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Purple Mansard Roof Covered in Stone Coated Steel Shingles

The medium-sized mansard roof in the picture is made of stone-coated steel giving it a durable and stylish appearance. The unique design of the mansard roof adds character to the overall look of the building. The stone-coated steel material provides protection against harsh weather conditions and ensures longevity. This medium-sized roof is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics making it a great choice for any home or building.

Small Black Scandinavian Mansard Roof with Synthetic Slate Material

This small Scandinavian-style roof features a sleek black color that adds a modern touch to the traditional Mansard design. The synthetic slate material gives the roof a durable and long-lasting finish perfect for withstanding harsh weather conditions. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of the Scandinavian style are evident in this charming roof making it a standout feature of any home. Its small size adds to the overall cozy and inviting feel of the property.

Clapboard Traditional Home

This medium-sized house has a hip roof with gray shingles. The exterior is clad in clapboard siding giving it a classic look. The house is a single-family dwelling with plenty of room for a family to live comfortably. The hip roof is a great choice for this type of house as it provides a great deal of protection from the elements.

Modern Dutch Gray Medium-Sized Roof with Clean Lines and Sleek Design

This medium-sized roof is made of synthetic slate material giving it a sleek and modern appearance. The gray color of the roof adds a subtle touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic of the building. The synthetic slate material provides durability and longevity ensuring that this roof will withstand the test of time. Its clean lines and smooth texture make it a standout feature of the structure.

Large Brown Shingle Gable House

This large house is a French Country style with a gable roof. The roof is made of shingles and is a warm brown color. The siding is a classic brick giving the house a timeless look. The house is a single family home perfect for a family looking for a large and luxurious home.