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Modern Large Gray Bathroom with Curbless Shower and Open Enclosure

This large modern bathroom features a sleek gray color scheme throughout with gray wall tiles and a matching vanity. The curbless shower has an open enclosure perfect for a spa-like experience while the hot tub bathtub offers a luxurious touch. The medium wood vanity adds warmth to the space creating a perfect balance of modern and natural elements. Overall this bathroom exudes a contemporary and spacious feel perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Medium Southwestern Mansard Roof with Red Clay Tiles in Southwest Style

This medium-sized Southwestern style roof features a Mansard design with its distinctive steep slopes and flat top. The roof is made of red clay tiles adding to the traditional Southwestern aesthetic. The vibrant red color of the tiles contrasts beautifully against the blue sky creating a striking visual impact. The Mansard roof design also provides extra living space in the attic making it both functional and visually appealing.

White Contemporary House with Medium-Sized Flat Gray Roof

This contemporary style house has a medium size and is made of white stucco siding. The roof is made of metal and has a flat type with a gray color. The combination of the white siding and the gray roof gives the house a modern and stylish look.

Large Contemporary Bathroom with Brown Vanity Wet Room Shower and Sliding Door Enclosure

This large contemporary bathroom features a sleek design with a sliding door shower enclosure and a three-wall alcove bathtub. The walls are painted in a bold black color contrasting beautifully with the gray accents throughout the space. The vanity is a rich brown color adding warmth to the room. The shower is a luxurious wet room with a sliding door enclosure adding to the modern feel of the space.

Modern Gray Mansard Roof Adds Contemporary Flair to Home Design

The medium-sized modern mansard roof in this picture features a sleek and contemporary design. The roof is covered in gray tile adding a sophisticated touch to the overall aesthetic. The mansard style of the roof provides additional living space in the upper level of the home. The combination of the medium size modern style and gray tile material creates a visually appealing and stylish roof.