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How much do architectural roofing shingles cost in 2023?

$9.500 – $17.000the average total cost to install

$6 – $16the average cost per sq. ft. to install

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How much do architectural roofing shingles cost in 2023?

Do you fancy asphalt shingles for their affordability and slate shingles for their eye-popping look? With architectural shingles, you can have the best of both worlds. Made up of several layers of asphalt-coated fiberglass, they stand out with a dimensional appearance and enhanced durability. Even though architectural roof shingles prices are higher, you’ll get more bang for your buck as this roofing material can last up to 50 years. 

The cost to install architectural shingles can fall between $9.500 and $17.000 nationwide. If your housetop doesn’t have protrusions and decorative elements like a chimney, you may pay about $7.700 to cover 1,500 sq. ft. with basic roofing material. To install high-end architectural shingles on a housetop with a sophisticated design and multiple bumps, you may lay out about $23.000. 

The cost of replacing a roof with architectural shingles

National average range

$9.500 - $17.000





The architectural roofing shingles cost per square foot

If you are new to roofing materials, you may believe that all architectural shingles come in the same style and price range. But it’s far from being the case. You can come across various classes of architectural shingles designed to meet climate and aesthetic requirements. 

Homeowners living in the windiest states, like Nebraska and South Dakota, can purchase options with a reinforced nailing zone. And people interested in specific surface texture or increased protection from hailstones can go for a different class. That’s why the architectural shingles price per square foot may be anywhere between $6 to $16 (installation included).

When purchasing roofing materials and exploring the contractor quotes, pay attention to whether the prices are specified per square or square foot. You may need to do a little bit of math to determine the exact costs. A square is equal to 100 sq. ft., so the price of architectural shingles will be between $500 and $1.600 per square.

The cost of an architectural shingle roof by size

A slope, pitch, and roof footage are the main factors that go into the cost of a spick-and-span housetop. That’s why it’s worth measuring these parameters first to estimate the possible expenses. The size of your roof can be calculated by multiplying your house’s square footage by 1.5. 

If you own a 2K-square-foot house with an easy-to-climb roof, you may expect to pay between $9.000 and $21.000 on average. As the architectural shingles price greatly hinges on the quality, the low-end options can cost you about $4 per sq. ft., while premium alternatives can set you back about $7. 

The architectural shingles roof cost by roof size

Roof square footage

The average cost to install 

1,000 sq. ft.

$4.000 - $7.000

1,500 sq. ft.

$6.000- $10.500

2,000 sq. ft.

$8.000 - $14.000 

2,500 sq. ft.

$10.000 - $17.500

3,000 sq. ft.

$12.000 - $21.000

3,500 sq. ft.

$14.000 - $24.500

The architectural shingle roof cost by materials they imitate

The cost of architectural shingle roofing by material

Slate or cedar shingles can give your house an instant facelift and make it look luxurious. Can’t afford these big-ticket roofing materials? No worries! Architectural shingles can emulate the longed-for look of genuine cedar shakes without breaking the bank. Here are a few options that may fit the bill:

  • Asphalt. Made up of fiberglass, asphalt, and mineral granules, asphalt architectural shingles can be a variant of choice for any climate and budget. If you’re looking for a particular color to match your house walls, chances are that you can find it here, as this material comes in dozens of hues. The most affordable types will cost you between about $1 and $3 per square foot. 
  • Slate. Unlike natural materials, synthetic slate shingles won’t overload your roof, jeopardizing its stability. Thus, you don’t need to bother yourself with the installation of additional roof support elements. Slate-style architectural shingles replicate the genuine material in everything, from texture to dimensions. But the price tag is more pocket-friendly – between $6 and $16,5 per square foot.
  • Cedar. Real wood shakes look stunning, but their prices and unsuitability for the humid states make them a poor choice for homeowners. That’s where architectural shingles come to the rescue. Made from a lightweight polyurethane material, they look exactly like natural cedar shakes but cost ten times less. You can spend from $3 to $7,5 per square foot.
  • Composite. If you set your sights on clay tiles or stone slates, pay heed to composite shingles. They can mimic your sought-after roofing materials and last for many years, thanks to synthetic polymers and recycled materials used for their production. The cost may land between $4 and $10 per square foot.

