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Rustic Brown Metal House

This rustic house is made of wood siding and metal roofing. The siding is a warm brown color while the roof is a dark grey. The roof is a gable style which gives the house a classic look. The combination of the wood siding and metal roofing gives the house a rustic feel making it a great choice for anyone looking for a cozy home.

White Stucco Mediterranean Home with Red Tile Hip Roof

This medium-sized house has a beautiful white stucco siding. The bright white color is complemented by a vibrant red roof giving the house a classic and timeless look. The roof is sloped giving the house a traditional feel. The white stucco siding is a great choice for this house as it is low maintenance and will look great for years to come.

Medium Craftsman House with Gray Clipped Gable Shingles

This Craftsman-style house has a clipped gable roof which is painted in a light gray color. The siding is made of shingles giving the house a classic look. The house is a single-family dwelling with a large front porch and a few windows. It has a charming inviting appearance perfect for a family home.

Gray Craftsman Roof on Medium-Sized House

This beautiful house is painted in a bright blue color making it stand out from the other buildings in the area. It is a two-story house with a gray roof giving it a classic look. The house has a large front porch perfect for relaxing on a warm summer day. The house also has a large backyard perfect for entertaining guests or for children to play. This house is the perfect place to call home.

Large Gray Shabby-Chic Style Roof with a Weathered Appearance

The large gray rubber roof covers the entire building providing protection from the elements. The rubber material is durable and weather-resistant ensuring a long lifespan for the structure. The neutral gray color blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment creating a cohesive look. Overall the rubber roof is a practical and reliable choice for this building.