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Small Farmhouse with Dark Grey Hip Roof and Clapboard Siding

This beautiful farmhouse style home is clad in gray clapboard siding. The siding is made of durable shingle material making it a great choice for any home. The gray color of the siding gives the home a classic and timeless look. The large windows and wrap-around porch add to the charm of this farmhouse style home.

Medium-sized Roof with Glimmering Shingles and Clear Blue Sky

This modern medium-sized roof features a sleek black Mansard design giving it a stylish and contemporary look. The synthetic slate material adds durability and a sophisticated touch to the overall aesthetic. The clean lines and sharp angles of the roof contribute to its modern appeal making it a standout feature of the building. Perfect for a modern home or commercial property this roof combines style and functionality seamlessly.

Gray Mansard Roof A Classic and Timeless Architectural Feature

This large Scandinavian-style roof features a sleek standing seam design in a modern gray color. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of the roof add a contemporary touch to the overall architecture of the building. The large size of the roof provides ample coverage and protection for the structure underneath. The standing seam material offers durability and longevity making it a practical and stylish choice for this Scandinavian-inspired design.

Medium Scandinavian Mansard Roof with Standing Seam Material

This medium-sized Scandinavian style roof features a sleek standing seam design in a striking blue color. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of the Scandinavian style are evident in this roof's simple yet elegant appearance. The standing seam material adds a modern touch to the traditional Scandinavian architecture creating a visually appealing contrast. Overall this roof exudes a sense of sophistication and contemporary charm.

Shabby-Chic Style Hip Roof with Shingle Material in Rustic Setting

This small shabby-chic style roof features a hip design and is colored in a soft gray hue. The worn and weathered appearance adds to its charm giving it a cozy and rustic feel. Despite its small size this roof exudes character and personality making it a unique addition to any home or building. The gray color complements the shabby-chic style creating a harmonious and inviting aesthetic.