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Beige Shingle Flat-Roofed Modern House

This modern house is a medium size and features a flat roof. The siding is made of stone while the roof is made of shingles. It is a single family house perfect for a small family. The modern style of the house makes it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

Large Gray Shabby-Chic Style Hip Roof in Gray Color Palette

This picture features a shabby-chic style hip roof with asphalt shingle material in a gray color. The worn appearance of the shingles adds to the charm of the overall design giving it a rustic and vintage feel. The hip roof style provides a classic and timeless look to the structure while the gray color complements the surrounding environment. Overall this roof exudes a cozy and inviting aesthetic that is perfect for a quaint cottage or farmhouse.

Modern Beige House Perfect for Apartments

This traditional style house has a beige exterior and a flat gray roof. It is a single family home with a large front porch and a few windows. The house has a classic look with a symmetrical design and a few decorative elements. The beige color of the house is complemented by the gray roof creating a timeless look.

Medium Shingle Hip Roof House

This traditional style house has a medium size and is constructed with beige stone siding. The roof is a hip style roof which gives the house a classic look. The beige color of the stone siding is a great contrast to the dark color of the hip roof making the house stand out in the neighborhood. The combination of the traditional style and the beige stone siding gives the house a timeless look.

Small Hip Roof with Classic Shingles and Chimney Detail

This small Victorian-style roof features a hip design with beige shingles that add a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic. The intricate details and ornate trimmings showcase the classic Victorian architecture. Despite its small size the roof exudes charm and character making it a standout feature of the building. The beige color of the shingles complements the Victorian style beautifully creating a cohesive and timeless look.