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Tile Roofed Traditional Home

This traditional style house is small in size and has a hip roof. The roof is made of tile and is a brown color which matches the brown color of the house. The house is a single family home not an apartment and is made of brick. The traditional style of the house is complemented by the hip roof and the brown color of the house and roof.

Medium Craftsman Home with Hip Roof

This medium-sized house has a classic Craftsman style. It is painted white and has a gray hip roof made of shingles. The roof has a gentle slope and the house has a wide porch with a railing. The windows are framed with white trim and the door is a deep blue. The house is surrounded by a lush green lawn and a few trees.

Clapboard House with Shingle Hip Roof Apartments

This small house is made of beige shingles and has a classic cozy look. It is a single-family house with a small porch and a few windows. The beige color of the shingles gives the house a warm and inviting feel and the small size makes it perfect for a family of four or less. The shingles are durable and will last for many years making this house a great investment.

Medium Traditional Hip-Roofed House Apartment

This traditional style house has a medium size and is painted in a light gray color. The roof is a hip type and is also painted in a gray color. The house is surrounded by a few apartments making it a great place to live in a bustling city. The house has a classic look that will never go out of style.

Modern Medium Black Mansard Roof with Synthetic Slate Material

This modern medium-sized mansard roof is sleek and stylish with its black color. The sharp angles and clean lines give it a contemporary look that complements the overall design of the building. The black color adds a bold and sophisticated touch to the structure making it stand out against the sky. The modern design of this black mansard roof adds a touch of elegance to the building's exterior.