cost. However, when it comes to a complex roof design, a cast-in-place approach appears more cost-effective. 
  • The precast method. The precast method. This installation method involves manufacturing all the elements in a factory and transporting them to the site. In this case, the contractor should only install the received components correctly, which reduces spending on labor. However, the initial cost may be higher since installation requires transportation and lifting equipment.

Labor cost to install concrete roofing tiles

Installation cost of concrete roof

You can choose a brand and even calculate the material needed. However, only a professional roofer can bring your project to life and ensure its durability. That is why the cost of a project always includes the contractor's services.

If we talk only about the labor component, the concrete tile roof cost per square foot will be $4 - $11. The exact amount is negotiated with the contractor individually and depends on their expertise, project timing, and the complexity of the roof. MyHomeQuote carefully selects licensed and reputable roofers in every county. With us, you can hire contractors whose experience and rates match your expectations and budget.

Other services boosting concrete tile roof cost

Each project is unique, so there is no guarantee that you will encounter all the costs described below. However, it is better to be prepared for additional expenses in advance than to stop the project due to a sudden lack of funds.

Service type

Average price

Getting permits

$150 – $500

Roof inspection

$100 – $400

Roof repair

$150 – $1.000+

Old roof removal & disposal

$1 – $3 per sq. ft.

Underlayment installation

$0.75 – $4.00 per sq. ft.

Flashing installation

$300 – $1.500

Roof painting

$2 – $6 per sq. ft.

Roof cleaning 

$200 – $1000

Roof sealing

$300 – $1.500

Getting permits

In some states, roofing work requires prior approval from the local building department and/or homeowner association. If your state is one of those, be prepared to spend $150 - $500 to get permits. This amount may be included in the total estimate or invoiced separately. Either way, it's a necessary expense item to start a roofing project.

Roof inspection

A roofing contractor carries out the inspection to determine the specifics of your roof, as well as the scale and complexity of the work. After that, they can give you a final quote. This procedure adds $100 to $400 to the final concrete roof tiles price.

Roof repair

During an inspection, a roofer identifies problem areas or damage. Fixing minor leaks may cost you as little as $150 while repairing structural damage or replacing most of the roof can cost you over $1.000.

Old roofing removal & disposal

Roofing removal and disposal always require additional time and effort, reflecting the cost of a concrete tiles roof project. Factors affecting the price of this service include but are not limited to the roof size, the type of current roof material (whether asphalt or tile), and your location. Generally, roofing removal and disposal cost $1- $3 per square foot.

Underlayment installation

The underlayment is located between concrete roofing tiles and the deck. Its main functions are to prevent future leaks and extend the life of your roof. Costs start at $0.75 and can go up to $4.00 per square foot, depending on the material chosen and the number of layers to be applied.

Flashing installation

Like an underlayment, flashing prevents water seepage and increases the roof's lifespan. In addition, it improves the home's energy efficiency by sealing air leaks and protecting insulation from moisture damage.

Roof cleaning

Roof cleaning is a standard procedure before painting. Thanks to it, the paint does not peel off. Thus, the roof retains its commercial appearance for much longer. Depending on the scale of work and cleaning method, the contractor may charge you from $200 to over $1.000.

Roof painting

Coating a concrete tile roof with paint enhances its overall performance and appearance, protecting it from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and forming a watertight barrier. The average cost of a paint job is between $2 and $6 per square foot.

Roof sealing

A sealed roof prevents water from entering the house and also keeps it warm in winter and cool in summer. As a result, it reduces the risk of water damage and associated costly repairs. Besides, maintaining the temperature lowers energy bills. Although this service can increase the concrete roof cost by an average of $300 - $1.500, it is well worth it.

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What is the lightest type of concrete tile roofing?

Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) is considered the lightest among other concrete roof tile types. Its composition includes natural or synthetic fibers, significantly reducing weight while increasing durability and strength. An FRC tile can weigh as little as 3-5 pounds per square foot. However, it is always better to check the exact weight as it can vary depending on the manufacturer.

What is the minimum pitch for a concrete tile roof?

Most manufacturers agree that the minimum pitch should be 15° or 3:12. Otherwise, you risk facing leaks and rapid wear of the roof. But in fact, the minimum pitch may vary depending on the climate of the area, the slope and size of the roof, the design of the tile, and other factors. That's why hiring an experienced roofer is essential. They will determine the specifics of your project and the optimal pitch for your concrete tile roof accordingly.

How to maintain a concrete tile roof?

Clean your roof regularly to remove any accumulated debris and dirt that increases the risk of damage. Also, watch out for moss and algae to spoil the color. Finally, have your roof inspected at least once every couple of years to detect damage early and avoid costly repairs in the future.