The cost of architectural shingles per square by roof materials they emulate

Imitated material

Cost per square


$300 - $7,500


$100 - $300


$400 - $1,000     


$600 - $1,650

Architectural shingles price by brand

Many homeowners pay little to no attention to the roofing material brand, focusing more on the composition and price tag. But there is more to the company name than it meets the eye. Manufacturers can specialize in producing architectural shingles with the features you are looking for. 

GAF Timberline offers the highest algae protection and the second-to-none wind warranty. But those interested more in the increased tear resistance should go for Malarkey Highlander. The price of architectural shingles in each case will depend on warranties and product quality.

The architectural roof shingles cost by manufacturer per square 


Cost per square

GAF Timberline

$110 – $165


$95 – $110

Owens Corning

$90 – $130


$115 – $150


$95 – $110

Labor costs to install architectural shingles

Labor cost of installing architectural shingles

The architectural shingles installation process can consist of many steps, depending on the scope of work required. If there is an old, worn-out roof, contractors will have to rip it off first and install underlayment. You can expect to pay about $1.5 per square foot for this scope of work. 

The average cost of installing brand-new architectural shingles in the USA lands between $3 and $5 per square foot. But you can end up laying out about $7 if you have a complex roof with a high slope and various design elements like dormers and chimneys. 

Additional factors affecting the total cost of architectural shingles

Some roofing companies provide a user-friendly architectural shingle pricing calculator on their online platforms to help you estimate the approximate costs of your installation project. Even though it’s a great way to determine your potential expenses based on roof footage, material, and even brand, you should also consider the following factors for more precise results:

  • Roof shape. Hip, gable, saltbox, and cross-hipped housetops have different shapes and complexity levels. These factors can be reflected in the final quote.
  • Roof slope and pitch. Architectural shingles are ideal for high-slope rooftops with a pitch over 19 degrees. But the steeper the roof, the higher the contractors can charge per hour or square.  
  • Getting permits. Whether you are about to replace or repair your roof, you need to get permission. It can cost you anywhere between $100 and $500. 
  • Old roof removal. Unlike other roofing materials, architectural shingles can’t be installed on old roofs. Depending on the number of layers, you can shell out from $100 to $350 per square.
  • Roof repairs. If you have some minor issues like small leaks, you can pay up to $350 to fix them. A large roof repair project may come with a price of $3.000.
  • Installing underlayment. Your expenses will be based on the quality of materials you go for. While synthetic options may cost you as little as $0.15 per square foot, felt can be installed for $0.80 per sq. ft. (material included).
  • Installing flashing. If your housetop has chimneys or valleys, contractors can offer you to install flashing to protect these areas from leaks. The price will depend on the length of flashing you need.
  • Roof decking /sheathing. The damaged or worn-out decking must be replaced before asphalt shingles installation. Contractors can charge from $2 to $5 per square foot for its replacement.
  • Roof sealing. If you live in Louisiana or another wet state, consider roof sealing to prolong your housetop’s lifespan. This procedure can set you back about $1.50 per square foot.


What is the difference between architectural shingles and 3-tab shingles?

The most obvious difference is the price, as architectural shingles cost almost twice as much as 3-tab options. But you can recreate the look of natural roofing materials like clay or slate, while 3-tab shingles can only offer you a list of material colors to choose from.

What are the pros of architectural shingles?

Extended warranties and enhanced durability are what you can get with architectural shingles. They are highly customizable and can increase the selling price of your house because of aesthetic advantages. Plus, their structure allows you to keep your house warm, reducing your energy bills.

How long do architectural shingle roofs last?

The lifespan of standard architectural shingles is between 20-30 years with due maintenance. And it’s usually backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. If you want roofing materials to last about 50 years, go for premium options.