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Vibrant Orange Roof Tiles Under a Clear Blue Sky

This medium-sized traditional Dutch roof is made of clay tiles giving it a classic and timeless look. The vibrant orange color of the tiles adds a pop of color to the overall aesthetic of the building. The Dutch style of the roof features a steep pitch and distinctive curved edges adding character to the structure. The combination of the clay material and Dutch design creates a charming and picturesque roof that complements the architecture beautifully.

Medium-sized black stone coated steel roof adds elegance to home.

This modern medium-sized roof features a Mansard style design characterized by its steep slopes and dormer windows. The roof material used is stone coated steel providing durability and a sleek aesthetic. The combination of the Mansard style and stone coated steel material gives this roof a contemporary and sophisticated look. The clean lines and sharp angles of this roof make it a standout feature of any modern home.

Medium Southwestern Clay Roof with Terracotta Tiles and Rustic Charm

This medium-sized Southwestern style roof features a classic Mansard design with clay tiles in a rich brown color. The sloping sides of the roof add a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic of the building. The earthy tones of the roof complement the surrounding landscape beautifully. The durable clay material ensures longevity and protection from the elements. Overall this medium-sized Mansard roof adds a touch of traditional charm to the architecture.

Gray Mansard Roof A Classic and Timeless Architectural Feature

This large Scandinavian-style roof features a sleek standing seam design in a modern gray color. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of the roof add a contemporary touch to the overall architecture of the building. The large size of the roof provides ample coverage and protection for the structure underneath. The standing seam material offers durability and longevity making it a practical and stylish choice for this Scandinavian-inspired design.

Traditional Gray Synthetic Slate Roof A Timeless and Elegant Choice

This small traditional style roof features a Dutch design with synthetic slate material in a sleek gray color. The Dutch roof type adds a charming touch to the overall aesthetic of the building. The small size of the roof makes it perfect for a cozy cottage or quaint home. The gray color of the synthetic slate complements the traditional style of the roof beautifully.