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Beige Clapboard Small House with Gray Roof

This beautiful farmhouse style home has a beige clapboard siding and a gray shingle roof. The roof is a hip style which gives the house a classic look. The beige siding and gray roof create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The combination of the two colors gives the house a timeless and classic look that will never go out of style.

Medium Dutch Roof in Eclectic Orange Tones Adds Unique Charm

The eclectic style roof in this picture features clay tiles in a vibrant orange color. The unique combination of traditional clay material with a bold color choice creates a striking visual impact. The eclectic design of the roof adds character and charm to the overall aesthetic of the building. The orange clay tiles stand out against the backdrop of the sky making this roof a standout feature of the architecture.

Cozy Home in the Countryside

This medium-sized contemporary house has a unique mixed material construction. The exterior walls are covered in a light stucco siding while the roof is a bright white color. The combination of the two materials creates a modern and stylish look. The house is the perfect size for a family and the contemporary style ensures it will remain timeless for years to come.

Blue Stone Coated Steel Roof Shining Under the Sunlight

This eclectic medium-sized roof features a unique Dutch design with a striking blue color that adds a pop of personality to the exterior of the building. The roof is made of durable stone coated steel combining the traditional look of a Dutch roof with modern materials for longevity and style. The eclectic style of the roof adds character and charm to the overall aesthetic of the structure making it stand out in the neighborhood. The combination of the Dutch roof type and blue color creates a visually appealing and eye-catching feature that complements the eclectic design of the building.

Gable Shingle Roof in Gray

This medium-sized house has a classic board and batten siding giving it a timeless look. The roof is a gable type made of shingles and painted in a light gray color. The house is a single-family dwelling perfect for a small family or couple. It has a cozy and inviting atmosphere making it a great place to call home.